Steinbeck Sunday’s, Twins and Lamps

Even though I shot this on Friday, what’s more appropriate than writing a post on Sunday dedicated to Steinbeck?! Nothing, that’s what. I just finished To a God Unknown, Steinbeck’s second novel, and I have just started The Moon Is Down, a Steinbeck piece I hadn’t heard of that my friend Jenn found for me at a used bookstore! The old copy is absolutely breathtaking, and the fact that it’s called “The Moon is Down” doesn’t hurt it’s case either! Moon’s and Steinbeck?! I can deal with that. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite books and what not so I had my sister, Alexandra, snap some photos!

Skirt: Thrifted/ Tank: Forever 21/ Shoes and Shawl: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace: Zara

I started “Black Lipstick Friday’s” so if you want to join me, wear your black lipstick on Friday’s and make sure to #blacklipstickfriday so I can see!



Photos by @alexyael