Chanel Fall 2013 Couture Collection Review

If there’s one thing Karl Lagerfeld manages to do in each and every Chanel collection it is weave each piece together through classic Chanel cuts and tweed. Although this collection is irresistibly Chanel, it is also irresistibly modern with its structured jackets and thick low slung belts. Some looks are closer to the classic image of Chanel; clean, square cut, chic tweed. Some looks are more modern; low, plunging necklines and sheer and airy blouses paired with a tweed jacket in revamped grays. Structured, pointed shoulders and dresses in tiled, shimmering hues are just different enough to leave one’s mouth agape, but keep one’s eyes pealed for more. The latter half of the collection evokes everything from futuristic, space age themes to Renaissance tones. Soft, clingy fabrics bring a touch of sex appeal to a classically conservative house and Karl Lagerfeld’s vision is made all the more refreshing.