D is for Dior…

            Bonjour mes amis! I hope everyone has been having a fabulous fashionable day. I have been sick since Tuesday and have been stuck at home since Wednesday evening. Anyway, I am still working on my alphabet of designers and I am on D (sorry for taking so long).

                        D is for Dior….

Although Tim Gunn isn’t fond of this designer, I am still trying to figure out my vote. I love the theatrical aspect to his work and I know that’s exactly what Gunn hates. Now that I’m contemplating where I stand on the issue of Dior, I wonder why I’m wondering in the first place. I love Dior! So what if it’s a bit crazy and theatrical! I love theatre and fashion, and I love that they merge! Christian Dior is an iconic fashion label, and even of the man behind the brand passed away, that doesn’t mean that Galliano isn’t a good match for the iconic house. Dior would have been ripped apart by people and the fashion industry alike if Galliano wasn’t suitable for his position! Not only is Galliano a good designer he is also innovative. John Galliano single handedly (or multi handedly with the help of the rest of the house) started the innerwear as outerwear trend. With that here are some personal favorites from spring 2010 RTW.





















I love the contrast of the couture looking corset with the platform heels and socks.




I love the structured skirt and how it’s translucent with the draped chiffon.





Leather + Floral = Love


                                        Tea Party gone avant-garde

Sophia Kokosalaki has one of my favorite spring RTM 2010 collections for more than one reason.

  1. Feminine to the max without being like every other spring designer on the runway.
  2. The mid calf lace up platform gladiators are stunning
  3. She makes the innerwear as outerwear look elegant and wearable
  4. The draping is marvelous and breathtaking


I love this structured but free form (what a contradiction!) dress














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