Elie Saab Couture 2013 Collection Review

Elie Saab is easily the new age king of couture. His sheer, beaded numbers draw eyes from fashion loving fiends and red carpet vultures alike, and with good reason. Saab has found his niche in couture dresses that create a strong, sultry woman by slipping her into a dress that could only come to her in a dream. Striking colors are matched with intricate beading that accentuates the woman’s figure with cinched waists and plunging necklines.Saab creates the ultimate woman by draping her in gowns made of stars and woven with star dust; above all else he manages to cloak each and every lady he dresses in a physical manifestation of their inner beauty. Saab’s fairy tale dresses are beyond anything Cinderella could imagine, but also better than anything in her wildest dreams. Maybe a princess isn’t exactly fit to wear such a dress, but instead a queen; a woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement and show off her beauty and her soul.


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