Wednesday’s Are for Islands

My last adventure of the year has rolled around. My sister, mom and I packed up our bags yesterday to head to St.Thomas to visit my dad, where he’s working for the year. The island is gorgeous and relaxing and definitely a much needed reminder to slow down. The year is coming to a close and realizing how wound up and stressed out I get is a strong reminder that there are patterns I need to break before 2015 rolls around. This means lots of soul searching, cleansing and connecting. I’m going to make an effort to write down some resolutions before the year ends. I want to start the year with some good habits in place! (Keep an eye out for a blog post or two about that)10849927_10152428054826207_8346011853355634971_nSt. Thomas is absolutely stunning. The island is really small, but it packs a lot of beauty into the small space. There are chickens that run around, lots of little lizards, iguanas and of course, lots of ocean life. I’m making an effort to watch less television and to read and write more, taking time to once again, slow down, and be present. I don’t think the view could really get any better, who wouldn’t want to sit outside?1495337_10152428054201207_5628839073099444612_oYesterday was spent relaxing at the condo, and today we walked around, had some drinks and went to the Ritz Carlton where my dad had the honor of lighting the menorah for the second day of Hannukah. Happy Hannukah to anyone that celebrates!! St. Thomas is beautiful, but it’s not a crazy, ridiculous fancy island. It was just a pinch of glitz and glam tonight, all we really needed.10478443_10152428053931207_2020284421178193247_nIt’s ridiculously warm here, so outfits feel a little bit seasonally confused. I have almost all of my things for London packed and ready to go, so my aesthetic leaning for St.Thomas runs along the lines of easy and “everything I’m not bringing to Europe”. I love dressing for the colder weather, and I’ve grown used to it, so being creative in the hot island sun is taking a little more effort than I anticipated.

Tomorrow I’m embracing my inner undine and mermaid and heading to St. John with the family to read, relax and hopefully have a margarita or two. Tonight, I’m being productive and crying since I won’t be able to watch American Horror Story until I’m home.

Until next time,


Wednesdays Are for…

Wednesdays are for wearing something extra dark and powerful. They’re for working at Hip Wa Zee, eating El Burrito and watching American Horror Story. Wednesday’s are a personal victory, an ode to the middle of the week, an ode to balance right before the weekend. One of my favorite things about this semester is how I’ve come to appreciate hump days. Granted, I only have classes two days a week, but regardless I feel like I never slow down. Although my Wednesdays are spent working, I’ve managed to find some sweetness in them. During the month of October, and the most hectic month of the year, my friend Ivory and I decided to have “Witch Wednesday”, in which, you guessed it, we dressed in our darkest clothes. If you remember my witch post, you’ll know that every day is witch-day for me.. but it is fun to have a day designated to wearing my favorite pieces. wwWitch Wednesday soon coupled itself with the return of American Horror Story and so began my love affair for this very special day of the week. Here’s the thing; life is crazy and hard and hectic, and during all of this we forget how good it can be. Here’s a trick; don’t wait for life to throw something wonderful at you, instead, make something to look forward to for yourself. For me, this means spending the day  wearing an outfit that makes me feel like a Death Queen, working with one of my closest friends at work and then ending the day by watching my favorite tv show.  American Horror Story: Freak Show is amazing and watching it with Ivory and my sister makes it that much better.ww 2ww 3www4Today, I paired my favorite tulip shorts with a harness bra, some knee socks and my favorite “Witch” bag.

Shorts, bra and shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Dollskill



PS: Check out Ivory’s amazing vintage shop, Forgotten Feather. She’s absolutely amazing.


Baby Steps

I’ve been trying to figure out if life slows down when you find balance or if balance is using the least amount of effort possible to keep up with everything that’s going on. I’m not sure if either of these are right, or if there’s truly an answer at all. I think that finding balance is finding moments of stillness among chaos. I’m taking baby steps towards balance. I’m taking baby steps towards working hard without being overwhelmed. I’m taking one day at a time, tackling all I can do with a soft heart and loving mind. Lately, baby steps have been nothing more than sitting outside on my porch at 11pm, listening to some music, burning some incense and taking some time for myself to breathe. Balance, for me, is taking time to explore with my sister and to take baby steps towards finding stillness in the motions of day to day life. 8

Alex and I walked around and explored the statehouse on a eerie day. It was perfect and just chilly enough and the energy of the day felt charged with change. I’m ready for October. I am ready to find stillness and balance.

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Jacket: Rag-O-Rama, Skirt, Purse and Necklace: Zara, Top: Forever 21, Boots: Urban Outfitters



Photos by Alexandra Herstik



I crave comfort. I crave stability. i crave understanding and knowing and I crave being at the right place at the right time.. I crave a comforting voice. I crave love. I crave knowing that my bed will be there when I get home. I crave knowing that there is structure to my life and my day. I crave routine.

But this constant craving for comfort and structure can be overwhelming in a life where nothing is ever quite comfortable or structured. Life is quick and she is hectic. She will break you, only to softly lay you out and glue you together again. So instead of wearing things that suffocate and embrace me to my bitter breaking point, I am living in the clothes I want my life to reflect. I am living in structure; I am living in a glistening embrace of colors; I am living in something that whispers that I am a manifestation of the stars and the universe. I am living in a shelter for my soul.

I am living in fabric that wipes my heart clean. I am living in lipstick that clings to me like secrets. I am living in what makes me feel like power personified.

I am living in lips as blue as my heart is calm. I am living in the Northern Lights. I am living in shoes that raise me higher than what I desire.

What does your clothing say about your life?


What to Wear Wednesday

It’s the end of August which means Fall starts in about three weeks and that means pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, beanies and all sorts of change. I’m excited for the weather to get colder, but I know I need to take in the last few weeks of sunshine and warm weather.

I’ve been loving holographic prints with white, I love how it’s so clean and modern, and I honestly want to wear that trend on everything. I love that this look is slightly 90’s but with a sexy, urban feel.


When the leaves change, and the temperature raises the skin on the back of your neck, fall has arrived. She kisses you on the cheek and leads you into the closest coffee shop, engulfing you in her sweet perfume. She’s soft and delicate and she always has an air of change around her. She will dress you in striped sweaters and the perfect jean, and when it’s time to jump in piles of leaves, she will slip you into your wooden soled boots. With your cheeks as red as your lips, and your wind whipped hair, you saunter back home, holding onto your bowler hat and smiling because you know that every day with Fall is a new adventure.



The Raven

Wear it like a coat; your intuition, your connection to the other realm. Black is the color of strength and mystery and is exactly what repels negativity. Slip on your Phillip Lim blazer and grab your Prada shoes before you go to the city at the crack of dawn, talking and laughing with those who have passed onto the other side. You grab a quartz crystal from your Celine bag, channeling the powerful protective energy around you into a cone of white light. Toss your head back, thank the universe and your off to create your own reality, and make it exactly how you want it.




Wednesday Style: Spend the Summer in the Clouds

If summer does anything, it fills me up with wanderlust and hope and love like a balloon that’s about to burst. Summer is soft breezes and warm sun, fresh juice, giggles, best friends and far too many nights spent in the city driving around aimlessly.  Summer is spritzing on a favorite perfume and a lace dress, feeling light as a cloud and happy as a summer wind, sliding on some round glasses and biking. Summer is meant for visiting loved ones in your favorite oxfords with fresh flowers in your bicycles basket, and ending the day with a bubble bath.

Summer is simple.


Simple by gabrielalorr featuring a lace dress