The Fall Edit

 I’m all about monochrome, specifically black, head to toe. There’s something so powerful about wearing all black. I feel like a true Death Queen when I wear my favorite color (sorry mom) but I do my best to wear lots of gold, or at least a red lip to break up the look a bit. One of my favorite things about wearing black, and  neutral in general, is that you can really amp up the texture. I’ve been all about fuzzy sweaters and I absolutely adore tartan and flannel, and now that the weather is getting colder, my obsession is only getting worse. This season I’m inspired by mauve, camel, stone grays, black and lots and lots of gold.

Cheetah is also one of those prints I really can’t get sick of. These sleek booties are absolutely perfect and I love the vintage sort of style they exude. I’ve been all about midi skirts since last fall and I don’t think the love is gonna fade. Pair a midi skirt with a big, chunky knit for a new take on the silhouette.


A tartan cape seems like a solid staple to have. I would pear this little number with a simple sweater, a thick beanie, and a black boot with a gold accent. I’m all about the circle shades, so The Row’s circle sunnies would be a go to.



I love the juxtaposition of a delicate faux fur with a chunky boot. Grab an oversized sweater, some fishnets and some good gold accessories and you’re sure to be the sexiest girl on the block.


Black, gold and cheetah are the ultimate sex kitten staples in my eyes. Add a red lip, some sexy sleek boots, a bit of fake fur and just the right amount of perfume and there’s no way you can’t feel confident. This clutch by Acne is absolutely ridiculous and to die for, and I love what it adds to the rather simple look.


You can’t go wrong with leather, or with Alexander Wang. Sculpted pieces and the right amount of nude take this outfit to the next level.

What are you wishing you could wear this fall?



Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

There’s something unparalleled about Wang’s uncanny ability to make structured gothic inspired pieces urban street-style cool. This is especially true for the young designers Fall menswear collection, which features everything from neoprene sweatshirts to slick leather trench coats to the perfect sweatpant and sweatshirt look. Wang’s dark color pallet is complimented by the perfect camel tone and the slightest accent of cobalt blue. Wang’s penchant for tailoring is apparent in every  piece, and his classic streetwear spin on his high fashion pieces is apparent. This collection is chock-full of lust-worthy jackets and coats, not to mention the perfect take on the beanie. Wang’s effortless aesthetic proves that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style.

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Wang X H&M

Fashion lovers rejoice. It has finally happened; the holy day. Alexander Wang and H&M will be collaborating in November. Wang recently announced his latest endeavor at a Coachella party, where guest arrived to see the retail and designer would be joining forces. Wang, who’s the first American retailer that H&M has signed on to collaborate with, is known for his sporty chic style and it-girl aesthetic. His collection with H&M, which will be released on November 6th, will sport both men and womenswear. This collection also marks H&M’s 10 year anniversary of collaborating with designers. Wang is infamous for keeping his lips sealed about what he’s doing, what he’s showing and how he’s showing it, and this collaboration is no different. Keep your eyes and ears open and mark you calendars, fashion girls and boys… Wang says this collection promises “newness”, and it is sure to not disappoint.

Sporty Chic n Sleek

The idea of “Sporty Chic” is nothing new, ESPECIALLY if you’re at a huge state university like I am. Throngs of girls claim to be sporty chic in their Nike shorts and tee shirts, but we really all know they’re probably not hitting the gym.  I’m all for comfort, and I truly have no problem with what other ladies in my 8am are wearing, but I’m still figuring out my feeling at seeing a Chanel version of the sneakers these girls wear on the runway. Dior had some sneakers too, and the runways were littered with street wear inspired styles. The last time I considered myself sporty was when I was 5 and would carry around my Sporty Spice Barbie, flaunting her little red sequin tube top and barbed wire tattoo. I quickly grew out of that phase, but I have been donning a hoodie recently,from Zara if I may add, under my leather jacket and faux fur coat. As someone with an edgier aesthetic, however, I am torn between loving the comfy, casual, high fashion sports attire and HATING it. H&M and Victoria Secret have both released sports collections and although I will probably hit both of the stores up for clothes to wear to yoga, I would never replace my beloved Zara riding leggings with some leggings from H&M’s workout collection.

I love sweater and legging sets, and I love this look from Chanel’s Fall 2014 RTW Collection, but I can’t get past the sneakers. I don’t always sacrifice comfort for style, but I do believe in finding a happy medium between the two. Don’t want to pair this look with pumps or a heeled boot? I would pair it with a classic, quilted Chanel flat.


I can really really dig these Chanel sneakers though. They’re less Nike and more high fashion Vans and I can definitely rock that. Pair em with some big, chunky, yellow gold jewelry, an oversized sweater and some lipstick and you got an ACE outfit.

Alexander Wang has been doing the sporty chic thing well for seasons. His sleek aesthetic works well with the activewear influence he draws from, creating an avant-garde look for the woman on the go.

alexander want

Alexander Wang has the perfect mix of activewear influence with his line. High fashion, borderline minimalism and sleek as anything. I would wear all his clothing, everyday.

I’m still trying to figure out my opinion on sports influenced style. I love it when it’s a hint of sporty chic, not so much when it’s Chanel sneakers. Maybe I’ll start incorporating more sporty chic pieces into my wardrobe. No worries though, no norts.

What’s your take on “sporty chic” style?!



Witching Hour Wednesday: Splurge or Steal

It’s a very hot topic these days; splurge or steal? Sometimes something is worth the splurge; an investment piece is exactly that, an investment. But sometimes, most of the time, we can’t afford to buy every splurge we want. Well, that’s where the steal comes into play. I am in no way encouraging stealing, merely the idea of finding a cheaper alternative to the lust worthy Alexander Wang boots you’ve been eyeing. “Well Gabriela, how can we find such a heavenly alternative” you may be asking yourself. Not to fret, my fashionistas, I have got your back. I have gathered both splurge and steal versions of some of my favorite styles of the season in my favorite color, black. What else would you expect for “Witching Hour Wednesday”?? Click through for all the links!

Witching Hour Wednesday: Look 1

All black through this life and the next. That may as well be my motto. Anyway, if you’re in the mood to splurge, click the image above and you will find links to all the items. I love this lipstick and bag and cape and everything and maybe one day I will be able to buy all of it. Alas, today is not that day, but a girl can still dream right?! I love mixing textures with bright gold accents to create excitement in a monochromatic look.

Witching Hour Wednesday: Boots

Sexy and slick black boots are my weakness. I am still obsessing over Das Boot from Unif’s collection a year ago. And of course, these Alexander Wang and Topshop boots as well.

Witching Hour Wednesday: Bags

I’m a shoe girl, but I think I am even more of a purse girl. Well, I think it’s pretty tied. But I LOVE purses and bags, especially when they are big and have spikes and can double as weapons.



Witching Hour Wednesday: Look 2

Hurrah! Alas! Beautiful pieces FOR UNDER $50! You’re all welcome, I accept monetary donations as well as hugs and kisses as payment for my elaborate search for these wonderful treasures. Anyway, it may be hard finding a cape that’s relatively cheap if you want a true, thick, structured style cape. If there’s one piece I would invest on in this outfit it would be the cape; it will last you seasons and seasons and is worth the money. These Topshop leather leggings are actually the ones I have and I am OBSESSED with them.I actually even did a mini yoga class with my friend in them the other day, inversions, sun salutations, arm balances and all and they were comfortable and didn’t rip or stretch AT ALL. I love them, you can buy them at Nordstrom if you’re not in NYC or Europe and don’t feel like ordering them online.

Witching Hour Wednesday: Boots

I can’t get over these boots either. Again, all under $50, I may actually cry from excitement (although my wallet may not). I love boots that make me feel like I could kick someone and still look good doing it.

Witching Hour Wednesday: Bags

Purses, in my book, can swing between being a splurge or steal, depending on the piece and how well you know your steal. I love Zara purses because they tend to be good quality and they look super high fashion while still being relatively affordable. Forever 21 has cute purses but they’re definitely not good quality. H&M is also brilliant for purses, and they are pretty good quality as well. Again, all the purses above are steals, and hence, under $50!

Anyway, this could probably double as a macabre gift guide of sorts.

What are you splurging/stealing this holiday season?


Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Collection Review

I’ve been on a death king/macabre Monday/ all black everyday binge this past…lifetime.. and I am not about to stop now. Alexander Wang has risen and risen and risen in my book of favorite designers. This once up and coming designer is now a household name and he deserves it; i mean, even Yeezus recognizes how great he is. Wang’s Fall 2014 menswear collection is dark, haunting, urban and avant-garde. Oversize cowl necks, hoods and ankle skimming cropped pants all form together to create the perfect death king equation. The mostly monochromatic color scheme works with the punk style aesthetic that Wang seemed to be aiming for in everything from cut, silhouette and crop to models. Oversize shirts and sweaters in simple gray and black patterns pair well with a straight cropped slack and the perfect black leather work boot. The textures in this collection also work together to help create some variety and interest in an incredibly cohesive collection; suede, cotton, leather, denim and even velvet, all make an appearance. This collection is for the man who knows how to stand his ground. This collection is for the man who knows that holds his power and his strength in his own hands. It takes a certain type of sensibility to wear clothes in colors that manage to mute you, but to still be able to hold your own. There comes a certain type of  freedom that becomes ingrained in you when you let go of others expectations for the way you conduct and dress yourself. It is liberating to wear what you want to wear and dress how you want to dress; even if it’s in all black. This collection is for the man who knows he couldn’t blend in if he tried.

Hope you have a well dressed macabre Monday