Southern Comfort::: The Past Four Years

I’m not sure where to start so I just will. It’s currently 9:50 pm and I’m sitting in my hotel room, without pants on, drinking the tequila my uncle got my sister and I for graduation, watching The Office. I move to California the day after tomorrow, and after saying bye to one of my closest friends my heart hurts. A lot.IMG_1122I moved around a lot as a kid, and I’ve gotten okay at saying goodbye. I know the people who are meant to be in my life will stick around. But this time, moving is different. For the first time it marks the end of a really huge chapter. It hurts. I came to Columbia, South Carolina as a fresh little 18-year-old. I was an upcoming freshman at The University of South Carolina and I didn’t know what to anticipate. What I got was a city that challenged me, thicker skin and friends who I can’t imagine life without. Columbia itself- as a city- is okay. There are some amazing spots that all the weirdos congregate to- hello Drip and NBT- and they’ve helped me when I’ve felt like my head’s going to explode. I always say Columbia isn’t a city and it’s not a town- it’s somewhere in between. The nightlife is okay, my favorite is a literal underground bar called The Whig, but what I like is the fact that it sort of just exists. You can drive 30 minutes to somewhere that feels like Mars, 2 hours to Charleston or 10 minutes to a beautiful cemetery- it has the charm of a little town and the perks of a (small) city. Columbia is it’s own kinda thing. It just does what it does and it’s kind of great.

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It takes time to recognize how a place has shaped you. I’m not sure I can even put into words the past four years but I’ll try. Columbia isn’t easy to live in if you’re not the status quo. It’s not. I’ve been getting the side eye from old Republicans for practically every day the past four years. I made a decision my freshman year to pretend that I was living in NYC and to wear whatever I want which is probably why I get all the side eyes. But here’s the thing!! Being true to who you are and shining your light means other people recognize that. In a city where weirdos are just that, you recognize the other weirdos. You gotta stick together. Going into a vintage//costume shop (Hip Wa Zee)  to apply for a job my sophomore year led to meeting one of my best friends and having one of the coolest jobs of my life. Sitting at my favorite coffee shop everyday and writing meant that I met some of my favorite people. Being the over the top, not chill human I am led me to some of the best memories of my life. College was cool but what Columbia taught me was that honoring who you are, no matter how hard it is, is worth every single side eye and judgmental look. IMG_0378

My room in Columbia was the first time that I found sanctuary. It was the first time I found my escape, the one place I could go to sit and reflect and listen to all the little things I’d been ignoring for too long. Columbia was the city where I grew up, where I had my heart broken, where I chased my dreams and explored and where I manifested my deepest desires. When my parents moved from Atlanta back to San Diego last July, Columbia became my home and safe haven. It became the city that understood what I felt and how I didn’t belong. Columbia has been MY first home- not my family’s- and I love it for that.

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It’s strange reflecting on my time here because it’s only been four years. But I’ve graduated and this marks the end of the biggest chapter of my life and that’s damn hard. I’ve never felt settled anywhere and it’s not something that I’ve always been able to deal with. This city has been comfortable but it’s stretched me and shaped me and it’s helped me accomplish some of my wildest dreams. I’ve met some of my best friends here, I’ve started my career here. I’ve found m sanctuary here. And for that- I say thank you.

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IMG_1285Pro- tip:: When you sell all your furniture, take photos with your baby succulent name Phyliss against your wall. AND never forget- bloom where you’re planted.

Here’s to the future.

Getting Schooled in the Law of Fashion

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with my business law professor and I wanted to share it because it got me all riled up.
Yesterday, my class had to give presentations dealing with our majors and law. My group made a PowerPoint about fashion, law, copyright infringement and all the the juicy stuff that comes with knock-offs.
At the end of the presentation my professor looks at me and asks “Why does this matter? Why should I care”

The question is valid. I get it. I did my best to explain to him that when retailers copy designers it causes a whole mess of problems for everyone involved. Fashion affects many people beyond the scope of the industry itself. If you’re wearing clothing, you should care. But he didn’t really get that response.

Instead he pointed out how every tee-shirt is the same, and that fashion doesn’t matter. A jacket is a jacket, why should he care about the fashion industry?

 I went off.
So besides the fact that the fashion industry employs millions of people, regardless of the fact that there are humane and ethical issues with knock offs and fast fashion, regardless if he thinks he’s excluded from fashion- he isn’t. I felt like Miranda Priestly going off at Andy about cerulean blue. Just because YOU may not like something, doesn’t mean it’s not important to someone else.

Even though my professor may not know who Rei Kawakubo or Rick Owens is, even though he may not think that there are pieces of clothing that are “different” or unique, it didn’t matter. I know people think fashion is frivolous. Everyone in the class who was laughing proved that. At this point, I felt like it wasn’t about fashion, it wasn’t about the fact that these people wanted to know what made interesting silhouettes or collections. It wasn’t a genuine curiosity.
It felt like because I was a woman, talking about fashion, I didn’t deserve to be taken seriously.
 The presentation before me was about a sports team and a university fighting about who owns who. The presentation after me was about someone suing ESPN for filming him while he was sleeping at a game. My professor didn’t ask either group why what they were doing was important. He didn’t ask why he should care. 
I didn’t just feel like he thought what I was talking about what dumb. For the FIRST TIME I felt like a women talking about what she loves, only for it to be automatically dismissed as unimportant and frivolous. Dumb. Silly. I’m a woman, so my interest in fashion is cute. It’s not important. It’s stupid.
 Although I don’t think my professor meant it aggressively or rudely, it didn’t feel good. It felt like sh**! And even though I did my best to stand up and show him- which may be why people were laughing- it still felt wrong. 
He hadn’t seen The Devil Wears Prada and asked that I email him to cerulean blue clip after I mentioned that the conversation we were having was pretty much the same as Miranda schooling Andy.  He emailed me thanking me for my rigorous defense of my position and asked to see the video. So I sent it.
 Here’s to learning.


Happy Monday one and all. I hope all my friends celebrating MLK Day are taking it easy, sending out grateful vibes for the amazing man and knowing that it’s up to us to keep his mission and legacy goin’. Today I worked a little, chilled a little and took some photos- of my CUSTOMIZED BIRTH CHART TEE SHIRT!! I came home from vacation to the most beautiful shirt from my #GirlBoss Ruby. The Numinous and YR Store collaborated for these sick tees and I am so excited to wear mine all the time and never take it off.2I’m an Aquarius, born in year of the dog and my birth number is 9. This shirt features all that and more- an amethyst for my birthstone, Uranus because it’s my ruling planet and cool blue because it’s my color. Erin Petson designed the shirt and I wish I had words besides “so obsessed” to describe my feelings, but I don’t! It’s super soft, it has all my favorite things, it’s from my favorite job/magazine and it’s personalized to me! 1Aquarius is the “rebel” and “humanitarian” of the zodiac, a trend setter committed to paving  the way for a better world, one weird outfit and idea at a time. Naturally, I wanted to accentuate this along with my love of the cosmos and also wanted add a little bit of party flair. I worked in my DIY painted heels, my trusty star tights from Target, my Deandri choker and my furry jacket from Distrubia (which I like to call my “fashion gorilla” coat). I added in some dark berry lipstick and a bit of sass as a final touch. Alexandra always takes photos that make me feel fabulous and I am so thankful for sharing a birthday with her. 548 967All photos by my twin Alexandra 3 Here’s to a wonderful year.


November 30th may SEEM like an ordinary day, but alas- tis not. It’s my mom’s birthday-and she’s turning 61! If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Silvia, you’re missing out. She’s the first one to dance, the first one to laugh, she always looks fabulous (SERIOUSLY- the women is turning 61 and looks better than yours truly) and she is the first one to love with all of her heart. My mom was my introduction to both of my passions- fashion and spirituality. The woman has been using crystals, meditating, doing yoga and the whole nine yards since before it was socially acceptable (hello 80’s). Silvia is where I get my unyielding, burning passion for lipstick, black, (faux) leather, high heels and a KILL EM attitude- so needless to say I am glad this Sagittarius Queen was born all these years ago! 11223337_10153510783296115_1145219058023697366_oMy mom has taught me a lot- so I decided to share my six favorite lessons and the ultimate gold rule she taught  me (get it 61??). So here you go- from Silvia Herstik to you!


So what seem like a no brainer actually isn’t.  Ever since I was little, my mom has always looked fabulous. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing an Express track suit or her favorite pair of AG jeans, the woman always looks perfect.  I think this is also a cultural thing- my grandma is the same way. I also thing my family just drank out of the fountain of youth because my god do humans in my family age well. My mom (who was born and raised in Mexico City) has always emphasized that there’s no shame in taking care of yourself- having pride in how you present yourself is good! It’s important and worthy- if it makes you feel good, do it! No shame at all.



One of my moms favorite stories to tell us (us being the twin and me) is of one of our closest friends Amanda and how she would always look at my mom, wide eyed and starstruck, while we were at temple at Friday night services. Amanda was constantly in awe of my moms perfectly pink lips and loved to play with her lipstick. Me? Not so much. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I realized the power of a perfectly red pout. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. My mom was my first introduction to the wonderful world of MAC and all their fabulous hues. I like to call lipstick my war paint, and these days my lipstick choices also inspire my mom. I like to think of it as fashion karma! She introduced me to the tube of courage and I introduce her to So Chaud and Candy Yum Yum. Mutually beneficial for sure.



My mom is a 5’5 powerhouse with a thick Mexican accent. She graduated from college in three years and got her Masters degree in two. By the time she was 20 she owned her private practice and when she was 27 she came to the United States by herself- the first in her family. Silvia is the original power woman in my book, and if there’s one thing her kick butt work ethic and her fabulous nature has taught me it’s to NEVER apologize for being yourself. My mom is constantly underestimated because shes a woman and she has an accent, and you know what? She constantly proves those people wrong. My mom always dances, always sings, always loves and always gives hugs and kisses. She wears monochromatic outfits and has a really loud laugh and she’s kinda weird and you know what? That’s what makes her stellar! And she has never apologized for that.

4. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHEAT YOUR HEIGHT11188405_10152725438786207_3316539951769336462_n

My mom has always been a heel woman. Ever since I was younger I’ve always admired my mothers vast shoe collection. It wasn’t until I was around 13 or 14 and learned to appreciate style that I truly realized the power that a good shoe holds over mortal women. One of my favorite sounds growing up was the sound of my moms heels clicking on hardwood floor. A close second? The sounds of her acrylic nails tapping. My mother also taught me to appreciate comfort- you can look good and not want to cut off your feet. I’m definitely taking after Mama Herstik, I love my heels and tend to wear them whenever I don’t have class, Columbia doesn’t stand(!) a chance.

 5. THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON TO CELEBRATE12109007_10153042339996207_8033184614363986878_n

Actually literally, having a Mexican Jewish mother means celebrations are abundant. You got an A? CELEBRATE! Poochy (the pup!) got groomed? CELEBRATE! Extreme Home Makeover is on? Cry and then CELEBRATE! One of the most important lessons this fabulous lady has taught me is that it is a million times better to wake up with gratitude for each day and own it! Every day you’re alive and able to celebrate is reason enough. So whether you’re dancing your heart out in your car, or jamming at the club, celebrate. Never apologize for listening to the DJ of your soul!


A very special and IMPORTANT rule shared by my twin Alexandra. This goes back to rule number 5! ALWAYS CELEBRATE! BUT- make sure you have a designated driver if you do! This is for you dad, you’re the real MVP for letting mom get Saki! Also- my mom always sing “Nooobody knowsss the bubbless I’ve seen” when she drinks saki. It’s really cute.


And last but not least….

Silvia’s Golden Rule: YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST11043531_10152819335956207_4525293076084156283_n

You have to love yourself before you love anyone else or let anyone else love you::: easily the most important thing that this human has taught me and the golden rule of life. You have to love yourself. It’s not negotiable, it’s not an option. It’s a necessity.  You are worthy of the same love you give to others simply because you exist. Your soul deserves the same respect and admiration as every other soul you love. Loving yourself is a process, its a journey and it takes work, but as soon as you choose to embrace it, everything else becomes easier. You’re not fully receptive to love until you decide you deserve it (which you do!) I remember giving myself a hug in fifth grade in our old apartment building and learning to love myself (and all my weird “flaws”) because my mom had been preaching this rule to me since I was little. I can’t stress enough how much this simple sentiment has impacted to me. I can easily say I wouldn’t be who I am, shaved hair and sass and all, if it weren’t for my mother stressing to me that I MUST love myself. So here I am, passing it on to you! Love yourself! Treat yourself! Amen!

12278893_10153110476556207_1763825539203185300_nSo mom, mommy, mother, madre, mami, Silvia- I love you. You are a wonderful, beautiful, vibrant soul and I am so glad you love selfies as much as I do (literally, whenever any of our family is together you can be sure you’ll here Silvia scream SELFIE!) I hope 61 is the best year yet. You are as beautiful and fabulous and young on the inside as you are on the outside! OH- that could be another lesson! A young soul keeps you young. I could write a million more things you taught me but I’ll keep it short! I love you mami!



It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind since my first Lookbook days in 10th grade (or maybe it hasn’t). Gabriela, why the heck do you take outfit photos like everyday. Do you actually think people care?
Well obviously the answer is yes, the entire universe revolves around me. Duh.
Okay so maybe that’s not the truth, but besides the fact that I breathe fashion (ha!) and plan on working in the fashion industry, I also have a very valid reason as to why I get dressed up (almost) every day.


A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

I am a very future thinking Aquarius. Talk to me at any moment and I can list off ten things I have to do before I go to sleep. I can tell you what I’ll be doing this weekend, next month, my goals for post-grad and about a million other things that have not happened or are not happening in the present moment. I recently realized that taking the time each day to pick out an outfit (and later taking a photo of it!) is a way for me to break down each day into something simple. I love clothing, I love makeup and getting dressed up and feeling fabulous. Documenting my clothing choices on the interwebs helps me find the present moment because it forces me to experience the present moment. I live each day through the filter of whatever clothing and makeup I have on, and I’m able to really feel grounded because of that as well. I don’t feel guilty for indulging this way. Why should I? I know what outfits I’ve worn so I won’t repeat them. If someones Instagram feed bothers you- UNFOLLOW THEM! Seriously. No one cares. Promise. 

Who’s the baldest b @ the club (it me) #BACKATIT #SORRYMOM #SORRYGOD A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

21 and still wearing skorts and dressing like a child

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I was going for gothic John Galliano A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

1. Dress like you don’t take s*** from anyone 2. Don’t take s*** from anyone

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2 well dressed 2 b stressed Alternate caption: consistently look like I run an underground gothic mob coven A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

Dressed up for PRIDE lets kiss ✨

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Hiding from the sun or imitating the thing next to me??? (Is it a glorified ashtray or art?..)

A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on


A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

Wearing an old ballet skirt n $10 shoes I painted. Life is a giant game of dress up 2 me

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I’m wearing my favorite flannel as a skirt n channeling my inner Vivienne Westwood

A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

So to all you nay sayers, I say this. I  do not care if you hate that I post like 53 photos on Instagram each day! I don’t care if you hate every single one of my outfits because I do what I do for ME. I wear what I wear for me, and to enjoy each beautiful day as it comes.

Here’s to more outfit selfies and plenty of good clothing.


Breathing Fashion and Forgotten Feather Vintage bring you GIRLS.a

Sneak into the school bathroom with your best friend, ignoring the teachers who tell you that what you’re wearing isn’t up to par. You were never meant to follow their rules anyway.  So you enter the world of girls, transported back to a time and place where things didn’t make any more sense then they do know (but everything was better). Wear your cardigan with pride or irony, you’re best suited for both anyway. You pass notes and smiles, and laugh when you’re told to go and change. You’re far removed and isolated, lost in a time warp from decades ago, feeding in abandoned bathrooms with sisters of different blood. 12labifecb3ikabmnop

Ivory styled the both of us in head to toe Forgotten Feather. Shes a goddess.

All photos by my incredible twin Alexandra Herstik.

Ill Tell Ya What I Want (Fall/Winter 2015)

Remember how I said I love fall and that I always daydream about what I want to buy and wear? If not, don’t fear. I’m currently reminding you of that and also including some things I’ve been obsessing over and lusting for in equal parts. Here are my top five items I want to wear forever and always this fall. Don’t wait up.

WHAT I WANTLet me just tell you, nothing makes me feel fancier than imagining three cocktail rings on each finger, stacked up, reading some tarot cards or sipping a gin and tonic. I was all about the stacked bands last year but then I remembered how easily I lose rings and how subtlety isn’t my strong suit. Touche. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more fabulous, and slightly gaudy, than stacks and stacks of blinged out costume jewlery, an all black outfit and some lipstick to match the rings. Add some really long fake nails, a lot of attitude and you got it, girl.


Vendome ad. Photo via Popsugar

trifari 1960

Trifari ad 1960. Photo via

what i NEED
I’m a rather averge stature at 5’6 (here’s looking at you mom and dad) and I love chunky, bold, heeled shoes. Add a twist of grown up/ high fashion Wednesday Addams and you’ve got this lady hooked. Some crazy accents liek stacked soles, or gold cap tips have me spinning. Oversized oxfords with a giant tassel? Chunky black brogues?! Yes please- gothic chic, anyone?

Who What Wear/ Style Caster/ The Zoe Report

viv 1

Courtesy of

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been collecting some neat pins and been sewing some patches but I finally turned; I am a fan of the denim jacket. Okay OKAY I know I said it would never happen, but a girl can only stick to her high (sartorial) horse for so long, right?! I posted about the vintage denim jacket a friends mom gave to me and I don’t regret it. I love my denim jacket, but I want more! My favorite fall outerwear staple, however, is the leather jacket- preferably vegan and vintage. I’ve been craving a soft, leathery jacket in addition to my structured studded one. I just finished Viv Albertine’s book and I’m waiting for my copy of a book on Vivienne Westwood- it’s clear who inspires my leather love.


I’ve gushed over my love of lace, and vintage, lingerie before and I will do it again. I love it. I love the delicate detailing and the sweet touch of beautiful lingerie on my skin. And I love how it looks! I had a lot of trouble embracing my A-cups (here’s to you mom and dad, again), but now I see them as a perfect excuse to wear the prettiest lingerie possible. Add some harness details, lots of mesh and cutouts an delicate straps and you’ve got my weak at the knees. I love layering bras like these under cardigans, and leaving a few buttons unbuttoned. These pieces look equally as good under men’s button downs worn as dreses. Oh and they look fabulous on their own. Win win, in my book. vintageLife cheat for amazing vintage lingerie. Become best friends with someone who has a knack for finding it and owns her own Etsy. My pick is my darling Ivory Woods and her shop Forgotten Feather. Also the store I work at in Columbia, Hip Wa Zee, always has plenty of good finds.

what i need need need

Another recent obsession, again thanks to my dear Ivory, are vintage bolo ties. Something I never really knew about until a teachers father came to speak to my class when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I remember liking his bolo tie, but it wasn’t until the past few months that I’ve gotten into them. I haven’t really been into big jewelry as of late, but a bolo tie feels a good mix of masculine and feminine elements. I love that you can ajdust em to, convenience is key. I want to find some with crystals instead of pendants- yum. Last First Day of School3I wore a bolo tie to my last first day of classes EVER. 16th grade deserved to be sent off in style. Photo by the twin, Alexandra Herstik.

What are you wearing this Fall?

Travel Diaries Pt II: Paris

This post is way overdue, but cemeteries and Alien Lunar Death Queen Goddess vibes were pulling me to blog more than some cheesy photos. ALAS, I am finally getting around to putting my photos from my trip to Paris with LCF. It was an incredible five days where I got to drink wine out of baby bottles, see the most incredible view of Paris, visit Monet’s water lilies,see the Catacombs and a cemetery and also see some Fashion Week craziness! This was about a month ago, which is INSANE because that means I leave London ONE WEEK from today. There are lots of feelings going on, so before I can reminiscence about the amazing experience I’ve had in this city, I would like to post about other cities first (I have to save the best for last, after all).

2015-03-05 04.07.1511043336_10152596666246207_6418665879662904072_o11041914_10152596664861207_5236121493722998312_o2015-03-04 14.00.05Le Refuge De La Fondue, aka where you drink wine from baby bottles and dip things in cheese. 11033448_10152595135541207_5948913226813683305_n10379780_10152597045066207_2402230273710484073_o 11025161_10152596661436207_6752028390038668382_nThe worlds besr coffee, which is made from POOP. These cats eat the beans and their stomach acid digests it and they poop out coffee grinds and people like me drink it. It was AMAZING. 11014877_10152596660331207_2622823837710262105_o 10997698_10152596665581207_7039069061419703633_o 10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_o10857216_10152596664096207_6607979192104704212_o10497246_10152596663731207_4482613091102148877_o10986937_10152596662861207_5259538134653682029_oGot to go to a beautiful cemetery three minutes before it closed.  10857335_10152599374721207_3397459570260499904_o10345769_10152599376346207_8384971936062127151_nblogI was lucky enough to go to the Catacombs and see some bones. It was amazing and eerie and just mind blowing. SO MANY BONES.IMG_1622 IMG_1589 IMG_1586 fb versaillesOur last day in Paris was spent at Versailles. Needless to say I want this in my next life (or maybe my past life, is a past life goal a thing?) Either way, Versailles is beautiful, as is Paris. Next up in my travel diaries is Florence!

Happy Easter/ Full Moon/ Passover lovers.



Sundays in Black and White

I’m lucky enough to be taking a styling class at London College of Fashion, and I wanted to share some of the looks that didn’t make it to our final project. Our theme was monochromatic and masculine inspired, and originally my partner and I were going to start with an all white look and transition to all black. We’re revising the final project since we wanted to make the looks more cohesive, but here are some outtakes that I modeled. These were all styled by Alexandra Cedervall and myself.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely hectic.. I’m going to London Fashion Week as press with Deux Hommes, which is ridiculously exciting, and then I’ll be leaving to Greece, then Paris and finally Amsterdam. I have incomplete outfits for fashion week which means speed shopping this week, and then I have a lot to do before Spring Break! I can’t wait to get back into the swing of posting things. Life is absolutely wonderful and crazy but I need to find routine amongst all the craziness! Until then! H  one42

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with love, dogs and fashion week!



Deux Hommes

I’m excited to announce that I’m a fashion editorial intern with Deux Hommes Magazine! I get to write about up-and-coming designers in the luxury sportswear market and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My internship with both MOD Magazine and United Colors of Fashion has come to a close, but I’m excited for the next chapter of my life. You can check out Deux Hommes HEREdeux 2deux 1

Saturday’s at Cambridge

This week has been hectic and I apologize for the lack of posts! Monday was my birthday and although it started out pretty stressful, my night ended at a Kanye themed party with some good people. The week has been a blur, and I promise I will upload photos from Bath, but today I wanted to post some photos from my trip to Cambridge! I got to visit the university and the town yesterday and it was absolutely magnificent. IMG_0908We spent the day touring a couple of the colleges on the campus, eating at the pub, doing some shopping and just enjoying the view. We ended the tour by punting down the river; the English version of a gondola ride. It was magnificent, especially considering the city is almost 2000 years old and the university is over 800 years old! Cambridge is further north than London and I knew it was going to be chilly so I dressed accordingly. I ended up looking like a giant blog of gray and pink because I knew I was going to be outside and I wanted to be warm! Nonetheless, I grabbed my pink oxfords, my cheetah scarf and a beanie to keep cozy. cheesingI had to take the cheesiest photo possible, obviously. IMG_0916IMG_0932IMG_0947IMG_0953IMG_0956IMG_0965IMG_0969IMG_0966IMG_0971The views we had down the river while punting were absolultely incredible. Not to mention the fact that we got to curl up with some tartan blankets. It was cold, but really, who can complain!?

Where did you adventure to this weekend?!


Fashion Alien Taking on London

If there’s anywhere that I can be a fashion alien, it’s London. Years of pretending I was living in New York City and dressing however I wanted has finally paid off; I’m in the city that literally doesn’t care how different you are. I am finally in a place that fosters being weird and off the wall and YOURSELF. I want to really explore my style and take risks and today, I decided to do just that. 10933809_10152494360046207_5780857599500095504_nToday, I decided to rock the alien mini buns, but I didn’t want my ears to freeze off so I decided to pair it with a head wrap. I’m a fan. My ears were warm, my hair was out of my face, what more could I want?!tumblr_nhvigamB5m1r421pio1_1280I paired my alien buns with an all black outfit. A black sweater under a black fuzzy sweater, some high waisted leggings, my Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea boots and a bag and necklace I got from Primark and an oversize parka. I’m all about this UAL sign and I’ve dubbed it my selfie station.10897056_10152494350836207_6780041623726232688_n10407245_10152494350681207_7750789892148927071_n10915276_10152494350756207_5551488067557329556_nI’m still in awe of the things I get to see while walking to class. This city is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to explore more once classes begin and I have some free time. I just wanted to post a quick update and some photos. Tomorrow is my last day of orientation and I have the weekend free before classes start on Monday! I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a week. I will be updating with better photos and more regular posts once I have more of a rhythm going.

Until next time lovers,



An American Werewolf in London College of Fashion

It’s happened, folks. I said goodbye to America and jumped the great pond. I am officially in London.10527373_10152477569416207_3206012600880916540_nTo say London is beautiful is an understatement The city is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. London is a city rooted in history yet she tells a really new and vibrant story. London is a hub for musicians, designers, fashion lovers.. there’s a reason London is the fashion capital you move to if you want to make a name for yourself. If you can’t find inspiration from the buildings and people and stories that fill up the city, then you probably can’t find inspiration anywhere. London is old school meets new school, and that’s pretty great. One thing that shall be noted as well; I love going to USC, but I have seen more well dressed men in three days here than I have seen in almost three years in Columbia. There’s an elegance to this city that is mirrored by the people who live in it. It is truly magickal.10923220_10152487551596207_6522192063405225873_nI left Friday night and arrived Saturday morning. I was tired and somewhat sleep deprived when I got to London, but after coming to my loft and meeting my wonderful roommates I was instantly awake. We took a brief walking tour around the Bloomsbury and then had orientation. Walking around the city was incredible; it is more than anything I could ever expect. Yesterday was filled with more orientation, and an absolutely beautiful walking tour of central London; Big Ben, the Parliament building, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and a lot of other amazing places. It was the coldest it’s been all winter apparently, but nonetheless, it was a perfect London evening. I ended my night with a familiar face from school who was visiting his family, some good food and a drink at a classic pub. It was wonderful. IMG_0146

There’s something strangely comforting about being in a new city. Perhaps it hasn’t hit me that I’m so far from home, but as strange as it is, I’m not uneasy here at all. I live with wonderful people, and I’m not very uneasy about getting lost because I know it will happen, and I know I will be okay. If there’s any time to find balance and presence in a current situation, it’s now. Today I had orientation at London College of Fashion, so no photos were taken. I snapped some photos yesterday of the beautiful city and a couple of classic tourist photos because I couldn’t resist.tumblr_nhq389HVLH1r421pio1_1280IMG_0124IMG_0121 IMG_0106 IMG_0102 IMG_0101IMG_0133IMG_0139 IMG_0135 IMG_0133 IMG_0129IMG_0166

To new cities, new schools, new friends and new stories.

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MOD Magazine, Holiday 2014

My internship with MOD magazine has been quite the experience, and my second piece for their printed magazine was published the other day in their holiday issue! I got the amazing opportunity to interview and write about German born fashion designer Tim Labenda, who recently made the transition from menswear to womenswear. He was really great to write about, especially considering the fact that his latest collection was inspired by The Never Ending Story. Check out the holiday issue HERE, it’s full of beautiful editorials and trend guides. issue 3modIt’s been such an exciting experience seeing my pieces in a printed magazine, especially one that’s so beautiful. Here’s to many more.

The Fall Edit

 I’m all about monochrome, specifically black, head to toe. There’s something so powerful about wearing all black. I feel like a true Death Queen when I wear my favorite color (sorry mom) but I do my best to wear lots of gold, or at least a red lip to break up the look a bit. One of my favorite things about wearing black, and  neutral in general, is that you can really amp up the texture. I’ve been all about fuzzy sweaters and I absolutely adore tartan and flannel, and now that the weather is getting colder, my obsession is only getting worse. This season I’m inspired by mauve, camel, stone grays, black and lots and lots of gold.

Cheetah is also one of those prints I really can’t get sick of. These sleek booties are absolutely perfect and I love the vintage sort of style they exude. I’ve been all about midi skirts since last fall and I don’t think the love is gonna fade. Pair a midi skirt with a big, chunky knit for a new take on the silhouette.


A tartan cape seems like a solid staple to have. I would pear this little number with a simple sweater, a thick beanie, and a black boot with a gold accent. I’m all about the circle shades, so The Row’s circle sunnies would be a go to.



I love the juxtaposition of a delicate faux fur with a chunky boot. Grab an oversized sweater, some fishnets and some good gold accessories and you’re sure to be the sexiest girl on the block.


Black, gold and cheetah are the ultimate sex kitten staples in my eyes. Add a red lip, some sexy sleek boots, a bit of fake fur and just the right amount of perfume and there’s no way you can’t feel confident. This clutch by Acne is absolutely ridiculous and to die for, and I love what it adds to the rather simple look.


You can’t go wrong with leather, or with Alexander Wang. Sculpted pieces and the right amount of nude take this outfit to the next level.

What are you wishing you could wear this fall?



FIG Columbia

I have two new blog posts over at FIG Columbia. The first is all about dressing for your tomorrow, today. It’s a fashion lesson with some law of attraction chemistry mixed in, what more do you need for the start of a new week?! The next is all about dressing in your own sort of comfort blanket and wearing what makes you feel like you can take on the world.



“The idea of “dressing the part” has been playing into my fashion philosophy as of late, and it’s been helping me be present while looking toward the future…I’ve always dressed for myself while living here in Columbia, but really being able to pinpoint the mindset of my style is something that I’ve really liked doing. I’m leaving little room for the “what if’s” and the little nagging doubts that can make themselves at home in the corners of my mind. I love fashion, I love style and I love that it can help me shape my future.  Today, I am dressing for my tomorrow.” – Dress the Part


“There’s nothing wrong with taking a “me” day, but there’s also a sense of strength to be found when challenges are taken head on with a deep breath and a smile…Take life one day at a time. Breathe. Remind yourself it will be okay and wear something that makes you feel capable. Be your own safety net. Give yourself a pep talk. You are capable.” – Breathing


Photos by Alexandra Herstik



This past week has been a whirlwind of adventure. I got home from Florida and a few days later I made my way up to Asheville, North Carolina with one of my best friends. Florida was wonderful and the highlight was heading back to my home away from home, also known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This time,we got to tour Diagon Alley and it was breathtaking. My family had a ridiculous amount of fun going to Hogsmeade, taking the Hogwarts Express and enjoying Hogwarts and everything Harry’s world had to offer. We went on July 31st, which happens to be Harry Potter and J.K Rowlings birthday. I wore mini buns in honor of Tonks, cause she would have been totally into it.

After getting back from Florida, I headed to Asheville a few days later with one of my best friends. We drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains, reminiscing about life and thinking about the future. The drive is absolutely breathtaking and it’s one of those things that will renew your spirit every time you take it. We got to Waynesville, where I drank the best hot coco I have ever had at Panacea (which I HIGHLY recommend).  After lunch we headed to Asheville. We spent the afternoon in Asheville, wandering around bookstores and little trinket shops, taking everything in and enjoying the beautiful little city. For dinner we went to The Local Taco where I had the best tacos of my life, and that means a lot considering the fact that I’m Mexican. The next morning we wandered around some more, relaxed and enjoyed our stay a little before heading back home in the late afternoon. Asheville is beautiful and filled with little hidden gardens and is covered with beautiful murals. It’s a very special city I can’t wait to go back and see.

What have you been up to this summer?



Wear What You Want, When You Want

A big part of fashion for me is being able to wear what I want solely because it makes me feel good. Even though I’m living in an area that may not understand my aesthetic or what my style is, I don’t ever try to tone down my style to suit the area. Fashion is art that you wear, and I’m not about to change my own style because someone else isn’t versed in abstract art. I don’t wear what I want to wear to please anyone else, I wear what I wear because it makes me feel confident.

Wear what you wanna wear because it makes you feel good. Don’t be limited because people won’t understand it. Teach people about being yourself by being comfortable enough to embrace who YOU are. Make people question their judgements and revaluate how quickly they label someone else. Love above all else.

My beautiful mother and I.

Throw up a peace sign and use #peacerocks and $1 from each post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Vine will be donated to Ringo Starr’s Peace and Love Fund. The fund gives transcendental meditation to women and children, inner city youth and soliders suffering from PTSD.

What have you been wearing today?



Birds N Bones and Dragon Stones

I’ve worked with the wonderful ladies over at Birds N Bones before, and i’m so happy to announce they have some new magick up their sleeve. The wonderful ladies are launching a new collection of beautiful, handmade jewelry inspired by dragons. Supernatural elements and beautiful jewelry are two of my favorite things and this collection looks like it’s going to be amazing. Dragon skulls and teeth and eyes all come together to form an eerie collection that will give any outfit the perfect fire.

It takes time and patience to create any sort of art, and it also takes some money too. Birds N Bones has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to really get this collection running. Find it HERE if you feel inclined to help these wonderful dream-weavers out.

Inline image 2

Inline image 4

Take a look at their preview and their incredible mood board. I can’t get enough!

What do you think about dragon jewelry?




PS: Sorry for not posting at all this past week. I’ve been writing for MOD Magazine which you can find here and I have some surprises up my sleeve.

Indulge in Excess

I’ve never been a less is more kind of person when it comes to love and clothing and life.I wear a lot of lipstick and a lot of black. I wear a lot of jewelry and I wear clothing that tends to be visually overwhelming and not “simple”.  I love with my entire heart, I sing too loudly, I laugh like a mad woman and I dance like no one is watching, even if everyone is.

There are things I don’t indulge in everyday, read fruit tarts and margaritas, but the key to life is realizing that sometimes you should absolutely indulge. Life, besides being beautiful and grand, is also fleeting and we aren’t promised another minute or hour or day. Today I wore bright pink lipstick and talked a lot with one of my best friends and I’ve probably drank an unhealthy amount of coffee as well. The thing is I live life fully; indulging in simple pleasure that, to me, are what constitute deep, meaningful and loving relationships with people and life itself.

I’ve seen this trend of hating everyone and everything, and being proud of it. Adults who have turned their heart to darkness on purpose, with no intention of embracing the notion that it’s better to love and be hurt  then to not love at all. I have a hard time with negativity; there’s no light in embracing somethng that hurts more than it helps, and the mindset of using energy towards something like hate really bothers me.There is more beauty in the moments you spend loving someone else than there is in hating anyone. Life is to short too wear something that doesn’t make you feel beautiful and it’s definitely too short to hate someone else, or to hate yourself for that matter.

Here’s the bottom line. Love as much as you can. Wear what you want; wear what makes you feel like a god/dess .I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup because my job at Zara makes me wear a uniform and guess what?! It makes me feel good. Wear as much makeup as you want because the only opinion that matters is your own. Find the good in people and ADMIRE it. Look to the people who have hurt you for growth and realize that no one is perfect. Let success humble you. let others hurt and anger remind you to keep your heart soft and forgiving. Be empathetic towards those who can’t let go of what has caused them to break.

There is no joy to be found in hatred. Indulge in an excess of love. Love more, love deeply and love fully.



Co Collection and Mod Magazine

So excited to announce that I’m interning at Mod Magazine! I’ll be blogging for them for the next six months so make sure you check it out if you want your fill of straight fashion posts. My first post went live yesterday and it’s all about my new found love for Co.

Check out my first post and my review of the collection HERE



It’s been a whirlwind month. I’ve moved out of my house, finished my semester and come back to Atlanta. And that’s not all! I have a few exciting ventures under my sleeve as well. I’m still a fashion journalist with United Colors of Fashion and I am LOVING it.

I am now a blogger at Fig Columbia! The Moon is Down is all about my perspective with fashion and culture while studying and living in Columbia.


I am an editor at The Stylish Standout as well!

I’m responsible for everything from news coverage, to fashion advice to personal essays. The theme? All dedicated to women who weren’t meant to blend in. Oh, and guess what my first feature was on..


Yep, how to wear all black for summer.

And last but not least…

I am now a sales associate at Zara!! I’m gonna have a busy summer and I cannot wait, it’s going to be wonderful..

Oh one more thing..

I have a really sweet collaboration in the works…

Also Breathing Fashionistas, this doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing less of me. This means you’ll be seeing more collaborations, more spirituality, more posts for the moon children…

Until we meet again.




Is British Fashion the New Black?

British Vogue May 2014

The London fashion scene has always held its own; modern, innovative, edgy, young. But in recent years London has become the epicenter for the new, eccentric and up-and-coming fashion icons of our generation.  The eccentrics, the punks, the youth quakers, the name-makers and game changers all made their start in London. And British fashion culture has created a niche all its own, something that American has failed to truly do (besides the like of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.) British fashion is distinct and driven its own way, whereas American fashion is, well, occasionally Americana. Not that the American fashion scene doesn’t hold its own; Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs… the list of iconic designers can go on and on.

America hails some of the greatest fashion designers of our time, but to truly define the aesthetic of American fashion means to describe the melting pot of styles that we pick up from other fashion cultures. London loud, Parisian sleek and classic, Milan edge… there is no true American style. Maybe it’s black on black for those whose home is New York (Death Queen chic?) but for the most part, at least in my eyes, we lack our own so called style.

This rings true in the way that we create our fashion magazines as well. While British Vogue has more of an artistic twist (they feature woman poets in their May issue for example), while American Vogue is more editorial and less design based. Even British teen fashion magazine Company Magazine has layouts that are more visual based, eccentric, and well, British! Even the view of the woman’s body is different, while American magazines tend to subjectify woman and are still shocked at the idea of nudity, British magazines and European culture seems to view the female form as art. Even advertisements across the pond seem to be okay with showing nudity; it’s not seen as raunchy or oversexualized.

So how does this mean our fashion culture and perspective is going to shift? Our fashion taste may not change at all. But to continue proving ourselves as a fashion capital, we must be the fuel for the fashion innovators. Perhaps we won’t be as open, artistic, or new as our European counterparts. But we can be the push and the supporters of up and coming designers, editors and stylist who are looking to change the game.

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014

If things had gone as they were intended, I would not be here; but the blood that runs in my veins is of a people who fight, who refuse to be silenced and my blood is of a people who overcome. My blood is that of holocaust survivors and those who decided to build a family and start new. My blood is that of Jewish German refuges who escaped to Switzerland and fled to Mexico.

I was talking to my friend last week about grandparents. He was telling me about his grandma and grandpa’s love story, and I was telling him of the soft spot I have in my heart for elderly folks, especially elderly couples. I started to tell him about the story of my grandparents when I realized that my grandma passed away two years ago next month. My grandma was a five-foot-nothing red head who gave my sister and me strawberry candies from the bottom of the drawer, offered us food at every chance she could and drew us superheroes in her free time.  She was one of the sweetest and softest souls I have ever known. She was also a Holocaust survivor.

Rose didn’t have an easy life. Her mother was murdered by her nanny’s boyfriend with an axe when Rose was eight weeks old. Her father eventually remarried, and her paternal grandma was the only who truly raised her. When my grandma was 19, she was sent to Auschwitz. Two years into being at this camp, a sort of miracle happened.

One morning while roll call was being taken, a Nazi asked if there was a Rose Weiss in the line. My grandma, whose maiden name was Rose Weiss, replied that it was she. The Nazi took her back to where the seamstresses who made the uniforms were housed, bringing her to the head seamstress. To this women’s dismay, it was not who she thought it was, her niece. As it turns out, the head seamstress did have a niece by the same name…it just wasn’t my grandma. Yet my grandma hadn’t been lying; she was Rose Weiss and she was a seamstress! This mishap allowed my grandma to live with the other seamstresses in conditions that were survivable; conditions that enabled her to survive her stay at Auschwitz until the camp was liberated.

Fast forward to 1947, when my grandma Rose was learning how to load cannons in the Haganah, the Israeli army in what was Czechoslovakia. Cadets wore pants back then, but for the women this was new. So new, in fact, that her instructors first words to her were “Cadet, your fly is down”. My grandpa was a man of charm. My grandma Rose and Grandpa Harry moved to Israel a year later, and had my father, Ron, the following year in 1949. His brother, Mike, was born in 1954 and they moved to California in 1958.

I never met my grandpa, he passed away before I was born, but I do know he would have adored my twin sister and me and that he appreciated a good sex joke. My grandpa Harry was sent to Prague at 13 to apprentice under a master weaver; fashion was also in his veins. He had been in Auschwitz and another camp or two for a total of three and a half years. The fact that he and my grandma were able to find one another and start a family is something my family will always cherish.

I grew up with an acute awareness of how lucky I am to be alive; how lucky I am to come from a people so proud. To come from a people who for all intense and purposes shouldn’t still BE alive. As I got older and my love for fashion grew stronger and stronger, I realized something. Fashion saved my grandma’s life; fashion is why she didn’t have to stay in the barracks she was in for another year and a half, performing manual labor that would probably have killed her. It’s what allowed her to start a family, fall in love and see another 70 years of life. I can’t let such an important part of her story die in vain; my ultimate goal of using fashion to give back in some way, shape or form is even more heavily solidified now.

My mother’s father had an interesting story as well. My maternal grandfather Joseph moved to Mexico from Germany with his mom, brother and father after fleeing to a refugee camp in Switzerland to escape the Nazi’s.  Joseph, his brother and his mother went one way from Germany to Switzerland, and his father took another way. The idea behind splitting up is that it would increase their chance of at least one of them surviving. Thankfully they were all reunited in Switzerland… with some incredible stories. Joseph’s father lived in a tree for two months while fleeing; a kindred spirit left him food at the base of the tree. Eventually they found a home in Mexico.  My mother’s great aunt brought over her siblings from Poland to flee the Nazi’s.  My mother’s maternal grandpa was able to own a successful zipper factory in Mexico, even though like the rest of his family, he knew no Spanish when he arrived in Mexico.

About 70 or 80 members of my family were sent into camps. About 12 survived. Each time I am reminded of what my family went through to be where we are now, I am humbled and filled with gratitude. I am also reminded to give back to the universe which has given me so much.

These stories mirror millions and millions and millions of other people’s stories and experiences. Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and more so than anything else, it’s a day to honor, remember and celebrate the stories of all those who were affected by the holocaust and those who were brave enough to be allies. The Holocaust is something to remember with a heavy heart but it’s important to learn and listen and hear every story out there because if there’s one thing it taught us, it is that it must not happen again. Forgive, but don’t forget.

Today Is Holocaust Remembrance Day 01/27 by NTEB | Blog Talk RadioWe can remember the tragedy without forgetting the good that continues to thrive.





Inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum is in a league of its own, creating a world where aliens, asylums and murderers can exist simultaneously. I loved this season even more than the first because of the intricate plot, incredible acting and of course, the costumes. My sister and I spent part of our winter break in Florida, snuggled up, watching episode after episode of season 2 of AHS on Netflix, screaming at the television when the plot took yet another turn. The costumes themselves made me coo and scream; they helped define the intricate characters in the show even more. I loved Lana and Pepper, and found a certain subtly in my adoration of Grace. Today, I bring you, outfits inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum.


AHS Asylum: Kit

American Horror Story: Asylum KIT


AHS Asylum: Oliver

Zachary Quinto as Dr. Olivr Thredson


If Pepper does not make even a small appearance on season 3, I will be deeply disappointed. Favorite character.

AHS Asylum: Pepper


AHS Asylum: Grace

American Horror Story Asylum - Grace Bertrand


AHS Asylum: Lana

Lana rocks! Sarah Paulson, season 2.

What’s your favorite fashion inspiration?



Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

There’s something unparalleled about Wang’s uncanny ability to make structured gothic inspired pieces urban street-style cool. This is especially true for the young designers Fall menswear collection, which features everything from neoprene sweatshirts to slick leather trench coats to the perfect sweatpant and sweatshirt look. Wang’s dark color pallet is complimented by the perfect camel tone and the slightest accent of cobalt blue. Wang’s penchant for tailoring is apparent in every  piece, and his classic streetwear spin on his high fashion pieces is apparent. This collection is chock-full of lust-worthy jackets and coats, not to mention the perfect take on the beanie. Wang’s effortless aesthetic proves that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style.

All photos courtesy of



Wang X H&M

Fashion lovers rejoice. It has finally happened; the holy day. Alexander Wang and H&M will be collaborating in November. Wang recently announced his latest endeavor at a Coachella party, where guest arrived to see the retail and designer would be joining forces. Wang, who’s the first American retailer that H&M has signed on to collaborate with, is known for his sporty chic style and it-girl aesthetic. His collection with H&M, which will be released on November 6th, will sport both men and womenswear. This collection also marks H&M’s 10 year anniversary of collaborating with designers. Wang is infamous for keeping his lips sealed about what he’s doing, what he’s showing and how he’s showing it, and this collaboration is no different. Keep your eyes and ears open and mark you calendars, fashion girls and boys… Wang says this collection promises “newness”, and it is sure to not disappoint.

We Are the Nomads

There are points of transition in each of our lives; moments where we feel stagnant and static while still having the unnerving feeling of change in our gut. There are few things that are for certain in this life, we are only promised death, yet we live each day like we are permanent fixtures in an unyielding universe. The moments we have of complete movement and transition seem to illuminate our lives unlike anything else, allowing us to bask in the fact that life is not stagnant or static, but something much greater than we can comprehend. There is a certain romance in the life of a nomad, a soul who feels connected to constant change and movement and exploration.

In April, I am inspired by the desert. I am inspired by sandy browns, vibrant oranges and cool turquoise. I am inspired by those who wander, but are not lost. In April, I am inspired by the nomads.

I  wish there was a word between like and love.
Emre Doğru.Coalmine Canyon, ArizonaWinter in the DessertNOMADIC



Momsen Crush Monday

Taylor Momsen has been my woman crush since I first saw The Pretty Reckless perform on Warped Tour in 2010. Almost four years later, and two full length records later, and I’m still enamored with this sultry queen of darkness. Taylor’s done the whole Death Queen/ macabre thing since before it was cool, and she’s definitely found her own niche with it. Momsen is known for her skin bearing ensembles and stripper-esque shoes, and although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I LOVE her bad girl style. Her perfect use of innerwear as outerwear is admirable, especially when you consider she looks so sexy while touring (not an easy feat, mind you). Besides the fact that Taylor herself is a goddess, The Pretty Reckless is an amazing band. Taylor, who’s the front woman, has a penchant creating the perfect rock albums. Both Light Me Up and Going to Hell hold their own in the rock genre, especially impressive when you realize Momsen was a character on Gossip Girl. 

Their sophomore release, Going to Hell, feels like a rock album straight out of the 80’s (in the best way possible). With so many bands who are subgenres of subgenres, it’s refreshing to have a band take the rock genre back to it’s roots. With strong and raw tracks like “Absolution” and “Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party”, Momsen’s gravely voice is accented to its finest. Slower tracks like “Blame Me” and “Dear Sister” show Momsen’s range as well, the haunting melodies showcasing the variety that The Pretty Reckless has in terms of style.

Momsen is definitely a great style icon.

Momsen Crush Monday


Channel your inner Taylor Momsen by pairing all black pieces, like this Unif leotard, with sky high heels and deep red lipstick. Who needs pants anyway??

Momsen Crush Monday

If you’re a fan of pants, try pairing a bustier top with some leather shorts, a leather jacket and some high heels.

Taylor’s amazing vocals and high fashion bad girl style make her worthy of being my woman crush everyday (although that’s not truly that hard to achieve).

Who are your music and style inspirations?!



Kimye, Vogue and My Soul Tearing in Half

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of celebrities who are celebrities for the sake of it. The Kardashians, while having an entertaining television show, kill me in the worst way possible. I feel bad for them, constantly exposed to the scrutinizing eye of the media, while trying to live their lives, because beyond their extreme fame, they are just people after all. I don’t waste my energy worrying about what celebrities think or do or feel, I don’t buy into it and I especially don’t wear what I wear because some famous person wears it. There’s something about Kim especially that just gets under my skin, and although I don’t technically have a problem with her, she irks me. When I heard the rumor of Kim being on the cover of Vogue, you already know my skin crawled. So, when her and Kanye’s cover was released today, my soul probably shattered a bit.

My heart cried a little bit for Anna’s decision to put them on the cover. but then I remembered my initial reaction to Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. Miley’s performance, much like this cover, was shocking and no one could stop talking about it.  am not a Miley fan either, ESPECIALLY of her performance at the VMA’s (cue tongue out twerking). But, keep in mind, what do people do when they don’t like something? Talk about it to everyone. This may not be a great cover but the internet has already imploded and everyone’s going to be rushing to buy this issue, that’s a promise. Miley and Anna both understand that no publicity is bad publicity… this is just a great tool to have people continue the conversation about Vogue.

Anna even released that statement about the cover. So, what do you think?! Do you love the cover, hate it? Let me know.



Sporty Chic n Sleek

The idea of “Sporty Chic” is nothing new, ESPECIALLY if you’re at a huge state university like I am. Throngs of girls claim to be sporty chic in their Nike shorts and tee shirts, but we really all know they’re probably not hitting the gym.  I’m all for comfort, and I truly have no problem with what other ladies in my 8am are wearing, but I’m still figuring out my feeling at seeing a Chanel version of the sneakers these girls wear on the runway. Dior had some sneakers too, and the runways were littered with street wear inspired styles. The last time I considered myself sporty was when I was 5 and would carry around my Sporty Spice Barbie, flaunting her little red sequin tube top and barbed wire tattoo. I quickly grew out of that phase, but I have been donning a hoodie recently,from Zara if I may add, under my leather jacket and faux fur coat. As someone with an edgier aesthetic, however, I am torn between loving the comfy, casual, high fashion sports attire and HATING it. H&M and Victoria Secret have both released sports collections and although I will probably hit both of the stores up for clothes to wear to yoga, I would never replace my beloved Zara riding leggings with some leggings from H&M’s workout collection.

I love sweater and legging sets, and I love this look from Chanel’s Fall 2014 RTW Collection, but I can’t get past the sneakers. I don’t always sacrifice comfort for style, but I do believe in finding a happy medium between the two. Don’t want to pair this look with pumps or a heeled boot? I would pair it with a classic, quilted Chanel flat.


I can really really dig these Chanel sneakers though. They’re less Nike and more high fashion Vans and I can definitely rock that. Pair em with some big, chunky, yellow gold jewelry, an oversized sweater and some lipstick and you got an ACE outfit.

Alexander Wang has been doing the sporty chic thing well for seasons. His sleek aesthetic works well with the activewear influence he draws from, creating an avant-garde look for the woman on the go.

alexander want

Alexander Wang has the perfect mix of activewear influence with his line. High fashion, borderline minimalism and sleek as anything. I would wear all his clothing, everyday.

I’m still trying to figure out my opinion on sports influenced style. I love it when it’s a hint of sporty chic, not so much when it’s Chanel sneakers. Maybe I’ll start incorporating more sporty chic pieces into my wardrobe. No worries though, no norts.

What’s your take on “sporty chic” style?!



In Memory; L’Wren Scott

There are few faces that have seen as many facets of the fashion industry as that of L’Wren Scott. The model turned stylist turned designer was a woman in her own right, creating her own niche in the fast paced fashion industry. Known to make women feel beautiful in her creations, Scott crafted ultra-feminine pieces for the woman who wanted to stand out and own their own beauty. Scott, born Laura Bambrough, was adopted by Mormon parents who raised her in Utah. As a teenager, Scott already had model proportions at a towering six feet, and after working on a Calvin Klein add in Utah, she was urged to do runway modeling in Paris. Scott walked for Chanel and Thierry Mugler in Paris and even modeled for photographers such as Guy Bourdin. Scott’s whirlwind career includes styling for houses like Prada, magazines like Rolling Stone and  even celebrities like Nicole Kidman. Scott decided to start her own line in 2006 when she couldn’t find the perfect Little Black Dress and decided to design her own; it was a natural step for the already fashion fluent Scott. Scott dated her long term boyfriend, Mick Jagger, for thirteen years. She was found deceased  in her Manhattan apartment, on March 17th. The fashion world is at a loss for such a talented soul.

My thoughts and love go out to Scott’s family, friends and everyone who’s been affected by her death.

The late, and fabulous, L’Wren Scott.

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Sabrina Michelle, DECOdance and “Perfecting the Art of a Start-up”

Sabrina Scott has perfected the art of a startup. Hailing from Seattle, Sabrina Scott will be debuting her newest collection under her label, Sabrina Michelle, on March 17th at Club Trio. The collection, aptly titled DECOdance, is inspired by the 40’s, art deco shapes and the idea of mixing different eras to create a glamorous, rockabilly and vintage inspired look for modern women.

Make Up Artist; Sierra Snow/ Photographer: Michelle Atwood

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Sabrina about the ups and downs of being an up and coming designer, what the Charleston fashion scene is like and what inspires her own personal aesthetic.

Breathing Fashion: You’re new to Charleston, but not designing. Where did you start this journey and what is it that brought you to Charleston?

Sabrina Scott: I went to the Art Institute in Seattle for fashion design, and I started working alterations. I had the opportunity to work with a few people who really pushed me to start my own line, and now I’m finally doing it!

BF: So when you were in Seattle did you already have your own line? Is there something that led up to your debut in Charleston besides graduation?

SS: I was in school in Seattle and moved to Charleston upon graduation, but I had a company called Twisted Vintage Pin Up, which was a line of graphic tee shirts with screen-printed photos of pin up girls .  I’m a military significant other, so I move every three years and my boyfriend at the time was up in Charleston, but I had stayed in Seattle to finish school before I moved.

BF: The aesthetic and style of those two places seems like they would be pretty diverse!

SS: I love it here, but Charleston is pretty different than Seattle. Twisted Vintage Pin Up was more rockabilly, kind of darker and edgier, and I realized that there wasn’t anyone that I could gear that towards here in Charleston. I remember coming down here to visit my honey, and I was asking where the hipsters were since there was no one like that down here! There was a couple who were dressed so well and they turned around and asked where they could get their photos printed, they were from Switzerland or somewhere in Europe. Anyway, I had to drop Twisted Vintage Pin Up since it was such a grunge theme and there wasn’t a market for that here.

BF: Understandable, there are pockets of people but you definitely have to take time to find people who really hold their own with their style and have that “big city” sort of look.

SS: Exactly, and even though Charleston has one of the biggest secondary market fashion weeks, it was so hard coming down here and finding something in the field. There were openings to sew boat covers or work at a dry cleaner doing alterations. That’s why I decided to run off and start my own line; I have owned my own company a few times before so I knew what I was getting into.

BF: That’s a brave choice that I’m sure has had its ups and downs. Tell us a little about both; what makes it hard to be an entrepreneur and what makes it so, so worth it.

SS: The hardest thing is the amount you have to put into it. You’re investing your time; I had to stop doing alterations and designs for people on the side so I could produce a whole line of clothing. You have no income coming in and a lot going out.  You have all these worries that are weighing on you like if it’s going to be worth it, if anyone’s going to show up at the show, and you wonder if all the bloggers and people receiving these press releases are going to show up at the show and hate it and write terrible things about it. It’s a risk that you take that hopefully pays off. We did a pin up photo shoot with half the line to figure out the image for the posters, and seeing the people in your clothing is incredible. We had some pin ups in the line at a car show, and one of the models loved her dress so much that she bought it and that was super exciting.

BF: What inspired you to get into pin up and vintage style clothing and what inspired you to start your own line?

SS: I got into design by making belly dancing costumes actually, I went through a lot of changes with my career, and I was doing book keeping for a guy in Seattle and he asked me what it is that I wanted. I said I loved pin up girls and burlesque and the style, I would love going to burlesque shows and I loved the retro look and that subculture of sorts.  I just knew I wanted to do something with that and that aesthetic and realm of fashion. I graduated from the Art Institute, and I went at a really fast pace and I’m still going at a really fast pace, just now with my own line! I have friends who are working at Nordstrom and moving at a normal pace, and I was so envious. Even now, being a military wife, I have to move every three years so hopefully I’ll make a name for myself while I’m here in Charleston so I can take that with me.

BF: Once you make a name for yourself here it will follow you, it will be easier to establish yourself elsewhere won’t it? You’ll hopefully have that foundation.

SS: You perfect the art of a start-up. You start somewhere, and you move somewhere else and start there. I build a base here in Charleston and I move somewhere else and build an even bigger base for myself there, hopefully.

BF: Once you have your first show in Charleston, the ball will start rolling! Anyway, how would you describe your own style? It’s such an overused question, but it’s really interesting to see the designers’ style versus that of their line.

SS: My own personal style, day to day, would be comfortable and casual. I wear jeans or shorts and a tee shirt with flip flops. We always joked at Art Institute how the fashion marketing people would come to school in heels with their makeup done and be on trend, and all the design majors would be wearing pajamas practically. When I get the chance to dress up I go for a more glamorous and retro look, kind of rockabilly and vintage, like my line.

BF: Well, that makes sense, if you’re creating something you want to be able to focus on that without worrying about what you’re wearing. Last but not least; what’s the one thing you will never get tired of with fashion design.

SS: Seeing the completed garment on the model is still surprising and shocking. It’s incredible going from my head to reality and it still amazes me every time.

Make Up Artist; Sierra Snow/ Photographer: Michelle Atwood

Photographer: Larry Sanders/ Designer: Sabrina Scott/ Hair: Amanda Rose/ MUA: Marilu Segura               Model: Brooke Tindal

Make sure to check out Sabrina’s debut line, DECOdance, today at Club Trio.


Three Year Hairaversary

Three years ago today I got the craziest haircut I’ve ever had; my undercut. I don’t know if I anticipated loving it so much, but it’s become my signature hairstyle and I truly think i’m still going to be donning it when I’m 80 years old (along with my red lip, of course). I’ve changed so much in the past three years, along with my hair and style, and I thought it would be…endearing… to take a look back on how I’ve evolved.  Breathing Fashion has definitely seen some of my more embarrassing “fashion” photos. Honestly, having such an “odd” and out of place haircut has made helped me grow so much as a person. I’ve had to realize that I need to make decisions for myself and that ultimately, I’m the only one who has to be happy with said decisions (and deal with the consequences). I realized what other people think of me is none of my business, and that it truly doesn’t matter what other people think. That lesson is something that’s going to carry with me for much longer than this haircut.

It wouldn’t be a proper montage without an ode to my inspiration, and the reason I shaved my undercut; Alice Dellal. Fun fact, I asked my parents to let me shave my hair, I showed them photos and I even wrote them a letter appealing to ethos, pathos and logos, like we learned about in AP Lang. They still said no.. I still did it anyway. It is still my best act of rebellion. Alice was the face of Chanel last spring and she was a pretty big model when I got my undercut. I haven’t kept up with her, but she’s still the best.

Without further adieu, the evolution of the sidecut.

This was junior year of high school, probably not long after I got it cut for the first time. Check out my posters.

Going into senior year/senior year and.I was still figuring our my style; it was a very interesting time for me fashion wise. I started wearing lipstick senior year and I kinda started finding my own aesthetic towards the end of second semester.

I had steps in my undercut at one point last December. I was still trying to figure out my style during my freshmen year.

I’ve had gray in my hair this year and it’s been many different lengths. I like to think that I’ve found my own style and cultivated it more and more. Puberty and growing up can work wonders.

What’s your favorite/ least favorite haircut you’ve ever had?!



Five Reasons Every Man Should Practice Yoga

Just like it’s no new fact that I love wearing black, it’s no new fact that I love yoga. One of my long term goals includes being a yoga teacher, and another includes traveling to India to deepen my practice, immerse myself in the culture and hopefully volunteer as well. So, this Monday morning, I am giving every Death King out there five reasons why he should practice yoga. These five reasons are nothing more than just the tip of the iceberg, but we all have to start somewhere!

1. Because you are NOT flexible

I love this meme because it’s so accurate. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it HELPS with flexibility. You don’t have to be able to touch the your toes or put your foot behind your head, but who knows, maybe after a steady practice those things will happen! Yoga couples alignment, stretching, breath and philosophy to create flexibility in your mind, body and soul. Believe me, you’ll be sore after your first yoga class, but it will be well worth it.


2. Because it will Help you Breathe

Well, that doesn’t necessarily sound so promising, we’re constantly breathing after all, but let me explain. There are many, many different schools of yoga, but almost every one emphasizes the breath. Different breathing patterns, called pranayama’s, help you in different ways; some calm, some energize, some just help to restore. The most common breathing technique is called ujjayi or ocean breadth and it helps to center and restore and is used in many yoga classes. The breadth is performed by tensing the muscles at the back of the throat and breathing out through the nose, like you’re fogging up a mirror. Paying attention to your breath automatically helps turn your drishti, or gaze, inward; there is stillness and softness that wasn’t present before. By paying attention to the breath while performing the physical postures, a sort of consciousnesses is able to manifest, and there’s a presence that wasn’t there before. This, in turn, carries of the mat and is something you can utilize everyday. Your practice on the mat is a reflection of your life off the mat, after all .


3. Because Your Man Butt will Look Really Really Good

Your butt will look great, your body will start to look great, and you’ll feel good. Personally, I love a man with a nice butt, and yoga will definitely give you a nice butt… Yoga means union, and there’s an obvious connection between a happy mind and happy body and soul. The idea behind the series of physical postures, or asanas, is that when the body is active, the mind is quite. The original yogis knew the opposite was true as well; when the body is quite the mind is active. Yoga uses the energetic body and the physical body to strengthen one another; the whole idea of a physical yoga practice is to get your body ready for meditation, or savasana. Don’t be fooled though; a vinyasa style class is no easy feat, it will metaphorically kick your butt, but alas, it will also physically tone it along with the rest of your body.

4. Because There is a Yoga Class for Everyone

Whether you want a physically engaging class or a restoring one, there is a school of yoga for everyone. Love structure and want a class that is like meditation in motion? Try Ashtanga, a school that has a set of series and involves the same postures in almost every class. After  you become familiar with the postures and terminology it becomes moving meditation guided by the breath. Want a yoga practice based around the concept of alignment? Try Iyengar or Anusara. Want a faster paced yoga class that flows from one posture to the next? Try a Vinyasa class. There is something for everyone, find more information about what resonates with you HERE.



5. Because Yoga is a Spiritual Practice with Physical Benefits, and Not the Other Way Around

The thing with yoga is that YES, it will help tone your inner thighs, shape up your butt, strengthen your back and core, it will help you gain arm muscles and have better postures… those are all true.  But the practice of yoga, when done with integrity, is a lifelong practice that follows you. The physical practice is 1/6th of yoga.. it is only one measly limb. Yoga is one of the most incredible gifts you can give yourself because it will help you to dwell in your soul in a way you didn’t know was possible. I think it’s incredibly attractive when a man takes care of himself, physically and spirituality, and having witnessed the benefits of yoga firsthand, I urge everyone to start a practice and see the benefits themselves. It takes a true man to understand the importance of taking care of himself, and let me tell you, yoga is an amazing way to do it.

I urge everyone, male or female, to get on a mat and see how it changes you. Yoga has many, many more benefits than I was able to list, but I hope I gave you an idea of how much positive change it’s capable of.

PS: These yoga memes are of Woody Woodrow from Our Last Night. When I first met him we bonded over yoga, and two years later, he’s certified as a yoga instructor and practicing yoga around the world while touring with OLN. After two years of talking about doing yoga together, we finally were able to when he OLN was in Atlanta at the Masquerade. If you’re a fan of them and want to get your vinyasa on before a show, ask him to help and he’ll be more than happy to do so.



PS: Yoganonymous has a FREE 60 minute online class for men, which you can find HERE


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I am beyond elated and proud to announce that I am a fashion journalist for Ombre Magazine! I’m interning with United Colors of Fashion, an incredible organization dedicated to empowering youth through fashion, and helping to shape the world into a more beautiful place. UCOF’s philanthropic vision aligns with my own, and I have coupled with a team of other interns dedicated to help spread UCOF’s amazing mission. UCOF offers fashion classes to underprivileged youth, giving them the tools they need to create an impact on the fashion industry. UCOF also does relief work in Haiti and South Africa with AIDS and Sickle Cell Anemia among other things.

Ombre Magazine is going to feature student’s style from around the world, trends, and icons who are making a positive impact on the world and the fashion industry plus a lot more. I can’t wait to share more once the magazine is released!



Thoughts on Valentines Day

If you know me, if you know Breathing Fashion, you know I’m all for love in every facet of the word. I think love is one of the most beautiful things in the world and I think it has vast and infinite power. But like any other form of power, love definitely has the potential to destroy. With Valentine’s Day literally right around the corner, I wanted to compose some of my feelings and thoughts to share and maybe cause some introspection, or at least some kind of snow day entertainment.

I have been fortunate enough to grow up with parents who shower my sister and I in I love you’s and affection every single day. I have been fortunate enough to grow up with a father who never fails to kiss my mother every morning and tell her she’s beautiful, and really, truly, mean it. My father always bought my mom some roses or flowers, and my sister and I a little stuffed bear, for Valentine’s Day; a little gesture but never anything crazy or ornate for the sake of it. There was always a card or a text, a reminder of the holiday, but there was never some unyielding and great weight that had been bestowed on the 14th of February. I have never had one day to celebrate my love and appreciation for everyone in my life, I have always had 365. This notion of truly celebrating the importance of my loved ones every day, has helped to lessen my teenage anxiety about Valentine’s Day. More so than anything else, this has helped lessen the impact and anticipated loneliness of the holiday because I grew up with the idea of basking in the joys of love every day, and not just one day a year.

I have never been bitter at Valentine’s Day; I have never lost sleep over the thought of not having a Valentine or at the idea of not having someone confess their love to me on February 14th. I have never had a Valentine, I have never had a boy confess his unyielding and undying passion for me on Valentine’s Day and it has never been something that I destroy myself with. Besides the fact that there was never any pressure to bring home a Valentine for my parents, I have always unintentionally remembered that it is no on else’s job to love me and complete me.

It is so easy, so so easy, to try and find someone else who will help to fill the hole that is weighing on your body and mind. It is easier than I can say, to try to find another person who can help to complete part of you that seems broken and empty. It’s so easy, so so easy, to want someone else to love you so you can love yourself, so you can see that you’e worth loving and it’s so easy to try and find a Valentine who can do that.

The thing is no one can truly fill that void and love yourself before you do.  You are worth loving with or without a Valentine because you are a reflection of the universe. You have infinite potential and possibility within every single cell of your body. You are what the stars are made of; you are what dreams are weaved of. You are a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart, and you should never feel broken or inadequate because Hallmark tells you should. Before anyone else loves you, and before you love anyone else, you need to love yourself.

I never want someone who’s going to fill a hole in my heart. Instead, I want someone who’s going to help make a mountain where there was once leveled ground. Personally, I want someone that will add to me, like a conjoined twin of the heart, you know?

Balance is Key.



Broken Doll

I don’t believe in the idea of being a marionette of the divine. I believe in free will and the universe, and god and goddess. I believe in making my own choices because I have an unyielding moral code that is innate. I believe that i have a fate and a destiny but it is up to my to create the path to get there. I believe in individual freedom and passion. I believe in love. I believe in my own choices and experiences. I believe in pain and  I believe that this inherent free will has the capability of hurting me. I believe in healing, but I believe that sometimes breaking makes me stronger.

I am no ones broken doll

Sometimes the world will try to make you into a broken doll, sometimes it’s better no

Menswear Monday: Martin Luther King Jr

There’s always so much to say about a man who was an ally to so many people, but alas, the problem is where to begin. The bravery and character that this man exuded is unparalleled, and it is true testament to the power of the individual. The need for change that Dr King saw, fought for, and won, is something that we should all take into our hearts today and remember, truly look how far we’ve come! I think one of the biggest things we can do to carry on the legacy of MLK is to keep moving towards equality and to continue to be ally’s to our brothers and sisters. I think it’s beautiful that we’re all unique and different with our own morals and opinions, how boring would it be if we were all the same?!

Thank you Dr.King for all you did for our country

Wishlist Wednesday

Well folks, the time has come. I have about two and a half weeks left of being a teenager. I know, I know, if I hadn’t put my age in my bio (over there——> ) you probably would have thought I’m 17,, or 12 and a half. Alas, that’s not so true now is it. This coming groundhogs day at 10:17 PM, I will officially be 20… and honestly, I’m excited. Being a teenager was a great excuse for making some dumb mistakes and having fun, and I’ve definitely found myself in the past few years, but that’s exactly it. I’ve already done that sort of soul searching that a lot of teenagers haven’t done; I know what I want to do as a career, I have my friends, I have my religious and spiritual views and beliefs. I started getting into the metaphysical and occult around 12; I spent my days after middle school reading up on faeries and Wicca, Paganism and tarot. These passions have carried over and helped to shape me into who I am today, and these settled beliefs and convictions have always made me feel a bit older than my age. At (almost) 20, I finally feel like I feel my age, although I may not look it. So, as celebration of 20 fabulous, beautiful and blissful years of life, I have complied a wishlist of things I don’t really need but would love to have in my closet.

In all honesty, I don’t really even want anything for my birthday. My parents are coming up to Columbia to celebrate with the twin and I and I have so me plans with friends for the weekend (three day weekends all semester can I get an amen). Honestly though, maybe that’s growing up; being happy with what you have.

Zara wishlist

My Zara favorites. I tend to ask for accessories as gifts, they’re more timeless and I can get more use out of them than just a single piece of clothing..

Topshop wishlist

I mean, it’s Topshop..that’s really all I need to say

Eugenia Kim Wishlist

Eugenia Kim creates some seriously fantastic hats. A little red fox ear cap?? Yes please

Nasty Gal Wishlist

Nasty Gal shoes, coats and lingerie. Thank you.

For Love & Lemons Wishlist

For Love & Lemons features beautiful and bewitching dresses and now has an entire line devoted to lingerie. Skivvies are the perfect birthday gift…am I right?

Click through for all links!


Valentino Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

With a whopping 78 looks, this collection was enormous just in figures. Valentino’s Pre-Fall collection seems to be a a Gothic Renaissance garden party, stirring up the urge to sip on the finest wine under the full moon. One of my favorite Pre-Fall collections, Valentino has once again, created something for the books. Whether it’s an animal motif on a cropped sweatshirt or a plastic faux slip accent on a dress, there’s a lot of eccentricity throughout the collection. According to, “eccentricity” was the word of the hour, and the true inspiration behind the collection itself. I’m in awe of the updated renaissance style dresses in shimmering golds and all of the jewel tone, oversize floral prints as well. Peter pan collars, bows, capes, box cut jackets, fur vests, shag coats, and structure galore all speak to the underlying theme of craziness. One of my favorite things about the house of Valentino is that no matter what direction the season takes,each collection it is so unmistakably Valentino. Pre-fall is no different, with all the stunning looks it really is an enormous collection, in the best way possible.

All photos courtesy of

What’s your favorite look?


No. 21 Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

Ahh, Menswear Fashion Week, How brilliantly you sparkle and how freshly you polish my heart. A smile never ceases to form on the edges of my lips as my eyes hungrily scurry across at all the well dressed gentlemen. I’m tempted to make a little scrapbook of all my favorite looks and collections so I never forget them, maybe I’ll just find a random boy to dress in all the latest trends..we shall see.

I’m still learning the ins and outs of the wonderful world of menswear, so I always find new houses and designers I’m not familiar with. No. 21 is one of said houses. Just like Guillaume Henry manages to create pieces that are both high fashion, easy, and wearable for Carven, Alessandro Dell’Acqua does the same for No. 21. Tartan sweaters, leather jackets, pleated dress pants and neoprene sweatshirts and jackets all layer perfectly to immaculately dress every  model who’s sent down the runway. Appropriately enough, there are, you guessed it, 21 looks in this collection. Layers are key, once again, for this jewel tone modern rendition of a somewhat classic urban style. Think modern German boarding school for this collection; peeks of collars under striped and cable knit sweaters, cropped dress pants and leather platform boots. Each layer and detail, from the leather soled boots to the perfectly mismatched patterns, all elevate this from a basic men’s look. The perfect burnt orange compliments all the navy, burgundy and gray, and patterns used as accents, such as stripes and tartans once more, all weave these colors together. Furs and shags all add yet another dimension to this collection, and paired with a slick side parted do for all the models, there is no doubt this collection is definitely up any menswear fanatics ally.

All photos courtesy of

What’s YOUR favorite look?!




Macabre Monday: Into the Forest

It’s important to soften our souls and step into places where man’s hand hasn’t altered anything.  City noises, and suburb sounds, coupled with stressful day to day life can cause a hard shell to form around our otherwise vulnerable hearts. I truly believe it’s important to breathe, exist and connect wit the Earth and her harmony. There’s a soft hum that emanates from every cosmic being in the universe, including you and I, and it’s our job to listen to it. Today, take a step and listen to the melody that the universe sings.

Coat and Shirt: H&M/ Leggings and Purse: Zara/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Beanie: Pac Sun

I enjoyed spending time outside, even if for a little. All photos were shot by Alexandra Herstik


What Being a Fashion Blogger Has Taught me in 2013

Happy New Year sweet things! I hope you all looked fabulous and dapper and rang in the new year with people you love. Time is one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp in this life (that’s a subject for another conversation and post),so a new year is always an interesting and fresh start for me. This year, I’m changing it up and really buckling down on my goals and making a commitment to actually keep up with them. I don’t really do resolutions since I try to keep goals year round, instead,  I use the beginning of the new year as a benchmark and check up of these goals, if you will This sort of looking back and review for the past year has made me really think about this site, and my style and blogging. I feel like there’s a lot to learn and a long way for me to go,  but I also truly believe that being a fashion blogger has taught me a lot as well; and not just about what the latest Target collaboration is. There are some life lessons to be learned, and I think the sooner you learn em, the better.

What Other People Think is Irrelevant

It does not matter what the lady down the street watching you have your photo taken thinks. It does not matter what the woman giving you the up and down at Kani House thinks. It does not matter what the man staring at your shaved hair thinks…It really and truly does not matter. Of course, if said person is your boss or interviewer, it matters completely, but I’m talking about random judgmental strangers. It takes time and strength to liberate yourself from this worrying about others opinions, but it is so important. There is no point in being self conscious with yourself because of someone who only sees you from the outside; you are worth so much more than what you’re wearing or the pose you’re striking, anyway. Give yourself the peace of mind and freedom to do what you want to do without worrying about other peoples opinions; you deserve it.

I got some odd looks in today’s getup


Dress How You Want to Dress No Matter Where You Are

I just did a little baby post on this about a month ago, but I will recap it once again. Dress however  you want to dress. Period. I don’t care if you’re in Columbia, South Carolina or Woodland Hills, California, I really don’t; this is me telling you to once again, liberate yourself from what others think and dress how you want to dress. Seriously, the weird stares and questioning side eyes are well worth it if you’re happy and feel fabulous. Wear your faux-fur in North Dakota or your thigh highs in Alabama, if you feel good, it will show.

Wearing black lipstick is fun but not common in good ole Columbia


Fashion Can Send a Strong Message

Really and truly, fashion has the capability to make people think. It’s called a fashion statement for a reason, after all. Use the power of your clothing to send a message; whether that means being a boss ass bitch in your perfect outfit or being an advocate for equality and love in a “No H8” shirt. Fashion has the incredible power to both transform and create, and you can use this to your advantage in your life in almost every facet. You can look like the killer death queen you are and state that you shouldn’t even be messed with without opening your mouth, or you can tell people that you like beef like Lady Gaga did in her meat dress. The options seem to be endless..

I was sending the message of an asylum patient


You Have to Love Yourself and Your Style Before Anyone Else Does

Can I get five amen’s and a hallelujah?! Seriously, this is just a golden life rule; you have to love yourself before you let anyone else love you, and you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. This can be applied to style as well; it is irrelevant if your friend with a completely different aesthetic is in love with the crazy new get up you’re unsure about, if you aka the one who’s wearing it, isn’t smitten.. She is not going to have to walk around in it, you are. Confidence is one of the best things you can wear, if you love your outfit it shows and you glow!!! Honestly, when I’m unsure about my outfit, it turns into feeling like I look gross and being uncomfortable and it’s not pleasant. It doesn’t matter if my sister loves my outfit or if my best friend thinks I look ace, if I don’t love my outfit and think I look ace, what’s the point of wearing it?! Do yourself a favor and define your style. Love what you wear and own it. Wear it well. Then, when other people say you look good you can smile and truly say “thank you” and not “Ew I look o gross today”.


What have you learned from your experiences this past year?!



A Look Back

It’s been a long and splendid year, my friends. Truth be told I don’t even remember what I was doing this time last year, it feels like a lifetime ago. it’s beyond crazy to think that I was a freshmen, living on campus in a dorm. I feel like I have grown up and learned a lot, lived a little more and had some really incredible experiences. Breathing Fashion has had the same; in the past year this site has grown and really taken off, and I’m so blessed and grateful for everyone who’s made that possible. I am so excited for this next year, I truly believe it holds more than I am capable of imagining.

As a small celebration, I wanted to take a look back to some of my favorite shoots from this past year. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

I can’t wait for everything 2014 brings



Movies and Greek Food

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all my Breathing Fashionistas who celebrate!!! I hope today was perfect, filled with love and family and food.  I don’t celebrate Christmas since my family is as Jewish as it gets, so, today was pretty routine! Well, it was kinda routine, the energy on Christmas is always so charged and happy and different, it doesn’t take celebrating to recognize that! I started off my day with some yoga on the beach and then I sipped coffee with the ladies in my family (typical) and relaxing. Later, we came back to the apartment to clean up before heading to the movies (again, typical). My dad, twin sister and I went to see 47 Ronin and my mom and grandma saw some other movie. I thought the movie was amazing, my sister wasn’t so amused with it or Keanu Reeves (again…typical). After the movie, we went to the restaurant that I’ve been going to in St.Pete since I was little, Skidders. Not my favorite, but it’s tradition!! It was a nice day overall, and the fact that I liked my outfit didn’t hurt..

Skirt: Vintage// Shirt and Necklace: Forever 21// Sweater: Zara// Shoes and Purse:Urban Outfitters

I had to whip out a yoga pose on the beach!

Yesterday was also spent at Skitters and the movies, except we saw Frozen instead of 47 Ronin. Let me just take a second to say that Frozen was one of THE BEST MOVIES I have seen in a very, very long time. It was perfect.

Shirt: WalMart// Leggings: Zara// Shoes, Shirt and Purse: Urban Outfitters// Necklace: Forever 21

Had to whip out an outtake and another yoga photo!

All photos courtesy of my twin, Alexandra Herstik

Merry Christmas!



Satin and Silk

Sitting at home on this lovely Friday has got me wanting nothing more than a set of beautiful silk pajamas. I’m incredibly comfy in my Spongebob fleece pj pants from the boys section of TJ Maxx, but since I have literally been wearing them all day, I want nothing more than to feel a bit glamorous. Alas, besides a couple Betsey Johnson pj pieces, I don’t tend to look nearly as fashionable during the nighttime as during the day. This is usually not a problem, but sometimes you want to look nice to help make you feel better.

What to Wear When
Satin lingerie and nightgowns would be lovely for days when you want to stay at home but still feel pretty. With colors from peach to ivory to rose, you can’t go wrong. Grab some fresh flowers and some slippers and you’ll be relaxing in style.What to Wear
If you want to feel a bit darker, grab a robe or lingerie in black. Don’t forget some pretty fresh flowers and of course, some Charlotte Olympia slippers.
What do YOU like to wear when you’re sick?

Are Ethics Really in Fashion; The Bangladesh Issue

That’s a hard question to answer, especially considering the tragedies that have occurred in Bangladesh in the last year; first in the fire at Tazreen Fashions last November, which killed 112, and later the Rana Plaza Building collapse this past April which killed 1,132 people. Both of these tragedies have sparked conversation and talk among retailers and those directly involved in the industry, but the outrage shown by those in Bangladesh was unparalleled. The conditions in these factories aren’t regulated like those in the United States and workers in these factories don’t have the same laws protecting them like we do in the US either. Thousands of people have died because of the retail industries hands off approach to their treatment and relationship with those in the Bangladesh factories; without secure laws in place, these workers aren’t working in safe conditions by any means. Although the factory owners and tenants in Bangladesh have a responsibility to take care of their workers and buildings, it is the retailers that own these factories that have the power, and the ability to make a change. There are some groups in place that are trying to address these problems , like Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh led by the IndustriALL Global Union and UNI Global Union and North American-based Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, but the question is if they are truly creating reform.

Another question with this case is if it’s up to us, as consumers, to take our business and dollars elsewhere, to somewhere where workers aren’t paid $68 a month on minimum wage. Is it our responsibility to call out against these unjust conditions for clothes,even if it may cost us more to buy ethically produced and manufactured goods? Or is the responsibility of the retailers and the organization to help establish a fashion industry within Bangladesh that is regulated and unionized to help establish a stronger garment industry. If we get rid of these factories completely, where will the industry move to? What will happen to the workers who at least had some kind of job? Is this sort of dangerous labor better than no labor at all? Is it a combined effort that starts with the consumers who have had enough with blood on their labels that inspires outrage in the retailers and manufacturers? The retailers are the ones who hold the power and are at the top of the retail totem pole, if you will.

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and I don’t think there’s just one. But I do believe that until we reform the industry within Bangladesh, and couple that with our outrage at the lack of ethics involved, nothing will change. I believe this industry has to be reformed and I believe it has to start within the retailers directly working within Bangladesh.

If you’re interested in reading more, I suggest reading both THIS article at which takes place at the WWD CEO Summit, and THIS article as well.

Scenes from the fire, top two photos, and building collapse, bottom two photos.

What is YOUR take?


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