Daughter of the Moon Lust List

It’s official, I’m halfway done with college. How crazy is it to think that at this time two years ago, I was just graduating high school? It feels like a different lifetime! Even where I ended my year last year feels so different. I’m definitely proud of who I am and what I’ve done and where I’ve gone since ¬†last year, even more so since graduating. I had my last exam this morning and I decided to spend one extra night in Columbia before heading home to Atlanta. Today was wonderful, filled with beautiful souls, lots of coffee and even a nap outside.

As always, I was thinking about what this change of season means and I decided to come up with some pieces that I think every ¬†daughter of the moon could be inspired by. I may invest in a couple of these pieces, but for now they are just what I’m lusting after.


Image of Perforated Leather Cage BraImage of V-Suit <br><font color= "red">REGULAR PRICE $253</font>

Minimale Animale



Distressed Dolls

Image of Bold Pentagram Garter Image of Brace Garter Belt

Nasty Gal

House of Widow

What are you lusting after this summer?!