Sticks and Stones and Birds and Bones

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with one of my current favorite jewelry companies, Birds and Bones. This incredible jewelry brand is hand crafted in San Francisco by two amazing ladies. I knew I was in love with these incredible pieces as soon as I saw them and I still can’t get over how perfectly creepy and delicate pieces are. BAB meld my love for this life and the next by bringing together bones and oddities together to create incredible pieces you can wear in this life.

I was able to style their Quartz Necklace  and their Mus Pendant. I love being able to wear pieces that incorporate crystals and animals since both of these things hold properties of their own. Quartz is a powerful stone that helps harness energy; clear quartz can be charged for whatever purpose you want, whether it’s healing, love, strength…etc. I wear this piece as a little telephone from the universe to tell me hello now and then. This mouse skull pendant combines the agility and awareness of the mouse with the healing, and relaxation of amethyst.  Not only is amethyst my birthstone, but it is my favorite stone. It helps to connect to the higher self, the third eye and aids one with healing and relaxation.

I chose to pair these necklaces with a little bandeau from Zara, shorts from Nasty Gal, and shoes, a kimono and hat from H&M. This look was meant to be one for a hot summer day when you don’y feel like wearing a bathing suit, but don’t really feel like wearing pants either. I had so much fun prancing around in this.I felt powerful and ladylike and i can’t wait to wear these necklaces out and about!


All photos were taken by amazing twin Alexandra, @Alexyael. My soul sister Marissa, @rissakathrine, helped too.

What do you wear that helps you in this life?!