The Ultimate Fall Runway Inspo

I went to sleep last night and woke up in the 10th circle of Hell. It is so hot in Columbia. Fear not kind Samaritans, and dear readers, I have not strayed from my path, I have been wearing all black throughout the dampening heat. If there’s one thing that Father Sun has given me lately (besides a horribly awkward tan on my left arm from driving with the window down) it’s autumn lust. I want the cool breeze and October nights, I want to watch American Horror Story after work and I want to the fair. I want leather! I want faux fur! I want beanies and I want it now! Well, instead of throwing a temper tantrum I hit the runways (through the cyberweb) and made some collages.. So without further adieu,here are my top five AW15 RTW collections for major, major outfit lust.

Givenchy 1Just going to take a second and acknowledge the fact that Tisci’s inspiration for Fall/Winter was “Victorian Chola”…as if he couldn’t have us any more hooked. Curls adorned models faces as did a plethora of piercings. This collection in one word? Strong. Even when a delicate cream dress with carefully constructed florets and an oversize fur stole came down the runway, there was an element of sweetness, but it never lost its strength. Sheer pieces were contrasted by plenty of velvet, leather and high necklines creating a modern day renaissance in the form of new age sexiness. This collection is all diamonds.

Thom Browne2Thom Browne is all about dramatic flair, and he did not disappoint this past season. There were male angels, a grim reaper and plenty of (you guessed it!) – black. What Browne did so well, and notably, was create garments that could very easily be considered “mourning attire” and erased the stigma behind them. So you look like you may be going to a funeral? Who cares. Going along wit the theme of Victorian inspiration, Browne sent down look after look of elegant macabre sensibilities. Each look was eerie and tailored to perfection and finished off with a really great headpiece. A+ Thom.

Alexander McQueen3The house of the unusual, and the reigning Queen, Sarah Burton, had an incredible season. Delicate lace dresses featured sculputral details and towering necklines, billowing sheer ballgowns were plastered with roses and leather was used in plenty. Leave it to the house of McQueen to create an airplane dress with a plunging neckline in oxblood colored leather… and to add the perfect lace collar as a detail. This collection was once again, obviously Victorian in its inspiration, but it was done in sultry and daring MQueen fashion. This collection makes you feel memories you know don’t existed; it transports you to somewhere you once knew but can no longer remember. Bravo.

Ann Demeulemeester4 Although Ann may not be running the house anymore, the house is still running, and running fast. Fall did not leave one disappointed, thanks to the like of meticulously draped dresses with Obi leather belts, sheer peakaboo paneling and lots and lots of sexy leather accents. The house of Demeulemeester is an erotic, enticing one; it is unapologetic in its raw strength. And although the catwalks have been littered with neo-goth inspiration, it clearly didn’t phase Sébastien Meunier, who kept his wit and kept designing pieces any Demeulemeester fan can get behind. That is not something to complain about.

Simone Rocha5Simone Rocha has been my life inspiration for the past month or so when I remembered how incredible she is and made this collage. Sweet, romantic, Victorian blooms! Black frills and lace and sheer skirts! This is the sort of collection I want to buy, grow old in and get buried in. Rocha has an innate sense of the female figure, thanks to her understanding of how to create silhouettes, and she loves to show it off. Free the nipple? Rocha’s got your back. Wonderfully sheer dresses were covered with roses and blooms in red and white, black velvet was crafted into blouse size florets… There was plenty at bloom here.

Fall Inspiration: Saint Laurent FW15

It’s almost one hundred degrees in the hot, humid South and I’m itching for cooler days. Fall nights ruled by skintight leather, cheetah print coats and heels that allow no room for error, whatsoever. As the nights get longer and fall looms closer, I’m left longing for the pieces in my closet that make me feel a little rough, a little edgy and a whole lot of exposed. My current inspiration? The much loved, much hated rock star that is Hedi Slimane. All the naysayers, all the haters, all those who doubt his work for the legendary house of Saint Laurent best not doubt one thing; he’s going big. Regardless of where you stand on the debate of Slimane and his vision for the brand, you cannot deny his magnetic, edgy appeal and his ability to bring Saint Laurent to a new, trendier, and younger consumer. Slide3For Saint Laurent’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, there was an overarching motif of bad. In classic Slimane style, however, bad was done so, so well. Although pieces like a nipple exposing asymmetrical dress with perfectly tailored rouching , skintight slashed leather pants and ripped tights all led ones eye to believe that Slimane doesn’t do “clean”, a closer look leads one to believe otherwise. A Tin Man style trench coat in a matte metallic gray, princess style dresses with tulle galore in a variety of metallic 80’s fabrics and plethora of perfectly crafted leather jackets all prove Slimane knows exactly what he’s doing; and he’s doing it well. In a world where fashion is clean, feminine and sweet, there lies Slimane. Slimane is the hair metal in a world of grunge. He is the alternative in a world of clean cut. Although Hedi Slimane’s vision most likely deviates from that which Yves held, there is a time and a place for change… and it is now.

As someone who identifies with the darker side of fashion, that which bites and scratches and leaves one wondering “what’s next”, I admire Slimane. Beyond what any other fashion critic says, beyond the fact that someone out there will retort that you can get that same outfit at Forever 21- Slimane has taken a risk and redefined one of the most iconic houses in fashion history; and he’s managed to hold the spotlight as he’s done so. Yes, it’s not classic. No, it’s not necessarily “chic”. You know what it is? Rebellious and strong. Slimane’s vision for the house is sharp and it is young. Fashion has to be redefined by the youth and if now’s not the time to do so, when is? You go Slimane.

Slide4Slide2Slide5Slide6All photos courtesy of


5 New York Fashion Week Favorites

I haven’t had time to catch up with all the New York shows, but I’m doing my best to keep up. I’ve picked five collections I really, really love to feature on here, and I’ll be updating throughout fashion month. I’m excited to see what designers send down the runway, and I’m even more excited that some of the trends so far are so good! Here are a few favorites…


Milly was all about the sheer layers and patterns.Skirts and tops leave little to the imagination, and although some of the silhouettes and pieces have been done before, there’s a lot that feels new. This collection is sexy, revealing, artistic and elegant. It’s for a confident woman, but it will sure make her feel beautiful.


Assembly is the clothing equivalent to the cool older sister of your best friend who you always wanted to be friends with. This collection is minimal in a cool, sort of grungy way. It’s easy, it’s simple, but it’s not boring. Whites on whites and blacks on blacks are perfect for spring especially in easy breezy silhouettes. Definitely a favorite.


The Mulleavy  sisters sent out a collection of 70’s pirates and ethereal mermaids. This collection is incredible, and the intricate detailing in some of the gowns is amazing. Lace up boots and netted overlay were some noteworthy details, and jackets with oversized pockets and straps were a personal favorite. Can Rodarte do any wrong? I’m beginning to think the answer is no.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne sent look after look of eccentricity down the runway. Oversized hats that seemed more like sculptures were paired with suits and skirt sets in over the top prints. This collection isn’t for the faint of heart or for the timid, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Thom Browne’s latest is for the loud personality who knows how to make a statement in a put together sort of way.PS.. check out that clear raincoat!

Wendy Nichol

Easily my favorite collection thus far into fashion month, Wendy Nichol has crafted a collection that is western, gothic and romantic all in one. This collection has been taken the dark and Victorian themes we’ve been seeing for Fall and updated them for spring. Lace, silk, satin and the perfect all black and white color palette define this dreamy collection.

What are your favorites?





Melitta Baumeister CC: The Fashion Law

I’ve mentioned The Fashion Law on here before, but I don’t think I’ve announced that I’m writing a weekly column on emerging designers on TFL now! Check out my second post on Melitta Baumeister, who’s creating incredible designs out of silicon. Check it out HERE!

“Melitta Baumeister, who earned her MA in fashion from Parsons: The New School for Design last fall, is helping to jump-start a fashion revolution. The 27-year-old German-born, New York-based designer began climbing the ranks after sending her designs down the runway this past February as part of VFILES MADE FASHION show, which uses its online platform to allow designers to submit their work for a chance to show at New York Fashion Week. Since Baumeister’s NYFW premier, the designer’s sculptured and modern aesthetic has been quite the rage. Her use of unorthodox textiles helps to create her unique design style, which ranges from clean and sleek to oversized and structured. Baumesiter’s philosophical view of fashion helps to inform her designs and her design process, as well. Whether it was a “’real-fake’ black banana cast” that she utilizes to represent a certain moment in time and evolution, in this instance a rotting banana, Baumeister’s evolutionary approach to fashion and dressing help to tell her young, yet, evolving story on the runway and beyond (think: in a recent spread in Vogue Japan and in stores at Rei Kawakubo’s Dover Street Market, just to name a couple).”


Photo via The Fashion Law

Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Review

After Band of Outsiders announced that they wouldn’t be showing at NYFW because of their new store opening, I decided to reminiscence upon their Fall collection. I must have skipped over it because I didn’t recognize the looks but I immediately fell in love with them. Black, white, gray and camel dominated the collection, which was filled with knits that were the proper mix of fitted and slouchy and furs that were shown in new ways. Loose cashmere sweaters and skirts, along with pristine tartan in sets, skirts and coats, worked with the feminine graphic detailing which included peter pan collars prints, letters, and dots. Coats featured interesting details like fur collars, an oversize checker print, and a graphic toggle and pocket combo, which was drawn on. Elbow length gloves even made an appearance, this time in skin tight leather. Classic.

Nipped waits and fitted pencil style skirts manage to have a sort of 40’s vibe, but in classic Band of Outsiders style, each look has it’s own unexpected twist. Rules don’t seem to apply to BOO, who create look after look of lust-worthy power girl outfits that seem as cozy as they look good. Silky numbers were paired with fur and sheer stocking socks, floral “wrap dresses” were restructured and recreated and sweaters were slung low on the hips and tied in classic 90’s fashion. Round black sunnies and patent brogue finished off each and every look to perfection.

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Men’s Fashion Month is Killing It

Men’s fashion month is always a blur of well dressed men doing their thing. I’ve reviewed a couple collections on some sites I write for and wanted to share my thoughts.

Christopher Kane


“The key to this collection was proportion and it was done perfectly, created for the man who was more than comfortable to show what he’s got. This collection is clean and urban, and has the sort of city vibe you can wear without actually living in the city. It’s the sort of collection you wear if you take fashion seriously, but yourself? Not so much.” Read the entire collection review on Mod Magazine’s website HERE.


Craig Green

“Although this collection was not as deeply rooted in the fabric and manipulation of the fabric, as it was in seasons past, Green still conveyed a message, namely via his silhouettes. The looks consisted of layered linen pants and shirts that fit more like robes, reminiscent of ancient priests or samurais with their purity.” Read the entire collection review on The Fashion Law HERE

Co Collection and Mod Magazine

So excited to announce that I’m interning at Mod Magazine! I’ll be blogging for them for the next six months so make sure you check it out if you want your fill of straight fashion posts. My first post went live yesterday and it’s all about my new found love for Co.

Check out my first post and my review of the collection HERE


Favorite Collections:: Fall 2014 RTW

It’s always hard to put together a post of my favorite collections. There are usually pieces and aspects from many different collections that i love, and trying to narrow this list down can be very harrowing. I decided to accept this challenge today, however, and count down to my favorite show of the season.

No surprise here, See by Chloe had an amazing season. Luxurious and wearable looks were infused with an old time charm, while still remaining true to the 21st century girl. Sexy in a subtle way, See by Chloe managed to have some great elements (like those gold piped shirts) that helped to really create a cohesive collection. Definitely loved this one.


McQueen can really do no wrong. Beautiful concoctions of lace and fur created alien-like dresses and separates. Reminiscent of a new age Gothic renaissance, this collection rang true to the dark undertones seen in most of McQueens shows.


Easily the master of layering lengths to create rich looks, this season was one of my favorites for Prabal Gurung. Fur as  an accent, vibrant reds and stone grays and unexpected cut outs were among some of the details that helped make this one of my favorite collections in the fall shows.


I don’t think Elie Saab has ever disappointed.. His fall collection featured incredible silhouettes, stunning florals and of course breathtaking gowns. Saab has a penchant for creating beautiful and almost surreal gowns that are more for queens than socialites.


My favorite show of the season had to be Valentino. Although some of the looks towards the beginning of the show weren’t my favorite, they got better…and better… and better. The floral and tulle dresses were unlike any other, they seemed to be straight out of a Monet painting.


What was your favorite collection?!


New York Fashion Week Recap

Fall 2014 fashion week is almost over, and what a beautiful run it has been. Some incredible collections have hit the runways, ans waves of amazing new trends are bound to hit the streets. Asymmetry, fur in unexpected places, mismatched patterns.. I’m very excited to see what the next few months hold.

BCBG Max Azria

With new age color blocking and fur in unexpected places, BCBG holds true to its wearable high fashion nature and creates a collection that is body conscious in a new way. With virtually no fitted pieces, this collection accents the woman wearing it by leaving a little to the imagination.

Charlotte Ronson

A mix of modern hippie, rockabilly and slightly punk styles, Charlotte Ronson’s collection is on ode to the future, inspired by years past. The sort of dark meets light feel of this collection is evident through sheer layering and black on black looks that seem new in the context of the show.

Jill Stuart

Reminiscent of Saint Laurent of seasons past,  Jill Stuart was the perfect mix of structure and sex appeal. Both extremes made their appearance on the runway, from daring netted dresses that left little to the imagination, to oversize boxy coats that hit the lower calf. No matter how covered up the women were, they always looked sultry and seductive; an ode to the idea that sometimes more is less and less is more.

Rebecca Minkoff

By pairing pieces in innovative ways, Rebecca Minkoff has created a street style collection that is attainable and lust worthy. The sort of easy breezy looks we would all love to live in, Minkoff has a penchant for effortless downtown style. Details like thick beanies and sheer paneling in unexpected places help to create a collection that is both memorable and wearable.


With a neutral color pallet and many differing aesthetics woven throughout the collection, ICB’s show is one for the insatiable woman who lives life on the edge. Whether inspired by a more structural and origami style piece, or a leather tracksuit style, there is easily something to suit everyone’s desire throughout this show. This collection weaves together interesting silhouettes and darker themes to form the perfect fashion week web; high fashion and macabre in all its glory.

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More to come,



Valentino Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

With a whopping 78 looks, this collection was enormous just in figures. Valentino’s Pre-Fall collection seems to be a a Gothic Renaissance garden party, stirring up the urge to sip on the finest wine under the full moon. One of my favorite Pre-Fall collections, Valentino has once again, created something for the books. Whether it’s an animal motif on a cropped sweatshirt or a plastic faux slip accent on a dress, there’s a lot of eccentricity throughout the collection. According to, “eccentricity” was the word of the hour, and the true inspiration behind the collection itself. I’m in awe of the updated renaissance style dresses in shimmering golds and all of the jewel tone, oversize floral prints as well. Peter pan collars, bows, capes, box cut jackets, fur vests, shag coats, and structure galore all speak to the underlying theme of craziness. One of my favorite things about the house of Valentino is that no matter what direction the season takes,each collection it is so unmistakably Valentino. Pre-fall is no different, with all the stunning looks it really is an enormous collection, in the best way possible.

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What’s your favorite look?