Settle and Surrender

Sometimes life weighs heavy on our shoulders, urging us to find a path that may or may not be there. There’s always a tense dance at the time between decisions, forcing us to examine things on both sides that we may not want to. It can be difficult to come to a conclusion you don’t want to accept, to make a decision that shouldn’t be made. The worst decision of all, though, is not making a decision. It’s important to ponder on things, to find value and morality and chose whatever decision is the best in the end, in every sense of the word. Floating in the in between, however, can  be dangerous and energy draining. Once you make a decision, you can deal with it. If you happen to make the “wrong” decision, it’s okay. Take steps to grow and learn from it. Time is not wasted if knowledge is gained in the process. 

Live in your own moment. Breathe. Exist in the universe.