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Hello fellow blogasphere, I hope everyone is happy and well. I have had a great day, filled with loads of chemistry ( blech ) , ballet , and sleep ( not enough ).I am planning on wearing a high waisted red pleated skirt with my favorite sequin Paris tee shirt. I am filled with a longing of being in Paris, actually dressing high fashion-ly, and having all the clothes my heart desires. Anyway, I am still slowly sifting my way through the London and New York collections, and I am sorry for any countries I may offend (including my own) but I am defiantly look forward to the Paris collections the most.

    Here are two looks I posted on lookbook, you can find them here and here.



What I’m wearing

Tights : Target

Shoes , Skirt, Jacket: H&M

Skirt: Express




What I’m Wearing

Shirt , Necklace, Chanel looky: H&M

Shoes : Target

Legging: Festivity

Skirt : Forever 21

Cuffs : Mom



Anyway, how have my dear readers been? What’s been inspiring you?




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