Fauna and Flora in Florida

Some of my favorite days are spent in leisure. Waking up late just to go to lunch and stroll around. I spent my Tuesday with the twin, walking around downtown St.Pete after we got some killer Asian food. We got some ice cream, found a little secret garden and wandered around a little bit taking in the salty air with some smiles and laughs. After we walked around the downtown area, we headed to the beach to take some photos against a stark turquoise wall.It was a lovely day with lovely company. Thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary  Sale and Zara, I picked up a couple of new pieces, including this killer Topshop wrap skirt and necklace and Zara bucket bag. I painted my lips with Candy Yum Yum by MAC and grabbed my favorite Deena and Ozzy heels to finish off the look.

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Top: Forever 21/ Skirt and Necklace: Topshop/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Zara/ Sunnies: Nordstrom.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik. Follow her on instagram @alexyael

What are you wearing this summer?


Gabriela Lorraine

Steinbeck Sunday’s, Twins and Lamps

Even though I shot this on Friday, what’s more appropriate than writing a post on Sunday dedicated to Steinbeck?! Nothing, that’s what. I just finished To a God Unknown, Steinbeck’s second novel, and I have just started The Moon Is Down, a Steinbeck piece I hadn’t heard of that my friend Jenn found for me at a used bookstore! The old copy is absolutely breathtaking, and the fact that it’s called “The Moon is Down” doesn’t hurt it’s case either! Moon’s and Steinbeck?! I can deal with that. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite books and what not so I had my sister, Alexandra, snap some photos!

Skirt: Thrifted/ Tank: Forever 21/ Shoes and Shawl: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace: Zara

I started “Black Lipstick Friday’s” so if you want to join me, wear your black lipstick on Friday’s and make sure to #blacklipstickfriday so I can see!



Photos by @alexyael

Style Sunday; Friends and Smiles

It’s finally Sunday and that means three things; friends, brunch and yoga. Per usual, I started my morning off with brunch with my twin and one of my best friends at our favorite brunch spot. We ate some delicious french toast, drank some coffee and talked about life and the future. Life has been so wonderful lately, and I have been so happy to be alive and healthy and well. I am so blessed to wake up each morning excited for the day, and for life in general. I don’t label myself as an optimist or realist because I believe you confine yourself as soon as you put a label on yourself. I thiink it’s important to feel whatever it is you’re feeling but I truly believe that seeing the positive in the universe is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time snapping some photos with Rachael. My incredible sister, Alexandra Herstik, was the photographer.

Shirt, Skirt and Faux Fur Coat: H&M/ Boots and Purse: Urban Outfitters/ Head Wrap: BCBG/ Hoodie: Zara

How did you spend your Sunday?!


A Week in Review

So it’s obvious I’ve been slacking on that fashion blog lifestyle. You know, life happens and I have no excuses. The only thing I can do is promise you some amazing new posts, collaborations and outfits in the future, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

As for today, right now, October 13th, I have some fun/ridiculous/awesome pictures I haven’t posted! Last Sunday my sister and I took Marissa, my best friend who was visiting us, around Main Street. We got some iced goodies (I got lavender honey Italian ice, Marissa got pumpkin pie custard and my sister got salted caramel custard), we went to the “before I die” wall and we went to Mast General Store. It was a lovely day, followed by some delicious food at Takosushi ( a Japanese Mexican hybrid restaurant) and some good old Netflix when we got home.

Before I die I want to be a professional fashion journalist and yoga teacher, I want to travel the world practicing yoga and I want to use what I love to help others and make a difference.

Trying on bonnets seemed like a good idea

Very rare inages from the Breathing Fashion Archives of 1871


This weekend was a bit more relaxing than last weekend. I spent a lot of time relaxing, getting work done and I had some lovely twin time with my sister.

Free People bandeau, Urban Outfitters shawl, Dolce Vita boots, American Thread purse, Forever 21 necklace, Barney’s outlet necklace.

I also got the chance to go grocery shopping Friday! I love Whole Foods, especially at this time of year.

H&M dress and socks, American Thread bag, Zara shoes, Loehmans tights,

What have YOU been wearing?