On Forgiveness

The other day I posted this on Instagram:

Tonight’s self portrait is inspired by forgiveness. I’m very much aware of my anger. Of my defensiveness. Of the way that I put up a wall when I feel threatened or hurt or attacked. I am very much aware of my imperfections like the fact that even after I let people go I still think about them and hold onto their words. Today I forgive- myself and those who hurt me. Today I am inspired by @louniverse message to forgive others not necessarily because they deserve it, but because you do. Today I forgive my inner scorpion. I forgive the little girl inside me who just wants to impress people and make everyone happy and have everyone love each other. Today I forgive the part of me that is angry and lashes out. Today I forgive myself for hurting others simply because I was hurting. Today I forgave someone who hurt me and today I forgave myself for ever hurting them back. Anyway- I am about to go shower with some lavender salt scrub and then eat cookie butter ice cream and watch a movie. 

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And today I wanted to expand a bit on this beautiful, sacred, idea of forgiveness. And honestly, I’m not even sure what will come of this post, but i feel like I need to write- and I’ve learned to not ignore that itch when it comes up. So, here we go. Oh forgiveness. It seems easy but it’s hard. It’s really, really hard. In my case I forgave someone who I made myself vulnerable with- someone who saw a lot more of me than anyone else and in the end wasn’t truly worthy of that. I was hurt. I was hurt and left with no closure except that which I created for myself. And I think that’s the first step to forgiveness- allowing yourself to create the closure that YOU need. So YOU can move on. Because it’s easier to go back and appreciate a gash when it’ already turned into a scar- you do not have to live with raw pain.You are allowed to feel and heal.

 A lot of my relationships (I use this word very loosely) have ended with me having to create my closure. And forgiveness is damn hard when you don’t feel like you have any answers. But sometimes you just have to forgive, not for the other person, but for yourself, so you can let go of the rope you’re holding onto and just move forward. In my case, I was contacted by someone I had done my best to forget in the past six months and I was left with a flurry of feelings- including the fact that I felt nothing, but I still felt raw? Open? Vulnerable. Because I had never forgiven- him or myself- and that wound had never truly healed. After my inner Scorpio moon came out and I was on the offense- I felt tired, overwhelmed and over it. I had been hanging onto this hurt, this borderline hate, which honestly was necessary at the time so I could move on, but I realized- I needed to forgive him and myself. I am not completely innocent either, my hurt doesn’t excuse my action of hurting someone else. So that night, I showered, worked with my tarot and wrote. And now, I am taking baby steps to heal, fully and intentionally. But another thing came up the next night-

I did a tarot reading last night for myself and a mantra popped into my head. “I don’t need to know the answers right now”. I like knowing. I like knowing about people and the universe and myself. I’ve been going through a past life crisis (HA! A story for another time) that just brought back a lot of feelings and questions about myself and past relationships. And there were many things I wanted to know since closure didn’t give me many answers. And there’s a point in the mad quest for the truth, or for what feels like it, when you just have to stop and surrender. And that’s what I am choosing to do. I am choosing to face the wild unknown. I am choosing to not worry about the answers. My wonderful friend @kelseawoods sent me this quote by Rilke today:: “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” You don’t need to know all the answers right now. Right now you just have to be. A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

This mantra popped into my head.
I do not need to know the answers right now.
And what a relief that is. I’ve been going through what feels like a past life crisis, I’m sure this human and I knew each other back in the Medieval period I swear to god. And I’d been having these feelings, these memories and this inclination that I was right. I wrote a piece on Medieval churches and witch marks, and then all this stuff started to overlap- how I’ve been working with witchcraft and faeries for 10 years, and then suddenly this person was back. After I had consciously made a decision not to contact him and asked the universe that if he was meant to contact me he would- and he did. And after forgiving him, after forgiving myself, I realized I do not need to know the answers. I don’t need to know if we were actually together in a past incarnation, I don’t need to know how he feels or how he felt.  All I need to know  is where I am in this moment.

And realizing that, realizing that I DON’T have to have everything figured out, feels like the biggest act of surrender I can have. We are not responsible for having everything lined up or figured out or understood. We are responsible for living in our highest purpose, for living in a place of peace and love and for working towards this as much as we can.


So today, I urge you all to live in a place of surrender, a place of forgiveness and a place of unknowing. Today I urge you to bask in the wild unknown.



Today is a magical day and I don’t care what anyone else says! On this day 22 years ago, my twin sister and I were born. Now, that in itself isn’t that magical. BUT- we were both seven weeks premature, yet the two of us were born on 2/2/94- all the twos! Now to add to that, Alexandra and I turn 22 today! Our life number is 9, and guess what-2016 is a 9  universal year! Hence, today I celebrate every form of magick that comes my way by sharing some “”knowledge”” I have learned.BDAY

21 was the best year of my life. I believe in each year being better than the last, if only because you learned something from it.  21 brought a whole lot of changes- a year ago I was living in London studying at London College of Fashion- something that sank in only very recently. 21 brought letting go of people but it brought even more people into my life who I am overwhelmingly thankful for. 21 brought travel (to Greece, Italy and France nonetheless), it brought me to New York City,  where I felt at home for the first time- a feat in itself since in the five cities I’ve lived in (not counting London) I have never felt like I am home. 21 brought going to London Fashion Week as international press for Deux Hommes, an internship with Rick Owens, two internships with The Numinous, plenty of fun blog posts and collaborations, and a position as a contributor to Broadly. 21 was also the year I fell in love- with myself. Oh and 21 brought me here- to my last semester in college. What the HECK. I started this blog six and a half years ago so I could start practicing fashion writing in a more professional capacity. Now I am actually doing these things?! You guys I don’t understand what the universe has given me but I am screaming thank you into the abyss. And I am screaming an even bigger THANK YOU to the universe for giving me my twin sister.


ANYWAY- Here are 22 things I have learned up until this point in my life. ENJOY!

Seriously- this is important. I’m not talking about giving up on people, or ignoring your friends opinions that have to do with your general well-being. I’m talking about caring about what the random people around you think about you- about your opinions or values or clothes, whatever. This is not an excuse to be racist, misogynistic…etc!! But if you are working in YOUR highest favor, serving YOUR highest purpose, wearing something that YOU love, listening to music YOU like- other peoples opinions don’t matter. One of the only laws in Wicca is this- An ye harm none, do what ye will. If it doesn’t harm anyone- go for it.

Seriously. Never go to sleep mad, and tell the people you love that you care about them.

But god, please don’t be creepy about it.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN CAT CALLING. THIS MEANS APPROPRIATELY  TELLING THE GUY NEXT TO YOU IN LINE THAT HIS WATCH IS NICE or that the woman next to you has a really cool purse. Use discretion! I compliment A LOT but it’s because if I like something about someone, I want them to know it! Spreading a little cheer is never bad!

One of the problems I had in high school was way too much drama. It wasn’t until I really found my tribe in college that I was able to feel like I had a community. I’ve always kept a small group of best friends, as opposed to a large group of acquaintances, and having humans around me that GET ME has been life changing. Whether we are eating ice cream, talking about crystals, watching a drag shows or drinking coffee, I surround myself with  people who vibe at my frequency. Having best friends who are always there for me, to remind me that I am loved and that I am important  is a non-negotiable.  Having friends who I love to the end of the world and who I want to be there for is a gift. So thank you universe!FRIENDS

Seriously. I refuse to admit that I am “clumsy” but I do trip a lot, and your girls knocks a lot of stuff over. If I spill on someone or hurt something or someone really bad, I always say/ feel very sorry. BUT if I am just tripping while I walk to class, I will easily be the first to laugh at myself. Life is way, way to short to always take yourself seriously. Laughing is the best medicine, and if you give yourself permission to make mistakes-and if you don’t get angry when they happen (you are human after all), then life gets a little easier.

Working and interning remotely has the potential to either be incredible or very difficult, depending on the level of communication needed between you and your boss. I have had the most incredible experiences working under some amazing editors like Amy at Deux Hommes and Ruby at The Numinous. The one time I was in a position as a contributor and I was unhappy, I quit- thankfully, there weren’t really any strings, or money, attached so it was easy. But that experience has shown me how incredible it can be to work under people who DO appreciate me. Honestly, being passionate and loving your job is also super helpful and important and it’s a privilege that I hope everyone has. Working for a company that treasures your worth is crucial- don’t settle for someone who doesn’t see you as human. You are worth more.NUMI

If you’ve never hugged a tree you are missing it. It is magical. Trees carry so much wisdom in them. I love faery folklore and Dryads are one of my favorites (they are nymphs that inhabit forests and trees!)

I didn’t go to parties in high school. Instead, my best friend and I would go to local shows almost every weekend.  I am not musical at all, but if I hear a good beat, god save me. If someone was trying to torture me they would just tie me down and play some good music so I was physically restrained from moving my body. Whenever we went to shows, I would be the girl dancing like a loon. I’m still the same- I dance my butt off and I’ve had people take photos and Iaugh but guess what- IT DOESN’T MATTER. Dancing for me is physical embodiment of bliss. I will never apologize for that.

I am so overwhelmingly thankful that my parents passed on their loves of books to both my sister and me. My mom and dad were always reading us books and telling us stories growing up- my mom even tried to read Alex and I Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when we were 5 (which was too confusing at the time, but we read it by ourselves two years later). This lifelong fascination with books is what led me to witchcraft, to fashion journalism and to AP Lit and AP Lang- and John Steinbeck, my favorite author and probably my twin flame. I prefer a physical copy of a book- I love the smell of old books, being able to take them with me and write in them and throw them across the room if I get angry at them. Portable readers aren’t the same thing to me.

10. BUY YOURSELF PRETTY LINGERIE Starting a collection of vintage lingerie has boosted my self-love to another level. Nothing makes me feel like a princess more than lounging in bed in my satin onesie watching The Twilight Zone. Investing in one piece of lingerie to wear when you’re sad and need to be reminded that you are a QUEEN is honestly so worth it. I will ALWAYS recommend my babe Ivory for vintage lingerie. I have 20+ pieces and almost all of them are from her.22 11. PET ALL THE DOGS Hello this is a PSA that you should pet dogs when you see them (AFTER YOU ASK THE OWNER AND THEY SAY IT’S OKAY!!) One of my favorite parts about my home away from home here in Columbia, Drip Coffee, is that they allow dogs into their establishment! This means I get to live vicariously through every pup I see, since my own pooch is on the West Coast. Animals in general are so healing and wonderful and just LOVE THEM!

I just wanted to publicly acknowledge how thankful I am for my sister Alexandra. She lives with me, deals with me every single day and still loves me. She is one of the most intelligent, compassionate and talented humans I have ever known. She is beautiful inside and out, and she deserves every good thing the world has to offer her. We haven’t always been this close, but I am so glad that I have her and such amazing parents in this life. If you have siblings and are lucky enough to see them, tell them you love them. 

Honestly the fact that I know what I want to do as a job is weird. It is not the norm, as much as your parents are trying to tell you otherwise. Here’s the thing- it is okay to not know where this life is taking you. It is okay to not know where your passions lie. If you’re not sure where you’re going, don’t be complacent- use this as an invitation to explore and travel and make memories and chase whatever it is that may be calling you. Take a gap year after college to travel around Europe or go on a road trip. Start a blog, find a new hobby, walk around. It’s okay to not have it all figured out- no one does. Some people can just hide it better than others.

14. FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF IS A JOURNEY There’s a whole lot of talk about self-love which is so important and worthy and necessary. BUT- here’s the thing that I think needs to be reiterated. IT IS A PROCCESS. AND IT AIN’T EASY. You know yourself better than anyone else and this means being hyperaware of every “fault” that you have. You’re probably (definitely) going to tear yourself up about something you said or did on multiple occasions and you’l probably criticize your apperance. But starting a journey to self love is taking baby steps- having these moments, criticizing yourself and then moving past it. Criticizing yourself less and less, comparing yourself to others less and less and appreciating yourself a little more each day. It means taking steps to forgive yourself because the faults you think you have aren’t faults at all- they are what make you human. Falling in love with yourself is a journey- one that is necessary because YOU deserve your unyielding admiration, love and respect more than ANYONE ELSE. Write it in big letters and stick it on your wall. Remind yourself of this everyday. I was talking to my soul sister Kelsea about all the goals I had set when I was 21. I was telling her how I accomplished all of them (WEIRD) except I didn’t fall in love. She immediately asked if I had fallen in love with MYSELF because that counts. Hell yes.

Your girl loves her heels, shamelessly, and let me tell you- wearing shoes that make you feel powerful is the bees knees. Think about it- for most of us, our feet are our direct connection to this earth- to how we LITERALLY walk through this life. I’m gonna wear something that makes me feel powerful, beautiful and NOT to be messed with, amen.


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I bought my first tube of red lipstick when I was 15 or 16, British Red from Revlon or something along those lines. It took me a couple of years to grow into it, but when I was 17 my mom gave me her empty MAC containers and told me to pick out an orangey-red lipstick. So Chaud became my go to lipstick which I wore basically everyday. I transitioned to Lady Danger when I got to college (a little brighter of a shade), and now I tend to wear different colors every day. BUT- red lipstick still trumps all. It is the best, like an ego booster in a tube. I think everyone should have a tube of a red lipstick that suites them.


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I dare you to wear a good outfit in head-to-toe black and tell me you don’t feel powerful and sexy. I stand by my black on black obsession. I also stand by the fact that there is nothing that will ever be the new black. Black is the only black.black

I have failed plenty of times in this life. But here’s the thing, you have to suck it up, laugh about it and keep moving forward. Your worth is inherent- it is not based on how well you do, or don’t do, something. Giving yourself permission to fail is important- but get up and keep moving.  The universe is always working in your highest favor, but sometimes it speaks in a language you haven’t learned yet. One door closing means another is about to open- but you have to move out of one doorway into the next to be able to turn the knob. 

I was super uncomfortable with myself for most of my life. It wasn’t until I turned 20 that I started to really grow into myself, and love myself and truly appreciate myself.  I was always super lanky, and I’ve always looked way younger than I am and I never felt like I was who I wanted to be. Throughout all of this though, I knew that for other people to love me, and for me to love other people, I had to love myself. Even though I felt awkward and weird, I was still learning to love myself. My mom was always big on that golden rule- love yourself first- and it’s been one of the most important things I have ever learned. 38

Life is too short to not celebrate. It’s the weeekend? CELEBRATE! It’s your birthday? CELEBRATE! You got an A on an exam? CELEBRATE!! You found the pair of Prada pumps that you’ve been searching for since SS14? CELEBRATE. You’re ALIVE- life itself is a giant excuse to party. Enjoy it.

Ivory turned me on to sewing quality safety pins so I could make things fit a little better and let me just say, it has been life changing. My quality of life has improved drastically now that I have a thing of safety  pins at my disposal. Now none of my skirts or shorts gap, I can turn shirts and sweaters into cropped shirts and sweaters, and my wardrobe just feels a little bit more punk. Perfect.





One of the coolest parts of the internet, at least to this lady, is its ability to create a global community. I have met some of my best friends through the internet and I’ve been able to work with some incredible people and brands because of it as well. Although it can feel isolating when this internet love turns into obsession, the potential for collaboration and community that the internet brings is truly incomparable.

Today’s post is special and different and, more than anything, exciting. My good friend Morgan approached me with this incredible video that her friend Sarah Prinz, of Flexsus Studios, choreographed and danced in. She knew I would love it- and she was right.

Botanical Fragmentation merges the creativity of Sarah alongside director Trevor Osmond, and pairs this with designs from Polish born Agnes Hamerlik. There’s an exquisitely unnerving quality to this video, with stark movements and choreography juxtaposed alongside delicately  decadent dresses. Blood red designs feel eerie adorned with floral embellishments and there’s a sense of decadence when this is followed by midnight black sequined chiffon. Sarah’s performance, her craftsmanship, brings these dresses to life- allowing a visual exploration of what it means to be human and to move through this life in your own skin. There’s an Alexander McQueen-esque quality to this piece- bold in its beauty with an underlying motif that the masks we wear only serve us if we let them.

Find out more about Flexsus at www.flexsusstudios.com  and reach them at flexsusstudios@gmail.com. The studio is always looking to collaborate.

Find more of Agnes Hamerliks designs at www.agneshamerlik.com.

Queen of Hearts::: Forgotten Feather Valentines Day Lookbook

I’m disgustingly lucky to be surrounded by ridiculously creative and talented humans. Seriously. Last week I spent  my Sunday dressing up in Ivory’s vintage lingerie with my two best friends and my twin for this super special Valentines Day lookbook. We rearranged my room and got into character- we were going for a mixed era, vintage-esque look. Ivory recently launched an entire collection of this incredible lingerie, which was shot by my sister and styled by Ivory with some help from yours truly. Spending the day with my favorite humans, some fresh flowers and some rosé wasn’t too shabby.

So, do you actually need an excuse to buy yourself some lingerie? Absolutely not. You are your best excuse, and if you have a significant other who will appreciate vintage lingerie, then that’s just a lovely plus. But here’s the thing. If you’re ever upset or sad or if you ever forget that you’re a bad bitch, throw on some vintage lingerie and cheer yourself up. Making yourself feel good is important- and there’s nothing wrong with draping yourself in some silky threads to do it. Have a party for yourself- celebrate everything that makes you, you- wear something that makes you feel like a goddess. Valentines Day is just a wonderful excuse to love yourself, your girlfriends and everyone who loves you as much as YOU love you.

1 2 3 6 8 10 11 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25  27 28 30 31 32 3337 38 41 42 4347 48 4951Models: Brittany Kirby, Ivory Woods and Gabriela Herstik
Photos: Shot by Alexandra Herstik , @alexyael

All the lingerie featured here is available through Forgotten Feather Vintage.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Happy Monday one and all. I hope all my friends celebrating MLK Day are taking it easy, sending out grateful vibes for the amazing man and knowing that it’s up to us to keep his mission and legacy goin’. Today I worked a little, chilled a little and took some photos- of my CUSTOMIZED BIRTH CHART TEE SHIRT!! I came home from vacation to the most beautiful shirt from my #GirlBoss Ruby. The Numinous and YR Store collaborated for these sick tees and I am so excited to wear mine all the time and never take it off.2I’m an Aquarius, born in year of the dog and my birth number is 9. This shirt features all that and more- an amethyst for my birthstone, Uranus because it’s my ruling planet and cool blue because it’s my color. Erin Petson designed the shirt and I wish I had words besides “so obsessed” to describe my feelings, but I don’t! It’s super soft, it has all my favorite things, it’s from my favorite job/magazine and it’s personalized to me! 1Aquarius is the “rebel” and “humanitarian” of the zodiac, a trend setter committed to paving  the way for a better world, one weird outfit and idea at a time. Naturally, I wanted to accentuate this along with my love of the cosmos and also wanted add a little bit of party flair. I worked in my DIY painted heels, my trusty star tights from Target, my Deandri choker and my furry jacket from Distrubia (which I like to call my “fashion gorilla” coat). I added in some dark berry lipstick and a bit of sass as a final touch. Alexandra always takes photos that make me feel fabulous and I am so thankful for sharing a birthday with her. 548 967All photos by my twin Alexandra 3 Here’s to a wonderful year.


The other day I was daydreaming about the usual things; aliens, coffee, books, graduation and men in nice clothing. My mind wandered to the latter and all of the sudden my brain was overcome by more well dressed men than one girl can handle. But there was one thing that these men were missing, one pattern that my little single heart still skips a beat over- floral.

floralI can hear you now “GABRIELA THAT IS SO 2013” and this will be my replyFLORAL

Florals aren’t a trend- the way they’re presented on clothing may be, but floral ISN’T GROUNDBREAKING AND IT WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE! And I will never stop loving how men look in floral. I don’t care if Gucci did floral in 2013 or if Dries Van Noten in 2014.  You don’t have to wear head to toe floral to feel #floralgoth, but injecting your wardrobe with a bit of floral can help you spice things up and make your closet BLOOM.

The biggest question is always WHERE CAN I GET SUCH BEAUTIFUL FLORAL! And even if it’s not your first question, I’m sure you’ve asked it. Click on the photos below to directly shop the beautiful, fresh flowers I have picked for you (get it?)


Topman is the best website/store/haven for simple silhouettes that pack a punch. If you’re looking for some hints of floral, you can buy a tee with a black collar or seems. If you’re more into the inconspicuous art of floral, you can always grab some boxers or boxer briefs. If you’re feeling dapper, how about a skinny suit with a floral tie?! The options are endless, my guy.


If you haven’t met Asos– you should. If bold, bright floral on black backgrounds are your thing then Asos is definitely a good resource. Prices are cheap and  whether you’re going for some shorts, a bow tie or a backpack, you can find something to add just the right amount of floral to your look.

Okay so now you know two cool places to shop…but what are you suppose to buy? Here  are two of my favorite trends.


Honestly how could you  not expect me to put a section for my favorite floral trend?! Pair a deep floral with a some black joggers, a pair of dark wash jeans or even some leather pants and BAM. Yeezy  would be proud. Also- how incredible are these floral ties?!? I want one!


Last but not least, my favorite menswear trend of all! I love a good button down and I am an even bigger advocate for floral button downs. Wear them with literally whatever the hell you want (extra points for a mun), maybe carry a dog, and you will feel like a king. Promise.  Check out Esquire HERE for 20 floral shirts you definitely need.

Hope this helps all my men!


So for the past week I’ve bee MIA floating around in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bahamas on a cruise! I spent January 1st on the beaches of Nassau… if that’s not the boujiest thing I’ve ever said I don’t know what is. I spent the two weeks prior to that bumping around San Diego with the family, relaxing, eating some food, doing some shopping (my parents live in Fashion Valley if that’s any indication to the level of shopping excitement here). I’ve pet some dogs, taken some photos, drank some coffee- I’ve covered all my bases.W1AG8FohBDlIn3_L19Whfjm0kjppuALC4tmluR-XHGgjdrXQy780lQnO13S3hc-0frg24Nemevs1mB038Q1KrU,zNfxDrTYfGySJ6ri5O76exrYLTt7veW17JyN6OVb_lYI’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past three weeks which means my fashion choices have been somewhat limited.  I’ve done my best to have fun and you know, keep up the whole “goth relocated to west coast temporarily” vibe. If I’ve succeed is yours to decide…12523198_10153173012856207_5855025818653762782_n1619497_10153173012286207_2068573352008969265_nAlex took these photos of me one day when we were on the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. It was the first day that it had been overcast, and San Diego had this foreboding darkness sitting in it. It was eerie- the mix of the desert and ocean with the gloom was amazing. 12507624_10153173012381207_1827091296384253912_nI‘m addicted to these things. 12375316_10153137902116207_2082953977803972558_ooOne of the first days we spent on the beach. I felt like a gothic cactus. Fun fact: this beach in Del Mar has a dog beach, and it’s the absolute most beautiful thing I have seen. Literally, just dogs and their humans running around doing sweet pup things. #justdoggythings12360326_10153144023661207_111061716934321945_nI was going for the good ole classic “70’s goth”.  Camel is way close to my skintone and I don’t wear turtlenecks because my neck is really long but you know, rules are meant to be broken and I love this outfit. New year, same me, you feel? 921186_10153146535986207_8366571746141291094_o1California is really just a giant excuse for me to stand on rocks and hug palm trees while wearing all black. San Diego’s been in the high 50’s, low 60’s which is great but has left me wishing I had my entire closet in Columbia at my disposal. 1426256_10153173012621207_2959324186206802823_n1230_10153173012606207_6555715169230511286_nToday’s look aka- the last day in San Diego look. I spent the morning running errands with my mom and then at brunch. I was going to go blog (this!) at Starbucks but came home and decided I was too lazy. Good thing too- this are of San Diego just had a flash flood. Sending love and making sure everyone gets home safe! oooOur first stop on the cruise was in St Thomas, which is hilarious because that’s where my dad was working for a year! He would always watch the cruise ships leave from his condo, wishing he was on one, and now he got to experience it with his family. Full circles are cool.1375849_10153173012471207_4147198703685996788_ngothA beach goth in her natural habitat.12508938_10153173012306207_5159618080738532811_n12508694_10153173012521207_3529293081093103268_n12523067_10153173012371207_1649869921869739277_ntwoms12509758_10153173012716207_6100786112189836683_n10660269_10153173012541207_1246844248265301038_nSpent the first day of 2016 drinking liquid out of a coconut, reading Steinbeck , laying out in my tropical Topshop bathing suit and enjoying the company of my many, many cousins (babies, children and adults alike).12509013_10153173012646207_2812375073196288213_nI didn’t get any photos of my New Years Eve outfit except this one. I wore this metallic romper because I wanted to feel like a space nymph as the clock struck midnight and turned to 2016. I spent my NYE with the family, chugging extra-spicy tequila Bloody Mary’s (kidding mom, I only had three), dancing and celebrating. Not sure if I’m ashamed or proud of the fact that I had enough foresight to take an outfit selfie before I even left the cabin. I’ll go with the latter. 12417920_10153173012571207_823602217330459868_n12509375_10153173012441207_4831893228075218655_nTomorrow I fly back to Columbia to ring in the rest of 2016- my last semester of college and my last month left as 21. 2015- you were amazing to me (and deserve your own post!) Here’s to your best year yet.1628_10153173012406207_7228967062001406788_nXXX,

Psychedelic Dreams and Sunny Days

Sometimes things are rough, sometimes you end up feeling like you’re in a Woodstock nirvana. Although this December has been unseasonably warm (and people still don’t believe in climate change!), Ivory and I used it to our advantage the other day when we decided to team up with my sister and make some magic.  We found inspiration in photos of face paint from Woodstock and decided the best route to take was to dress up in some 70’s garb, grab some flowers and take photos. The sun was warm and kissing along our cheeks, and there was the slightest breeze. There was one point where I was posing, eyes closed, breathing in the winter air and just felt it. Bliss. Have you ever felt like universe is just cradling you in its palm? That’s what it felt like.  1I think my favorite part about these photos is that they ended up looking like engagement photos or Ivory and I.  Although she’s my best friend and not my fiance, I am so beyond grateful for this beaut. She is just as ethereal on the inside as she is on the outside, and she has such a gift for finding vintage clothing and giving it a new life, I mean, look at these pieces! The icing on the cake was that my friend Cory tagged along and that Alexandra took these photos. So thankful for weirdos who get me. 3 467812131816171514 Vintage dress and slip (on Ivory) and jumpsuit (on me) : Forgotten Feather Vintage/ Necklace (on Ivory): Fossil and Hide / Poncho: Thrifted Sisters/ Shoes: Free People

All photos by my amazing twin Alexandra Herstik (@alexyael)

Happy Tuesday!


Self Portraits for Lost Sanity

I would exist on a different planet for you. One so distant and far away, where my skin wouldn’t constantly rip at the seams. I would lose my sanity for it too, I swear, I would mend every broken piece. I think I’ve found a remedy, finally, for all the fallen teeth. One with stardust and poetry that replaces the soles covering your feet. So fix it, break it, I really wouldn’t care. Let’s move to Mars and shed our skin, you’re fallen moons and lucid dreams. 12341607_10153127634041207_2930509622448252603_n12321463_10153127633951207_8456546435437191996_n 12308239_10153127633911207_6708502047471798758_n 112342352_10153127633986207_8145268101572468771_n


November 30th may SEEM like an ordinary day, but alas- tis not. It’s my mom’s birthday-and she’s turning 61! If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Silvia, you’re missing out. She’s the first one to dance, the first one to laugh, she always looks fabulous (SERIOUSLY- the women is turning 61 and looks better than yours truly) and she is the first one to love with all of her heart. My mom was my introduction to both of my passions- fashion and spirituality. The woman has been using crystals, meditating, doing yoga and the whole nine yards since before it was socially acceptable (hello 80’s). Silvia is where I get my unyielding, burning passion for lipstick, black, (faux) leather, high heels and a KILL EM attitude- so needless to say I am glad this Sagittarius Queen was born all these years ago! 11223337_10153510783296115_1145219058023697366_oMy mom has taught me a lot- so I decided to share my six favorite lessons and the ultimate gold rule she taught  me (get it 61??). So here you go- from Silvia Herstik to you!


So what seem like a no brainer actually isn’t.  Ever since I was little, my mom has always looked fabulous. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing an Express track suit or her favorite pair of AG jeans, the woman always looks perfect.  I think this is also a cultural thing- my grandma is the same way. I also thing my family just drank out of the fountain of youth because my god do humans in my family age well. My mom (who was born and raised in Mexico City) has always emphasized that there’s no shame in taking care of yourself- having pride in how you present yourself is good! It’s important and worthy- if it makes you feel good, do it! No shame at all.



One of my moms favorite stories to tell us (us being the twin and me) is of one of our closest friends Amanda and how she would always look at my mom, wide eyed and starstruck, while we were at temple at Friday night services. Amanda was constantly in awe of my moms perfectly pink lips and loved to play with her lipstick. Me? Not so much. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I realized the power of a perfectly red pout. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. My mom was my first introduction to the wonderful world of MAC and all their fabulous hues. I like to call lipstick my war paint, and these days my lipstick choices also inspire my mom. I like to think of it as fashion karma! She introduced me to the tube of courage and I introduce her to So Chaud and Candy Yum Yum. Mutually beneficial for sure.



My mom is a 5’5 powerhouse with a thick Mexican accent. She graduated from college in three years and got her Masters degree in two. By the time she was 20 she owned her private practice and when she was 27 she came to the United States by herself- the first in her family. Silvia is the original power woman in my book, and if there’s one thing her kick butt work ethic and her fabulous nature has taught me it’s to NEVER apologize for being yourself. My mom is constantly underestimated because shes a woman and she has an accent, and you know what? She constantly proves those people wrong. My mom always dances, always sings, always loves and always gives hugs and kisses. She wears monochromatic outfits and has a really loud laugh and she’s kinda weird and you know what? That’s what makes her stellar! And she has never apologized for that.

4. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHEAT YOUR HEIGHT11188405_10152725438786207_3316539951769336462_n

My mom has always been a heel woman. Ever since I was younger I’ve always admired my mothers vast shoe collection. It wasn’t until I was around 13 or 14 and learned to appreciate style that I truly realized the power that a good shoe holds over mortal women. One of my favorite sounds growing up was the sound of my moms heels clicking on hardwood floor. A close second? The sounds of her acrylic nails tapping. My mother also taught me to appreciate comfort- you can look good and not want to cut off your feet. I’m definitely taking after Mama Herstik, I love my heels and tend to wear them whenever I don’t have class, Columbia doesn’t stand(!) a chance.

 5. THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON TO CELEBRATE12109007_10153042339996207_8033184614363986878_n

Actually literally, having a Mexican Jewish mother means celebrations are abundant. You got an A? CELEBRATE! Poochy (the pup!) got groomed? CELEBRATE! Extreme Home Makeover is on? Cry and then CELEBRATE! One of the most important lessons this fabulous lady has taught me is that it is a million times better to wake up with gratitude for each day and own it! Every day you’re alive and able to celebrate is reason enough. So whether you’re dancing your heart out in your car, or jamming at the club, celebrate. Never apologize for listening to the DJ of your soul!


A very special and IMPORTANT rule shared by my twin Alexandra. This goes back to rule number 5! ALWAYS CELEBRATE! BUT- make sure you have a designated driver if you do! This is for you dad, you’re the real MVP for letting mom get Saki! Also- my mom always sing “Nooobody knowsss the bubbless I’ve seen” when she drinks saki. It’s really cute.


And last but not least….

Silvia’s Golden Rule: YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST11043531_10152819335956207_4525293076084156283_n

You have to love yourself before you love anyone else or let anyone else love you::: easily the most important thing that this human has taught me and the golden rule of life. You have to love yourself. It’s not negotiable, it’s not an option. It’s a necessity.  You are worthy of the same love you give to others simply because you exist. Your soul deserves the same respect and admiration as every other soul you love. Loving yourself is a process, its a journey and it takes work, but as soon as you choose to embrace it, everything else becomes easier. You’re not fully receptive to love until you decide you deserve it (which you do!) I remember giving myself a hug in fifth grade in our old apartment building and learning to love myself (and all my weird “flaws”) because my mom had been preaching this rule to me since I was little. I can’t stress enough how much this simple sentiment has impacted to me. I can easily say I wouldn’t be who I am, shaved hair and sass and all, if it weren’t for my mother stressing to me that I MUST love myself. So here I am, passing it on to you! Love yourself! Treat yourself! Amen!

12278893_10153110476556207_1763825539203185300_nSo mom, mommy, mother, madre, mami, Silvia- I love you. You are a wonderful, beautiful, vibrant soul and I am so glad you love selfies as much as I do (literally, whenever any of our family is together you can be sure you’ll here Silvia scream SELFIE!) I hope 61 is the best year yet. You are as beautiful and fabulous and young on the inside as you are on the outside! OH- that could be another lesson! A young soul keeps you young. I could write a million more things you taught me but I’ll keep it short! I love you mami!