Zara on Zara

It’s no secret that Zara is one of my favorite stores. The Spanish chain is known for it’s classy, high fashion finds in a rather affordable price range. I love the bold style and aesthetic that Zara has; it’s high fashion and classy but it’s not afraid to be sexy also. The clean lines and structured pieces are striking and perfect, and when paired with the perfect accessory, they’re unstoppable . I’ve put together a few of my favorite pieces from Zara to share!

I’ve been inspired by a neutral color palette with pops of pale pastels,

I’ve been feeling the boxy silhouette lately. Pair an oversize jacket with a tube style dress, add some sexy tights and some patent boots and you’re set.

I’ve also been feeling silver and white this season. It”s easy, futuristic and clean. This incredible coat is so wearable and the fleece collar makes the perfect statement while not being overpowering.

Monochromatic outfits with a variety of textures and a simple pattern are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.

What are YOU craving from Zara?


Sunday Style: Soft Spots

It’s been a fun weekend filled with seeing friends from school who I’ve missed. I spent the day today drinking coffee, eating pancakes with friends, going to yoga and as of right now, watching the VMAs. I’m more than ready to throw these jeans on with a chunk knit sweater and some ankle boots. I’m so excited it was a mild summer, but I’m also excited for the chilly Fall ahead.

Snuck my roommates cat into a couple photos. Marceline is the cutest.

Jeans and Purse: Zara

Tank Top: Loehmans

Bra: Gap

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Necklace: Forever 21

Ring: H&M


Watch: Michael Kors

Hello dear readers!  I’m  sorry for all the sporadic posts, and I apologize but I will be in a funky blogging schedule until the 16th! I’m moving in this weekend and then coming home only to go back to SC the 16th so until then, please bear with me.

My amazing friend Jordan accompanied me to my latest shoot on Saturday with No Contenders Photography, These are just the unedited shots he sent me, I can’t wait to post my favorites

Shirt and Necklace  Forever 21

Purse: Zara

Boots: Nasty Gal

Watch: Michael Kors

Skirt, Necklace and Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Watch: Michael Kors

Sweater: Loehmans

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffrey Cambpell

Purse: American Thread

Leotard: Junkman’s Daughter

Shorts: Forever 21

Purse: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Jeffrey  Campbell

Can’t wait to share more

A Little Bit of Color

Black and floral are most definitely my favorite colors (ha..ha), but I like to spice things up occasionally and wear color every once in a while. After buying this beaut of a shirt a few days ago, I decided to wear it today since the weather was oh so forgiving. This lovely burnt orange, sheer, cut out button down is from Forever 21, and my dainty floral shorts are from a recent trip to Zara. Today was spent out for lunch and going to the car wash. Not necessarily the most exciting of days, but in my opinion there is no better day to dress up than today!




10 Rules to Live by

Since this is a fashion blog, most of these rules will obviously pertain to fashion. In my opinion, however, there is nothing more fashionable than living a balanced life (whatever that may be in this day and age). Anyway, here are my 10 rules of life and fashion.

  1. There is no such thing as a lazy day. Really, I kid you not, the fashion world does not revolve around the fact that you have a hangover or are tired from a two and a half hour hot yoga class. You can look good, feel good and be comfortable, I swear to you. Invest in some band tank tops you can cut up and cute oversize shirts and sweaters that you can easily pair with leggings and flats. Pile on rings and a long necklace or two and you’ll look and feel good. Seriously. My hail Unif shirt with leggings is my fail proof outfit when it comes to looking edgy after a long night or day. Get your act together, stop wearing jeans and tee shirts and find your style, make an inspiration board, go to Goodwill and figure out what you like and dress well every day! I’m not saying you need to be runway ready everyday, but make an effort. Seriously. This s my motto.
  2. Never mix black and brown (unless it’s a Louis or Fendi purse). And I’m not talking about the beige/tan family of brown. I’m talking about dark, chocolate, deep, rich brown…and black. Please, don’t do it. I beg of you. You are so much better than that. You can find things that either go with black or brown… don’t do both. I love tan and black, but tan and chocolate brown is not the same thing. You will never catch me in dark brown leggings and a black tank. Never.
  3. Don’t wear the same outfit twice. Probably THE golden rule. I’m not saying I don’t wear the same shirt with the same leggings every so often, but if I do, I change up the sweater, shoes, purse and accessories. Be interesting. Be new. Change it up. DON’T BE LAZY.
  4. Always reapply lipstick after a meal (unless it’s dinner and you’re Mexican like me so you finish eating at 12pm). This is just a fail free way to look fabulous the entire day. Apply, blot, apply, blot, apply, and make sure there’s nothing on your teeth. Done.
  5. When you want to feel powerful, wear black. I honestly love black so much. Black and floral are my favorite colors. Make it interesting though; work with layers and textures and silhouettes to make the outfit more exciting.
  6. Never wear lipgloss. If you want color, wear a lipstick. If you want color without the hassle, wear a lip-stain. If your lips are chapped, wear chapstick. Seriously, don’t buy into the sticky crap in a tube. It looks cheap and doesn’t even color your lips well. And your hair always gets stuck to it that’s no fun. Invest in a good lipstick and you’ll feel fabulous and not like you stepped out of a bad teen novel.
  7. Don’t wear flare jeans. Flare jeans and bell bottoms are different though. If your style is bohemian/free people/ hippie then work those pants. Just don’t wear the Abercrombie flare jeans that you have sitting in your closet. Ever.
  8. Be gracious to those who are checking you out at the store. Smile, say thank you and ask them how their day has been as you buy your new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or Zara wedges. Smile, be kind and know that they’re people too. I don’t care if you’re having a bad day, they’re (probably) not the cause of it, so be kind!! A few sweet words will always brighten someone’s day, I promise.
  9. Know your body and dress for it. There’s no shame in wearing the proper size, cut and silhouette for your shape. I know that I can’t really pull of baby doll/empire waist because I have no bust and will look like a 12 year old boy with a weird haircut . Know your shape and work it. Who cares if you can’t wear bandeaus, accent your beautiful legs with a bodycon skirt instead. Dress to impress and flaunt what you got. Okay.
  10. BE GRATEFUL! Be grateful for everything; for your house, friends, family, food, clothes. Say thank you, and mean it. Love until your heart explodes and live along the path of least resistance. You attract more of what you’re grateful for so the first step is to be happy with what you have. Youe life blooms when you realize how blessed you are. Stop. Breathe. Smile and be.

Okay, this has been one sassy post. I hope you enjoy



After Christmas Shopping and a Haircut

I went shopping yesterday and picked up some much needed clothing and accessories. Today I got a haircut.

Here is the lovechild of both events.

My “leather lunchbag” purse is from Zara and my Camel colored wedges are from Zara as well.

The tank top is from Urban Outfitters, and the sweatpants are from Express.


I got this necklace last week from Forever 21, the elephant ring was given to me by a friend, and the leaf ring was picked up from Forever 21 yesterday


I love the rouche detailing in these sweatpants from Express.


The jewel ring was thrifted at a Vintage store in Virginia last Spring.


I love this purse! The studded detailing is great.