Travel Diaries Pt II: Paris

This post is way overdue, but cemeteries and Alien Lunar Death Queen Goddess vibes were pulling me to blog more than some cheesy photos. ALAS, I am finally getting around to putting my photos from my trip to Paris with LCF. It was an incredible five days where I got to drink wine out of baby bottles, see the most incredible view of Paris, visit Monet’s water lilies,see the Catacombs and a cemetery and also see some Fashion Week craziness! This was about a month ago, which is INSANE because that means I leave London ONE WEEK from today. There are lots of feelings going on, so before I can reminiscence about the amazing experience I’ve had in this city, I would like to post about other cities first (I have to save the best for last, after all).

2015-03-05 04.07.1511043336_10152596666246207_6418665879662904072_o11041914_10152596664861207_5236121493722998312_o2015-03-04 14.00.05Le Refuge De La Fondue, aka where you drink wine from baby bottles and dip things in cheese. 11033448_10152595135541207_5948913226813683305_n10379780_10152597045066207_2402230273710484073_o 11025161_10152596661436207_6752028390038668382_nThe worlds besr coffee, which is made from POOP. These cats eat the beans and their stomach acid digests it and they poop out coffee grinds and people like me drink it. It was AMAZING. 11014877_10152596660331207_2622823837710262105_o 10997698_10152596665581207_7039069061419703633_o 10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_o10857216_10152596664096207_6607979192104704212_o10497246_10152596663731207_4482613091102148877_o10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_oGot to go to a beautiful cemetery three minutes before it closed.  10857335_10152599374721207_3397459570260499904_o10345769_10152599376346207_8384971936062127151_nblogI was lucky enough to go to the Catacombs and see some bones. It was amazing and eerie and just mind blowing. SO MANY BONES.IMG_1622 IMG_1589 IMG_1586 fb versaillesOur last day in Paris was spent at Versailles. Needless to say I want this in my next life (or maybe my past life, is a past life goal a thing?) Either way, Versailles is beautiful, as is Paris. Next up in my travel diaries is Florence!

Happy Easter/ Full Moon/ Passover lovers.