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Hate to be ignoring my awesome blog but I haven’t posted anything for a few days! Well, except pictures. And sadly, it’s pretty late tonight, so I’ll post some pictures now and then update tomorrow!

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Photoshoot with Miranda 017


Photoshoot with Miranda 022

Photoshoot with Miranda 062   


Photoshoot with Miranda 077  


Photoshoot with Miranda 083


Photoshoot with Miranda 076

You take away my oxygen

The one that I want:3.1 Phillip Lim

    So, while looking at’s website I came upon an article that was interviewing a store in LA. They were talking about 3.1 Phillip Lim’s latest collection, and being a fan of this line, I went to their website. And what I saw made my jaw drop to the floor. This collection definitely makes me a huge, huge lover of all things Phillip. This striking collection consists of oversize bags, leather accents, perfectly tailored blazers, opaque tights, and delicately draped skirts and dresses.

3.1 phillip lim 1 

3.1 phillip lim 2 

3.1 phillip lim 3 

3.1 phillip lim 4 

3.1 phillip lim 5 

3.1 phillip lim 6 


Go to: for the complete collection and check out his fabulous lookbook.


And this collection made me giddy with joy. Not because I’m crazy but because this is what I wish and hope to dress like; High fashion, edgy, elegant, simple, avante garde and a touch of grunge. I don’t know how many times I’m going to rant about this on this blog but fashion is so much more then picking out a shirt and pants and accessories. And to me, 3,1 Phillip Lim definitely nailed this idea.

Betsey Johnson for opening ceremony

This legendary designer is known for colorful and vibrant frocks. And that is exactly why she is opening up her archive and releasing some designs to opening ceremony. This collaboration can let everyone relive the 80’s, even if they weren’t actually there. This collaboration is sure to be promising.


Betsey johnson for opening ceremony

Have any designers you need to talk about? Leave a comment and I’ll feature them


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Black lips and fashions night out

And you thought the black lip was out?

Well so did I. Until I found out that at the end of this month, MAC is going to be releasing a line of makeup inspired by the 80’s Goth scene. And yes, that includes black lipstick, so pucker up and try some sleek black lips. Okay, well you don’t have to. But if you do really want to channel your inner Goth? Pick your favorite: gloss, matte or sheer black lipstick (MAC of course), grab your Marc Jacobs bag and your ready to hit the town.


If you’re one of the lucky ones…

Who happens to live in NYC then get ready for a spectacular night. Fashions night out takes place on September 10th and is THE place to be that very .very glamorous Saturday night. What exactly is fashions night out? 13 countries around the world are participating in this unbelievable event. Fashions night out is aiming to help the fashion industry stay strong and thrive during this economy. This event is made up of stores that stay open until 11PM (go to for a full list of stores) and let people shop until, well, they drop. Grab your favorite Louis and get ready for a stunning night of fashion and glamour.




My new obsession:

A few days ago I posted a link to this website, but I never explained what it is an innovative fashion community that was started as a fashion experiment per say. Although it’s an invite only community, you can submit a picture, a link to your blog, or write about why you should be a part of it (2 of the 3 are required).

So what’s the point? You post pictures of your outfits and if people like it they “hype “it. The more hypes, the more popular.

What an idea

One of my friends is awesome and suggested that I have a “schedule” for this blog. Well, not exactly a schedule but a “plan”.

Let me explain. Two days a week I am going to have certain subjects to talk about and the rest of my posts are going to be about anything fashion related that I want to share with my loyal readers.

Mondays: Profiles a designer or new designer and their upcoming collections.

Wednesdays: Industry Buzz: Something that’s going on in the fashion industry that NEEDS to be shared.

(If I miss posting on Monday or Wednesday then I will do that post the following day.)

I will also be posting a lot more photos.


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Don’t frett!

The September issue

And this time I am not talking about the magazine. The September issue is probably one of the most exciting things coming to the big screen. The movies premiere was yesterday in, you guessed, fashion capital NYC. Who was there? Well only the most fashion forward of them all. Philim Lim , Oscar de la renta, Carolina Herrara and Chanel Iman just to name a few. The movie follows Anna Wiuntour and Grace Coddington in their journey to make the legendary September issue of vogue. Filled with touching moments, and lots and lots of fashion, this movie is defiantly on the top of my list.



Fall 2009 Runway collection:


Bottega Veneta


Tomas Maier has worked his incredible magic once again. The designer of this exquisite collection has made dressing up delectable.Bottega Veneta’s fall collection is filled with beautiful draping and delicate textures, all in neutral and jewel tones.The structures of these dresses are very simple yet incredibly wearable.Elegant, but effortlesley so , this collection has spectacular versatility that is perfect for this crazy economy.


 Bottega venetta


Botegga veneta 2 


Marc Jacobs


O marc. How you impress me season after glorious season. And this time, you make the 80’s seem glamorous. This collection is packed with big silhouettes, bright hues, and tons of impact. The colors can be worn throughout the year, and the silhouettes of this collection are new and exciting. Dazzling reds, shocks of pinks, loads of navy and black, and splashes of yellow make this a collection worth fretting about. Who knows? Maybe Marc will shine some light on fashion in this dreary economy.



 Marc 2



fall wish list



leather me up : Well fake leather. Just make sure that if you do wear leather that you have one strong leather piece and not head to toe leather.We don’t like leather overloads.


Channeling the forties : Channel the forties and wear pieces like big shoulders, high heals,fake fur, and lots and lots of attitude.


Don’t be to rouched : Draping and scrunching are defiantly going to make it big this fall.Make sure that if you were something rouched that it accents your best feature and doesn’t add to much extra bulk. Don’t be afraid to try metalics.



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Fashion is…

Since my first post I haven’t had the joy of sharing what fashion is to me. So here is goes:

Check out this site:


Fashion is finding that place. That one thing that when all else goes wrong, you can hold on to. Fashion is knowing that the one thing you love can never be taken away. Knowing that your passion and your art is the one thing that separates you from everyone else. Knowing. And understanding that what you love and what you hope for can only be described through what you wear. And that sometimes people understand. Because fashion is THE universal language. And why wouldn’t it be? The one thing that holds you down and grounds you from the everyday struggles that you find is what you truly love the most. What inspires you is what you inspire.



I want to see the world, actually, more of the world. For my relatively short lifespan I’ve seen a lot more of the world then other people have. And you can bet this has defiantly influenced the way I dress.



   The simplicity in Paris is amazing. People walk around with a purse, scarf, ballet flats, and skinny jeans and look like they stepped of the runway.

   Lots of layers done very well. Very stylish and effortless, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Sometimes all it takes is looking around you for inspiration.

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 I'll post more of a whats new in theindustry post tommorow  

Your star

Yes please



The awesome dress (on the right) happens to be no more then striped fabric, embellishment, and the classic white t-shirt. But together, all this makes an edgy dress; and complete with chunk strapped heals, a purse that speaks for itself and insane attitude this is probably the simplest and chicest dress that you can make yourself. Courtesy of teen vogue, I am defiantly going to start getting in to the DIY mindset. Why wouldn’t I? Cheaper, one of a kind, and defiantly more versatile, why wouldn’t you take claim over your one of a kind creation?




For this high waisted dress the materials are plain and simple.A white t-shirt . fabric, letters and a needle and thread.Catching on?DIY isnt always granny sweaters and mary janes (ick).High waisted, rouched and high – fashion.Who wouldn’t be happy?



My best friend loves fashion photography and I love modeling. One day we were bored.The obvious answer was a photoshoot.These are the results.



Miranda and I.bored-03 (2) 


Miranda and I.bored-11 (2) 

Miranda and I.bored-12 (2) 


Miranda and I.bored-01 (2) 


Miranda and I.bored-13 (2)


Shirt: American Apparel

Skirt: Forever 21

Bow : boutique in California



 I will try to post more photos and more stuff about designers tomorrow. I will also post what’s going on in the fashion industry

 Forever yours,

Hint of high fashion














Oh vogue

So much comes to mind when I think of September. But the most important (and my favorite) is you guessed it, the September issue. If you are asking yourself the September issue of what, then you are clearly not a fashionista…yet. The September issue of vogue. Loved and Coveted by old and young alike, this is the most legendary vogue magazine of the whole year.

Each glossy page is filled with enough fashion to make any fashion addict’s heart go into cardiac arrest. Oh Vogue. Each page in the September issue showcases fall and winter runway collections of high fashion designers. This plus tips, articles, accessories, and tons of glamorous haute couture make this the highlight of my fall. So I ask you, what is it about the September that makes YOUR heart race?

On the subject of magazines, I do't know if anyone else saw this,but last fall I bought a special Harpars Bazar magazine that ony showcased the collections of desiers for thir fall lines.It was one of THE best mgazines I've ver read.I have tried to nd it this yer but hey didn't make any and all the other magaznes are very espensive.If anyone sees this faulous buy plese let me know!!

In my last post I mentioned the book 100 new fashion designers. I didn’t buy this book( but I am plannin n buying it on amazon), but I did write down some of the designers names. So In this post I am going to tell you about one.

Felder Felder is run by twin sisters based in London that moved from Germany. New on the fashion scene, this duo has earned a British Fashion Award nomination since its debut in 2008. Their staples of grungy leather pieces take on a twist this autumn when mixed with their new graphic and bold designs. Their Autumn/Winter 09/10 line is vibrant and grungy with just the right pinch of feminine.

   Dress Felder felder

  Dress 2 felder felder

Both of these pieces are from their autumn/ winter collection.

What inspires me:

   Ruffles on dresses

black and edgy done in a feminine way


big purses that are avant garde but not…

the fact that high fashion can mean doing the un-typical ( not a word )in an avante garde and fashion forward way.

grey, dark purple, off white, and lght pink




what inspires you….












P.S.If you guys like me profiling designers let me know so I can try to do one every post.

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hint.of.high fahion


I don’t find new music.I find new designers


  Autumn is fast approaching and with it comes a wardrobe change. Well…kind of. Since it’s a recession, instead of going and buying a ton of new clothes why not just buy accessories? I’m defiantly in the mood to try on loads of sheer colored tights under dresses and skirts with ankle boots. O and lets not forget my all time favorite winter accessory. The scarf. And this fall it comes back revamped as a circular version. Burberry Prorsum did a beautiful one and I’m pretty sure Topshop has there own cool version of it also.The best part?You don't have to worry about how to tie it.

One of my new obsessions are really thick belts layered with cardigans and tights. Or just thick belts over a dress or over high waisted skirts. I love them because they are so versatile and make anything look high-fashion-y.High -Fashiony is my own personal vocabulary word used to describe high-fashion clothing in a non- high-fashion enviornment, such as school.

Anna Sui.Runway show.Fall 2009


One of the things I can't wait for is Anna Sui's line for target.Not only are thes going to be high fashion clothes, but they are pretty inexspensive .And they aren't so avante garde that you can't wear them to school or the mall.


I was at borders with my family and of course, I was looking at the fashion books.And that Borders just was magical because I found the fashion lovers holy grail.100 new fashion designers.

This book is seriously amazing.It features, exaclty what you were thinking, 100 new fashion designers.Its really cool to see their work and get inspired for your own designs , your wardrobe,or like me, both.

The beautiful cover



Well, thats it for now.I'll post some more pictures tommorow and I'll try to update this weekend.

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The First day

  What exactly this is

Of course this is a blog.But this is so much more then just a blog.This is a place where I can share with you, my loyal viewers, every single though that has and ever will pop into my mind about fashion.The high, the lows and the hautes.

A fashion Blog?Yes.Exactly . A fashion Blog.With pictures and drawings and all the Coco [[ Chanel]] you will ever need and all the YSL you could ever want.


Why would you want a fashion blog?Because some day my dear child I would like to be a fashion journalist/model/designer and this will defintly help me now won't it?



Miranda and I.bored-13 (2) 

Forever yours,