The newest collaboration in the Breathing Fashion universe is with lingerie company Lacy Lindsay, with crystals from The Hoodwitch and photos by Bree Burchfield. 

I present to you:
The perfect night in_MG_6007_resizePlans are cancelled. Your perfect “going out” outfit has gone to waste and the bottle of champagne you’ve been waiting to pop feels more morbid than it does celebratory. What’s  a girl to do?  Not one for the game of self-pity,  it seems as if a night in is in your cards. The obvious answer to any Saturday night dilemma is  lingerie, lipstick and lots and lots of lace. Why waste a perfectly good evening brooding when you could be fabulous in your favorite lipstick, leaving kisses on a giant glass of bubbly? Dress up and bathe in the glories that make you, you. Grab your crystals and keep them close, nothing says “girls night” like posing with your favorite quartz. Instead of (metaphorically) cursing the boy or girl who ruined your plans, you thank them. How else would you have an excuse to drink out of your favorite chalice while binge watching Sex and the City. There’s a silver line to everything, so you choose to tie a balloon to this line and to float somewhere fabulous and far far away. _MG_6011_img (1)_MG_6037_resize_MG_6024_resize_MG_6061-Recovered (1)_MG_6062_resize_MG_6020 copy_MG_6080_resizeHere’s the thing. Sometimes people mess up. Sometimes they let us down. But the one person who should always, ALWAYS, have your back is you. Spend your night celebrating everything that makes you the funky, weird, crazy human you are. And don’t forget to wear something good, and take photos, while you’re at it. _MG_5983_resize (2)
All lingerie:: Lacy Lindsey// Crystals:: The Hoodwitch// Black shag jacket:: Disturbia// Leopard jacket:: Zara

All photos by Bree Burchfield 

PINK Bras and Ballet Skirts

If you checked in on Breathing Fashion last week, you would have seen I partnered with PINK by Victoria’s Secret here at USC. I was able to test drive an amazing pair of yoga pants and also got to style this amazing seamless pushup bra. I need all the help I can get from my lingerie so I loved that this bra helped me out but was super comfortable as it was doing its job. Not to mention the fact that this bra is a really nice navy and has some great lace detailing. These bras come in a ton of different colors and they’re definitely worth the investment if you want a pushup bra that feels more like a bandeau or sports bra. Find them HERE.3Fall is a really, really charged time. Everything is changing, more so than in any other season, and the air outside feels different because of it.  I love challenging myself to wear something a little bit different, changing up my usual wardrobe to match the Fall air. I love the idea of pairing my old ballet skirt with leather leggings and some chunky heels. I threw on my PINK bra and an old H&M cardigan and  swiped “Autumn Leaves” on my lips to complete the look.  127856410 9 Bra: PINK, Leggings: Topshop, Skirt: Dance Fashions, Shoes: Forever 21, Cardigan: H&M

Photos by Alexandra Herstik,



A Little Fashion Alien


There’s something special about dressing in something that makes you feel a little bit different from your usual self. Fashion Week is in full swing and although Columbia doesn’t really constitute the sort of fashion playground that NYC does, I still decided to wear something a little different. I put my hair up in my alien mini buns and wore my favorite super structured skirt. I felt out of place in these pieces, like a fashion alien exploring a new and unfamiliar city. It was a good kind of different. Alex and I went to an old antique store and took some photos, and it was perfect, standing among the remains of forgotten objects that were probably important to someone at some point in the past.


My favorite piece had to be the vintage phone booth we found. Standing in it made me feel like a Death Queen Barbie, ready to be shipped off to a foreign planet where I’d have an all black closet and the highest of high heels. It was fun playing a little with my sister, who no matter what, always puts a smile on my face.

2[1]3[1]4 57[1]9[1]10[1]11[1]12[1]8[1]dqb


Top: Zara/ Skirt: Forever 21/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik,@alexyael

What makes you feel like a fashion alien?




Ballet has always had a special place in my soul and bones. My mother was a dancer, and when she was pregnant with me she knew I was going to follow in her footsteps since I was always moving around. My grandma even gave me a gold ballerina pendant when I was born. I took ballet classes when I was a toddler, and left it behind  to pursue Tae Kwon Do when I was going into the second grade. Almost four years and a black belt later (my parents wouldn’t let me quit martial arts until I received that honor) and I went back to ballet. From 6th grade until I graduated high school, I took ballet classes from a Russian teacher who was the best of the best. I did pointe and even thought of becoming a professional when I was first starting out (even though I was never anywhere near being good enough), but once I got to junior year I had time to only take a single teen/adult class per week. 6I started my yoga practice senior year of high school and that’s something that really fed my soul and my love for movement. Although ballet and yoga are very different, I’ve been able to find meaning and connection in both. Now more than ever, however, I miss ballet. I’ve been inspired by the costumes and by my old ballet skirt. I wore my old ballet skirt and took some time to dance in a field recently. Few things are as simple. 12120171614151918141312eh11109875432

Leotard: Nasty Gal/ Skirt: Old dance skirt/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos: Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael

What makes you dance?



Finals Week Uniform

It’s finals week and I’m doing my best to keep calm, be productive and not feel like I want to curl up under a rock. I went home last Thursday to a show and I brought all of my clothes besides a weeks worth of clothing to last me until I go home this Sunday. I kept some leggings, tank tops, my trusty boots and a few sweaters among other things. I moved out of my house and I’m ready for the week to be over, but I’m still doing what I can to look and feel good.

I’ve been living in this tank from Forever 21, with my H&M leggings, Urban Outfitters boots and shawl and my vintage purse.

What have you been wearing?



Photo credit to the twin Alexandra Herstik

The Hanged Man

Perspective is everything. Much like judgment, how we see things has a huge impact on our lives and our realities. We may feel stagnant, but the truth is we are not; we are creatures of the universe, constantly evolving. As our lives change, so must our perspectives. This idea is present in the 12th card of the tarot deck, The Hanged Man. This card reminds us to change our perspective, let go of ego, and embrace the sort of rebirth we feel when we see things in a  new light. The Hanged Man is a great reminder to listen to our intuition, and stop resisting what is. Just like the bat uses echolocation to see, we are reminded to use our intuition in the same respect.

When I draw this card in a reading, I am reminded to step back, see every possibility and then tune in to my own intuition to see  how my perspective can change.  There is no wrong or right in this life, things just are as they should be. I chose a floral shirt to represent growth and rebirth and a slick leather style skirt to represent how we must let judgments pass over us without resistance. The darker color pallet and oversize knit shawl were inspired by the aesthetic of the card itself, which shows a bat hanging upside down. I was inspired by pieces that make me feel powerful, intuitive and strong.

Shawl and Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Skirt: Topshop/ Necklacce: Zara/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Shot by the amazing Mary DeCrescenzio. Tarot deck is The Wild Unknown.

What do you need to change your perspective of?



Inspired by the Belcher’s: Bob’s Burgers Style

If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or in real life, you’ll know about my recent obsession with Bob’s Burgers. The animated series focuses on the Belcher family and their trials and tribulations surrounding their family burger joint. The brash characters and sexual undertones throughout the show, coupled with hilarious and quick witted jokes, make Bob’s absolutely hilarious. Bob is the owner of the restaurant along with his wife Linda, and his three kids, Gene, Louise and Tina,  all work at “Bob’s Burgers” as well. What’s better than being inspired by your favorite tv show?! Nothing, that’s what. Today I bring you outfits inspired by each member of the Belcher clan




Bob definitely has the capability to be trendy, but business is never as good as it should be and the money he has is NOT going towards clothes he’s just gonna get grease on. Well don’t you fret, my men,  you can still be inspired by the namesake himself. Grab yourself a light gray short sleeve button up, some dark pants and some Vans and you’re set. Bob always has a way of getting into trouble, so he may as well carry around a backpack for secret weapons right? Oh, and don’t forget the apron.




We all know Linda is a snazzy woman with simple style. She loves her kids, she loves singing, she loves her hubby. I personally think Linda is the absolute best so I was thoroughly inspired by her look. Pair a red top with some high waisted jeans,a chunky tan boot, a tan trench inspired coat and  red leather bag. Again, don’t forget your apron!




Gene is crazy and weird and quirky and honestly, of course he would wear these hamburger socks.  Pair a simple yellow tee with some cut offs, a burgundy pair of vans, some hamburger socks and a keytar and your Gene-fied! Seriously, how perfect are these Topman socks!? I can’t get over them.





Louise was easily my favorite character to be inspired by. I personally think she’s freaking fantastic and she’s probably my favorite character on the entire show. In a couple years when hormones hit hard, Louise is gonna be a mega babe. I chose an Alice and Olivia dress with some Deandri shoes to give her day-to-day look an extra shot of something special. I added a leather coat to help give her a mysterious vibe, which she would love. Louise would definitely want her purse to double as a weapon, so of course, add some spikes to a bag to channel your inner Louise. Grab some black bunny ears (DUHHHH) and some bright pink lipstick and you’re all set.




Tina’s photo wasn’t on Polyvore, but alas, I made it work. We already know she’s a dork for zombies, horses and butts. Channel your inner Tina with a weird baby blue tee, some high waisted shorts, knee socks and some Vans. I feel like Tina would also have a unicorn backpack. Am I wrong in that regard? Probably not. That’s good, Tina is the queen of touching butts so for that I tip my hat for her.

What’s your favorite part of Bob’s Burgers?!



Midi Skirts and Rainy Monday’s

Olga already said it; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I personally love hot pants and short skirts, but going to university four days a week permits me from wearing said fashion choices around campus. Even though I have 8 am classes Monday through Thursday, though, I still want to look good. What’s a girl to do when she feels like wearing a skirt but has to walk a mile around campus with a backpack?! Midi skirts are the perfect in between for women who want to feel a little more feminine and little more a la Dior, but still need to be practical. High waisted skirts that hit mid calf are both flattering and elongating and so easy to wear. Tuck  a sweater in, put on some chunky socks and short booties and grab a delicate purse and your set on a windy day. Throw on a crop top and some strappy sandals and you’re set for the perfect spring day as well! Midi skirts, especially flannel ones, have become my new love. So easy, so elegant and so fun to wear.

Photos by Trey Eckles of Eralphia Imagery.

Vintage midi skirts are so easy and great to find. I got this kilt from Ivory at Forgotten Feather Vintage. So easy to dress up, especially on windy spring days where it’s chilly but not cold.

What are you flaunting this spring?!




For the fourth look in my tarot series, I decided to choose a card that was a little bit more difficult for me to explain, especially in terms of fashion. Judgment, the 20th card in the tarot deck, has been showing itself to me over and over and over again in my own readings. I’ve always struggled with judgment; of others and of myself. I know these are one in the same; judging others is a way of projecting my own judgments and insecurities of myself outward.I am constantly reminding myself to love more, and live from a place rooted in love and bliss.This card is a great reminder of that. Judgment speaks of awakening, or rebirth, of ascending to something greater and new. When I draw this card in a reading, I am reminded of a few key things about myself, and the way I view the world.

Drawing this card in a reading, for me, is a reminder to approach every facet of life with an open mind and heart. There are things that happen that sometimes don’t make sense and don’t seem to fit our notion of what should be. We place labels on things, deeming them good or bad, right or wrong, without taking a step back and looking at the situation in its entirety, for what it is. By covering something with a judgment we aren’t allowing ourselves to surpass whatever experience or person or thing we just judged; we aren’t allowing ourselves to learn. Sometimes judgment is necessary in keeping yourself safe and out of harms way, but sometimes it’s not. By labeling something, whether it’s an experience or a person, you are boxing said thing in. Don’t confine anything or anyone, including yourself, to labels or judgments. You are far greater than any word or words you can cast; your soul is much greater than that.This card signifies an awakening, a consciousness, that takes place when judgment has ceased, and life, in all of her forms, is accepted and welcomed. This card reminds us to ascend to a place where judgment isn’t necessary, and to see things from a different and more open perspective. Shirt and Skirt: Zara/ Bra: Urban Outfitters/ Necklaces: Forever 21 and Barney’s Outlet, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

So glad I have been able to continue working with Mary. Make sure to check her out HERE.



The High Priestess

There has always been a certain sort of softness and admiration in my heart for women who cultivate their own strength and power. I am lucky enough to have been surrounded by these sort of females my entire life. My grandmas, my mother, my aunts, my family friends, all bask in their femininity and harness their own strength to manifest whatever it is they so desire. Each women on this earth is a high priestess in her own rite; she has her own inner connection to goddess, to parts of her consciousness that are unbeknownst to others. The High Priestess card represents a connection to the unconscious, to goddess, to the earth. The high priestess is a walker between two worlds.

The tiger does a good job of representing both assertiveness and intuition, while the crystal ball she guards can represent connection to what’s to come and the unknown. The high priestess has ties to what lies ahead; she is an oracle and she basks in her own wisdom.

My friend Yash handmade this dress, which I paired with a shoulder chain from Nasty Gal, a lace cardigan from American Thread, a scarf from Zara and some Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

What is it in you that connects to a higher power? What part of you resonates within the universe?



Steinbeck Style

I grew up with parents who had an unyielding love and passion for literature. My love affair for reading was curated at a young age and it’s something that never left me. Books have always been an escape and a source of unyielding information for me in almost every aspect of my life; through Harry Potter I learned about loyalty and friendship, through Orwell I learned about questioning authority, through Frankenstein I was taught to not judge someone for their differences. It was senior year of high school, however, that I read The Grapes of Wrath and truly found an author who touched my heart and stirred my soul. Books have always been a source of comfort and companionship, and John Steinbeck’s words have changed my life like nothing else.  Today’s post is dedicated to the soul who created the most vivid and beautiful character’s I’ve ever read.

John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27th, 1902.  Salinas is something that touched John deeply and truly, and many of his novels are inspired by his childhood home, where he grew up basking in the valley and surrounding coast. Words and writing fascinated him from a young age, and by 14 John knew that he wanted to be a writer.

From writing incredible novels like East of Eden to The Grapes of Wrath to The Pearl to Of Mice and Men, this Nobel Prize recipient is a legend in his own rite. Steinbeck wrote of working men and women, and their triumphs, struggles, and most of all, their humanity. His characters wore what was necessary; fashion was an afterthought, and of very little importance. That doesn’t mean, however, that Steinbeck didn’t have style.

Steinbeck’s casual and laid back style was both handsome and easy. Timeless and practical, a modern man can channel Steinbeck with a cotton button up, some jeans and some work boots. There’s a sensibility to Steinbeck’s clothes, and it manages to be the perfect mix between fashion and necessity.


Although the movie version of The Grapes of Wrath will never do true justice to the novel, the fashion in this movie was wonderful. There was something so charming about the honest and hardworking men in this time period, and the rough work clothes helped to really define these characters on screen. Overalls are coming back in style, so pair some with a thick button down and a Paige boy style cap and you’ve got TGOW style down pat.


First off, kudos to the handsome James Dean for being the ultimate babe. I didn’t realize it, but playing Cal Trask in the film version of East of Eden was Dean’s first major onscreen role. I haven’t been able to actually watch this movie, but I am probably going to order it off Amazon so I have it for whenever I need my Steinbeck and Dean fix. Once again, classic working attire helped to create a look that was a bit more refined than that of TGOF, but each look still maintained the man’s labor and dignity in the style. Dean would look good in anything, but this rough and rugged style really works for him.


Steinbeck Style

Pair a pair of classic work boots with some Levis, a cotton work shirt and sweater, an oversize vintage blazer and a leather belt to channel Steinbeck and his characters. Layer these essentials with a leather bag and a Paige boy cap for the final touch.

Who is it that’s stirred your soul and inspired your style?!



The Death Card

The thought of the death card in a tarot reading conjures up images of old fortune tellers with a distressed look on their face, promising death to a loved one, or yourself, in the near future. A negative connotation has been linked to this card, after all,  it’s the harrowing “death” card that leaves one with the touch of death on their soul, right?

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The first thing needed to understand the death card is a basic understanding of the tarot itself. The classic tarot deck was originally used as a card game in parts of Europe, like Italy and France, in the 15th century. This was later adopted by occultist and mystics, transforming into the tarot we know today. A classic tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 22 of which are considered the “major arcana” and the other 56 comprising the “minor arcana”. The major arcana are the more important cards, like “The Moon”, “Death”, “Judgment” and “Temperance”. The 56 minor arcana cards are divided into four suites, much like a classic card deck. The four suites, “Pentacles”, “Cups”, “Wands” and “Swords, are each numbered one through ten (the number 1 being the “ace” card), and contain four court cards; “King”, “Queen”, “Knight” and “Page/Jack”. Each card suit holds its own meaning, further coupled with the meaning of each card. The major arcana cards represent major themes and changes in life, and are usually more significant in a reading than the plentiful minor arcana cards.

The Faerie’s Oracle by Brian Froud

Like any form of divination, the tarot isn’t telling you something that is set in stone. The tarot is a map of sorts that reads the energies present in you. It simply draws the lines on a map that has been there all along; you have complete control over the roads you choose to take, the tarot simply lets you know what roads were there to begin with.

So what does the Death card represent? Complete and utter transformation. I chose this card because not only is it a personal favorite, it’s probably the most misunderstood and most frightening card in the deck. This card doesn’t mean someone close to you is going to die, It means one door is closing and another is opening, in the most important sense of the word. Get ready for some major changes and opportunities when you see this card because it has an uncanny ability to appear when new ventures are around the corner. Change is GOOD, and sometimes we have to lose something to gain something even better. Think of it as reincarnation; one thing ends and another begins.

Black is the lack of color, just like death is lack of life. The color black itself repels negativity; it is a strong and powerful color and for me, it encompasses the idea of the Death card. I chose this black dress, picked by the amazing Ivory from Hip Wa Zee,  this hat from H&M and these shoes from Urban Outfitters to create a look that matched my perception of this card. Like the tarot itself, everyone’s interpretation is going to be different. This is my personification of death

Check out my my amazing photographers website HERE and Ivory’s vintage store HERE.

Embrace the unknown with open arms and bask in the glory of its potential.


Gabriela Lorraine

Sunday Style: Death Queen

There is a certain comfort that comes along with wearing a solely black outfit, in textures that are comforting and warm. It’s no new fact that I love to layer black on black, it’s common knowledge and I am more than okay with that. It’s hard for me to understand why wearing black from head to toe attracts more attention than wearing all color, since you’d expect color to stand out more. The world we live in is full of bright colors, though, so I guess the contrast between a monochromatic outfit and the world is more startling.

Shirt: American Thread// Hoodie and Necklace: Zara// Faux Fur: H&M// Leggings: Express// Bag and Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wore this outfit to brunch and Trader Joes!  The twin and I got some groceries and had some good conversation, the usual.I also went and  took a blindfolded yoga class to support research on diseases that cause blindness which was amazing! Now I’m gonna study and finish up some work.

What are you up to this evening?



Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 Collection Review

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and the fashion forward are hitting the pavement, or their computers, for glances of what the most noted fashion designers in the world are sending down their runways. Prabal Gurung showed his Fall 2014 Collection this past Saturday, and it is easily one of the best collections of the season thus far.

Asymmetry seemed to be the underlying force with just about every look in this collection. Boxy tops and sweaters were paired with asymmetrical skirts with gauzy draped tails. Fur was used in innovative ways throughout the show, especially as an accent. Whether it was lining a coat or dress or on a bolero style jacket, fur was in unexpected places and was even featured in unexpected colors. Strappy gladiator style sandals furthered the idea of asymmetry even more; the juxtaposition of heavy winter furs with short, thigh baring silted skirts and gladiators was refreshing. Cape style coats made an appearance, as did art inspired prints in burnt oranges, slate grays and navy blues. With prints that imitated splatter paint, marbling and sponging popping up on coats, sweaters, skirts and even trousers, there is no doubt that fashion and art can’t be one in the same.

Unexpected combinations were abundant throughout. Calf bearing skirts with thigh high slits were paired with button up long sleeved blouses, taking a more modern approach to a sultry style. Sweatshirts were even made high fashion with the likes of asymmetrical staggered fur accents in dove grays and ice-y whites.  Burnt oranges, crimson reds, stark whites, navy blues and midnight blacks all added high intensity to this decadent collection. Textured tops in these vibrant hues even resembled avant-garde snakes wrapped around their next prey, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “dressed to kill”.

This collection wrapped up with stunning gowns featuring cutouts in unpredictable places. All in all this collection is one of the best to hit the New York runways this far, breathing a new and exciting life into what the fall season will hold. There’s nothing quite like being able to revamp your wardrobe, fashion does thrive off of change after all.


All photos courtesy of

What do you think of this collection?



Macabre Menswear Monday: Five Pieces Every Death King Should Own

If you live in the South, it’s that time of year where the weather fluctuates like crazy and leaves people sick and horribly confused as to what they should wear. Well my dear gentlemen, I am here to help you out. There are five pieces you should have in your closet to help make the process of actually getting dressed, and looking good, easy as pie.

Death King


1. A Nice Pair of Brogues or Combat Boots

It’s funny, I just wrote a blog post about five pieces every Death Queen should own, and it’s probably going to be very similar to this one. A nice pair of combat boots, or brogues, are seriously the perfect effortless, but put together, shoe. They’re comfortable, they look perfect paired with cut offs or cuffed jeans, and they are sturdy. Throw on a vintage tank top or short sleeve button up and you may as well call yourself my hubby (you’ll be looking that ace)

2. A Leather Jacket

Please don’t call yourself a Death King if this staple is missing from your wardrobe. You are so not punk if you don’t have a leather jacket (lol). Grab a biker style or a windbreaker style, depending on your aesthetic, pair it with your combat boots and BOOM, you’re good to go.

3. A Well Tailored Suit

So maybe you’re not all for the skinny suit, and maybe you’re not all for the classic suit. That’s okay. As long as you have one suit that fits properly, you’re good to go. Want a more modern take? Buy a color besides black; gray, maroon, even blue. You’ll be getting all the best looks. Also check THIS link about the “28 Rules of Wearing a Suit” out!

4. A Vintage Flannel Shirt

I realized I have never paid full price for a flannel shirt, and I have made this a life rule. I urge you to do the same. Hit up the local thrift store or Goodwill and find yourself a vintage flannel. Wear it with a loose tank and some skinny jeans or tied around your waist with a muscle tank and some cut offs. There’s a million ways to wear a flannel and I love it. Want to mix it with another pattern? Just make sure there’s at least one of the same colors in both patterns and you’ll be good.

5. A Straight Cut Pair of Dark-wash Jeans

i’m not talking about girl skinny jeans, I’m talking about jeans that hit at the natural waist and are straight down the entire way, creating long lean legs. They’re pretty much a universal leg lengthener and will really bring together your wardrobe.

Death King Essentials


The key to dressing well when the seasons are so crazy is layering. Put on your jeans, combat boots, a tank top, a leather jacket and tie your flannel around your waist. Get cold? Untie your flannel, take of your leather jacket, slip your arms in the flannel and BOOM. Also, I understand that you may not be wearing a nice suit in the dead of “winter” in South Carolina but come on, you need a nice suit. That’s a thing.



Gabriela Lorraine

Style Sunday: Twenty

It has been a fabulous day, my loves. I celebrated/ am celebrating my 20th birthday along with my twinnifer and it has been perfect. My parents drove up from Atlanta to celebrate with us and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and better birthday. We’ve eaten delicious food, talked about life, and we even found the apartment my sister and I will be living at next year! I rang in my birthday last night with good company and lots of laughs and smiles, I spent today with the same. I am just so happy to be alive and healthy with such beautiful souls in my life.

I always wondered if I would feel older at 20, and to be honest, I don’t. I am the same little soul I was yesterday, but this time I am finally starting to feel my age.

I am currently sitting and watching the Superbowl which is funny since I know absolutely nothing bout football. Alas, I am surrounded by some of my favorite people, so I have no complaints. Oh and there was a commercial with David Beckham in his underwear, so happy birthday to me.

Me and my fabulous papi. I love him to the moon and back!

Mid smile

My signature move!

My best friend. My twin sister means the world to me and I can’t wrap my mind around how lucky I am to have her. Having a best friend and a sister is the best gift I could ever have and I am so thankful for her.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Leggings: Topshop/ Sweater, Necklace/ Hat: H&M


Gabriela Herstik

What I Wore Wednesday: Snow Day

If you’re from then you know of the snowpoalypse that’s been happening for the past two days. My hometown of Atlanta is in a state of emergency and people had to spend last night in their cars, hotels and schools since the freeways were gridlocked and getting home was not an option. My heart is with everyone in GA, and I hope all my friends and loved ones are doing okay and keeping warm!! My city turned into a huge family last night, and I had a lot of my friends offering up their homes for anyone who needed a house to sleep in. I think roads are still closed and I’m hoping that everything returns to normal in the next few days, but it is so beautiful to see people welcoming others into their homes during this crazy time.

It  didn’t start snowing up in South Carolina until late last night, but it was absolutely stunning! We didn’t have class yesterday or today and I am praying we don’t have any class tomorrow. Anyway, I got to spend a few hours outside with my twin and it was absolutely wonderful. I will never be too old for snow!

What did you do on this fine Wednesday?!?

All photos taken by Alexandra Herstik


Carven Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

Carven has a penchant for creating pieces that emanate the effortless, proper and prim style of the French. Crave-able capes in camels, structured blazers in black, wool lined coats in scrumptious tangerines, and the perfect clog style sling back all shape this tough-prep look that Carven so seamlessly embodies. Paintbrush patterns and black and white plaids add another element of non-conformity to this rather preppy style collection. There’s a certain strength to designer who is innovative in their collection each season, while still maintaining the style and integrity of their house. Henry manages to capture that which is Carven; the strong, structured and sexy appeal of an effortlessly avant-garde woman, in each and every season. There is also a certain comfort in being able to return to your favorite house while knowing you won’t be disappointed. Carven is one of those houses for me; a house that’s cloaked in the promise of inspiration through each and every look. This collection holds its own with its variety of structured aesthetics and with its punk and prep love child looks, it certainly is everything a Carven fan could crave.

All photos courtesy of


Gabriela Herstik

Menswear Monday; Zachary Kent Adauto

Happy Monday, one and all! I haven’t featured a man for Menswear Monday in a good bit, so I decided to feature one of my best friends, and my fashion prodigy, Zack. It’s interesting how people who you don’t expect to be relevant in your life become relevant later on down the road. Zack and I would see each other at local shows all the time about three years ago, but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago, the summer before my freshman year at college, that we truly became friends and started hanging out. Fast forward to present day and Zack is truly one of my best guy friends. Besides having a great sense of style, Zack has a spastic and happy personality, and even though he may not seem like it, he has a soft and beautiful heart. Zack loves telling people I am responsible for his sense style, and although I have helped style him on occasion, I think he needs to give himself some more credit.

If more men dressed like Zack, then I would be a very happy girl

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Style Sunday; Friends and Smiles

It’s finally Sunday and that means three things; friends, brunch and yoga. Per usual, I started my morning off with brunch with my twin and one of my best friends at our favorite brunch spot. We ate some delicious french toast, drank some coffee and talked about life and the future. Life has been so wonderful lately, and I have been so happy to be alive and healthy and well. I am so blessed to wake up each morning excited for the day, and for life in general. I don’t label myself as an optimist or realist because I believe you confine yourself as soon as you put a label on yourself. I thiink it’s important to feel whatever it is you’re feeling but I truly believe that seeing the positive in the universe is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time snapping some photos with Rachael. My incredible sister, Alexandra Herstik, was the photographer.

Shirt, Skirt and Faux Fur Coat: H&M/ Boots and Purse: Urban Outfitters/ Head Wrap: BCBG/ Hoodie: Zara

How did you spend your Sunday?!


Dior Spring 2014 Couture Collection Review

There’s something innovative and fresh about a couture show that can walk between award show and pret-a-porter. In Dior’s latest collection, texture and cutout work are key in encapsulating a futuristic garden party feel. Simon’s has pieced together a collection that is inspired by movement, both figuratively and literally, that is represented by interesting silhouettes that both veil and embody the sexuality of the female form. Simmons has seamlessly introduced new silhouettes, along with classic ones, into this collection by reviving them with cut outs and fabrics that are translucent and structured. Even the monochromatic looks tease the eye with subtle floral like webs, and the soft mints, pinks and creme color pallet are only accented by the shock of stark black and whites.

This collection feels young and fresh, wearable and enticing. The modern collection doesn’t feel too futuristic, nor does it draw too much in the past. It’s even more electrifying to think each piece was handmade, sculpted to perfection to be shown on the runway.

All photos courtesy of

What’s your favorite piece?!




Sunday Style: Soft Stripes

Happy Sunday one and all! It’s been a great week and a nice relaxing long weekend and I have  been blessed with some great conversation and company this past week. I can’t even deny that I love being back at school, it’s been truly wonderful to be with my friends and be productive once more. I’ve gotten my four weekly yoga classes in, I’ve drank lots of coffee and I’ve done a bit of shopping, what more could I ask for?

I got this jacket for $30 from $130 and these Deena and Ozzy boots for $30 as well. I really don’t think I see myself taking either of these pieces off ever..

Anyway, I have two weeks (as of today) left of being a teenager. I think I’m going to try to do something new everyday until my birthday to really make these teenage years important.

Coat, Shirt, Boots: Urban Outfitters/  Leggings: Zara/ Beanie: Pac Sun/ Purse: Grandma


What are you doing on this long weekend?!


Sunday Style on Monday: Dali

I got home yesterday from Florida and I am so happy to be back in my beautiful city, but I can’t deny that I had a nice vacation with my family. From breakfast, to yoga on the beach, to shopping, and the Dali museum, I would like to think it was a successful vacation . I’ve been to the Dali museum in St.Petersburg before it was renovated, but I hadn’t been to the new location. If you’re in Tampa or St.Pete or surrounding areas, you must go. Dali was such an incredible artist, there’s nothing quite like him or his work. He was such an incredible mind and soul and it’s worth it to get the little headphones and listen to his mustache narrate and explain his art. Perfect for getting absorbed and lost in his art on a rainy day.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Jacket and Necklace: Forever 21/ Leggings: Topshop/ Pursse: Zara/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Hat:H&M

This is a pretty accurate description of my twin and I, if I do say so myself.

Ladies and gents, don’t I have a beautiful family?! My grandma(in the middle) just turned 80 over summer, and my mother (right) just turned 59. My father, the lovely gentleman who looks like Ben Kingsley just turned 64. Also this means that in 2014 my sister and I turn 20, my mom turns 60 and my dad turns

I post regular photos of my adventures and outfits on instagram, @gabyherstik

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve Eve!


Sunday Style: Books and Pastel Cats

I spent today at home relaxing until evening, bundled up on this cold Sunday and then I got dinner with a couple of friends and my twin before we headed to the bookstore. I could sit and enjoy Barnes and Nobles for hours and hours. I am so thankful my parents fostered a love of reading into my sister and I, it’s easily something that influenced my life. I gathered up Vogue Paris Collections, British Vogue and a couple of books and spent an hour in peace.

Sweater and Necklace: Forever 21/ Skirt and Faux Fur Jacket: H&M/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Purse: Zara

I threw on what’s becoming my new favorite coat over a sweet lil’ lace number. I love the mixture of the dainty skirt with the big cat print. I felt very chic and simple but I do wish I pulled the skirt to sit a bit higher on my waist for these photos!


Sweater: Moschino Chip and Chick/ Skirt: Red Valentino/ Coat: My Wardrobe/ Bag: Boohoo Beth/ Lipstick: YSL/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Throw on a cat sweater, a tulle skirt and some chunky black boots. The pastels and black contrast perfectly and work with a bright orange lip in the best ways.

How are you spending your Sunday?

More regular, AND BETTER, updates to come! Lots of fun shoots in the future.




What I Wore Wednesday: Kiss of Death

About a year ago I made a decision that altered how I view my surroundings. About a year ago I decided to wear whatever the hell I wanted to wear in Columbia, South Carolina. I literally decided to pretend I was going to school in NYC. Of course, Columbia is in no way close to the Big Apple, but that didn’t bother me. I was tired of having to alter my aesthetic as to not scare those around me. I was tired of having to think about how I wanted to express myself, inertly suppressing my creativity, to not seem strange or weird. Ever since that day I have worn what I wanted and I haven’t been happier. I get weird looks sometimes, and I hear the occasional mumble or laugh, but no one has the right to tell me I can’t express myself, except me; and I gave myself that right back a year ago.

Today I celebrated my fashion freedom by finally following through and wearing my black lipstick in public. I kept my cat eye on the lighter side, I tied my hair up in a topknot and I threw on all black. There’s nothing that makes me feel more powerful than when I wear black on black, I swear, it’s a power trip all on its own.

Shirt and shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace and shorts/ Forever 21/ Purse: Zara/ Jacket H&M

My little kiss of inspiration to you is this; wear what you want, when you want. Feel beautiful according to your own standards!!


Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

Androgyny at its finest, this menswear inspired Pre-Fall collection has new and interesting silhouettes to keep the mind and eye happy. This collection starts off with an original take on a men’s suit by adding coral patent straps and royal blue athletic inspired collar and reinventing the silhouette. Structured pieces like oversize jackets and pleated wide legged trousers all work the androgynous style, but thigh high boots in leather and drapey tops in mixed fabrics add layers of sexiness. Nothing in this collection is truly fitted to the body (minus the exception of a beautiful gray woven dress and skirt), but details like mesh necklines, cutout patterns in tops and short hems make sure you know there’s still a strong and sexy woman wearing the clothes. Androgyny is reinvented in this collection in looks like a structured  white coat layered over a gorgeous camel turtleneck and paired with a short hem and thigh high boots to add a sexy twist to an otherwise conservative outfit. The details in this collection are beautiful; from the mix of leathers and woven silvery gray fabrics to the saddle shoes to the pops of color from drawstrings. This collection is easily one for the woman who likes to blur her own lines.

What do you like about this androgynous style collection?



What I’m Wearing Wednesday; Mid November Daze

I love November for the most part. I love that it gets chilly and that I can celebrate Thanksgiving. I love the fact that for at least one day a year, I can sit down with my family and be thankful for everything the universe has so graciously given me, the fact that  I have to drive home for Thanksgiving makes it all the better. This year, my Thanksgiving break is going to be busy and lovely! I am heading home Tuesday, seeing Paramore Wednesday with one of my best friends, celebrating the holiday Thursday and then celebrating my mom’s birthday which is Saturday the 30th. Not to mention that Hannukah starts on Thanksgiving! Yeesh, what a busy four days! Since I am a planner, I knew I had to squeeze in the shoot that I missed this Sunday! Well, the amazing Morgan was gracious enough to shoot with me yesterday. I whipped out my trustee white wig that I got at Hip Wa Zee, my new Topshop leather leggings and my Zara cropped long sleeve striped shirt for a simple outfit.

Shirt and Purse: Zara// Leggings and Bracelet : Topshop// Watch: Michael Kors// Jacket: Express/ Socks and Shoes: Target// Wig: Hip Wa Zee// Necklace: Forever 21.

What do you wear once the weather gets colder??


Belstaff Spring 2014 Menswear Collection Review

I couldn’t pass up the fantastic opportunity of writing a wee menswear collection review. Past all the Polyvore posts and featured men, Menswear Monday hasn’t been quite so exciting. I always need practice articulating how a collection looks, feels…etc, and I wanted to catch up on the men’s shows so here I am! I reviewed Belstaff’s Spring 2013 Collection a couple weeks ago, and I had I couldn’t resist a review  of their menswear collection as well. This military inspired collection is rugged and rough in all the right ways. With pops of citrus and the perfectly fitted pants, this collection is definitely suited for everything from the harsh city streets to more natural and rugged terrain. Thick, industrial style jackets are given an urban twist with cinched waits and structured collars which lend the collection a slightly more feminine vibe (in all the right ways). This collection includes work style men’s bodysuits as well as ascots and some beautiful leather bags, which are all unexpected for Spring, but with bright neutrals they will definitely transition well. This collection is the perfect mix of industrial bad boy and well dressed gentleman. Who knew Columbia, SC could spawn such a talented designer!


Super Soul Sunday


Life is life and things don’t go as planned, and plans change and you end your night by blogging at a coffee shop on campus at 9PM. Today I was suppose to shoot my weekly style post, but it was raining which made me have to postpone said shoot. Instead of resisting this and stressing about what I was gonna post tonight, I went with it; I regrouped, I planned.

November has treated me well. After a rather bumpy October, November started off with smooth sailing and is currently at that point of the semester where free time is getting more and more scarce.

It is times when I feel tightness rise up in my chest and anxiety hit my stomach that I have to step back and realize that there is nothing wrong NOW. My anxiety and my stress all arise from the fact that I am looking in the future and overwhelming myself with tasks that need to be done. The thing is, I can only work on what I am doing NOW; those things that have to be dealt with in the future will be dealt with then. I can think of the one hundred and five things I need to do by the end of the night, but how will stressing about any of it serve me? Wouldn’t it be more worthy to have faith in my abilities and use my time to get as much as I can accomplished? How will worrying about something you literally cannot deal with until later help anything?

I have a very hard time procrastinating although I’ve been doing it more than usual. I am a planner; I love having a schedule and being productive and getting things done and although this is a positive trait, it can also be a negative one as well. Life isn’t always able to be planned. Things happen and plans shift and being resistant to this is like trying to swim upstream; it is possible for only so long. Planning out what I am doing helps my peace of mind; knowing I have a way to get everything done can help shift my mindset but sometimes it creates a strong sense of resistance to day to day life.

The holidays can be stressful financially, mentally, even physically. It is at this time, however, that you need to remember that you have complete control over what you can accomplish; and you can accomplish everything you want to. For me, the times when I feel like I have no time to go to yoga is when I KNOW I need to got to yoga. It is when I am on my mat that I make space for my mind and soul to rest, and am able to step back and regroup. It is only after stepping off my mat that I realize the abundance of time I have and the abundance of talent I have to make what needs to happen, happen.


I wasn’t able to shoot and that change of plans was okay; I will be shooting Tuesday instead.So, today I am recycling some photos I made about a year ago.. I am leaving you with the message of remembering that if it doesn’t serve you, let it go.

The last photo is my all time favorite quote, taken from The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

What do you do in times of stress?




PS; THIS aura test is absolutely amazing and accurate. It even tells you what stresses you out! I am a perfect mix of blue and yellow, with violet following in a close second. What color are you??

Winter Wanderlust

The weather in South Carolina has left me craving a new wardrobe. Per usual, the temperature here can be 70 to 80 degrees in the day and drop to 30 degrees at night…it’s absolutely insane. It feels more like winter with the sleet and cold and biting winds and it’s not even December yet! It feels like it goes from Spring one day to Winter the next without ever even taking a detour to Fall!

I’ve been craving big, warm, structured coats and statement making accessories. I chose five of my favorite houses to create my ultimate dream winter wardrobe.


I love how contemporary and edgy Acne Studios is. These boots are my absolute favorite; I love the mix of textures and the block-y heel. I love the ease that a fitted pant, oversize sweater and a beanie have; they create the perfect day to day outfit without being basic.


Chloe is the ultimate “it girl” house. With it’s chic avant-garde style, Chloe is definitely lust worthy. If I had this oversize coat, fringe hemmed dress and amazing studded boots, I would literally never wear anything else. I’ve been inspired by really delicate dresses paired with tougher, chunkier boots; I love the contrast and if the proportions are right you won’t look like you’re wearing bricks for shoes. Plus, how great are this bag and necklace?!


Classic Celine tee, incredible dream leather bag, the perfect wedge.. Celine, like Chloe, is the ultimate it girl house, filled top to bottom with perfect wardrobe finishing pieces. I have an affinity for gold and black and I love the touch that the emerald skirt adds, the monochromatic outfit pops with the right amount of subtle color.


My favorite house in the entire world, this outfit by Carven is easily something I would wear every single day, The structured leather skirt is the perfect piece to transition from fall to winter; add this boxy cream jacket and some thick tights and you’ll be warm in the cold days. I love the shape of the leather bag, it’s different and stands out while still being sexy.


Last but not least is the ultimate label for the edgy, leather loving babe. I love that this coat is different than the typical, overstated Balmain piece; edgy and cool but a little more underrated. I would wear a leather pant, thigh high stiletto boots, a leather tote and a huge, warm sweater with this coat. I love that black is s powerful and sexy. I would pair this look with a red lip and I would be invincible.


What inspires your wardrobe in the cold months?!



Menswear Monday: Sheldon

I’m always inspired by my male friends who have their own style and aesthetic going on. As much as I loveeeeee men in basketball shorts and flip flops, read I don’t, i also love a man who takes time to think about the way in which he’s presenting himself. I am lucky enough to be good friends with some rather dapperly dressed fellows, and my friend Sheldon is no different.

I met Sheldon through some mutual friends and he quickly became one of my closest male friends. Sheldon is the kind of guy that you love once you meet; he’s authentic and sweet and will never be anything he isn’t. I can’t tell you how many tweets I’ve seen at Sheldon about people who are so glad to have met him (he lives in Atlanta so I’m not there to hear it first hand). Sheldon’s a senior at GSU studying psychology and this  understanding of how people work probably plays into why he is such a good friend (MOST of the time, he can be quite sassy at times, believe me). Besides having a thorough understanding of what makes people tick, one of Sheldon’s most remarkable qualities is that he lives so truly to who he is; he doesn’t waste time trying to make others view him in a certain light, he is purely and utterly himself and it’s fantastic. Sheldon will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it because he knows it’s what you need to hear, but he will also be there for you when times are tough. He lives righteously and lovingly and is always there if you need him.

Sheldon’s style is urban, relaxed and definitely cool. You will never see Sheldon without his signature beanie or hat, and you will probably always see him in a pair of straight cut jeans. Sheldon’s passion for music is definitely a prevalent influence in his style of dress, and the fact that  he lives in downtown Atlanta probably shapes his aesthetic more than a little bit as well.

Sheldon is a good person all in all, and the fact that he dresses well doesn’t hurt. I’ll probably keep him around.

Steal His Style:

Grab a pair of some dark wash, fitted jeans, a flannel and a hoodie. Throw on a leather jacket over it, lace up your Vans and grab your leather backpack, fake of course, and you’re all set to steal Sheldon’s style! The key is finding the balance between looking good and being comfortable.

What guys in your life dress well?!


Style Sunday: Supernatural

Happy Sunday one and all! Today should have been a chilly November morning spent sipping coffee, but alas in Columbia it was a warm morning that was spent taking photos (after sipping coffee at brunch of course). I don’t mind the warmer weather in the months it’s suppose to be warm, but it is almost mid November, October came and went and I want to be able to celebrate Fall!

Anyway, I will have to celebrate the season in my own way, which means wearing darker colors and embracing the fact that my olive skin will be looking pastey and pale for the next few months. I always try to challenge myself with my outfits, and I try to wear pieces I haven’t worn in a while to spice things up. Today I was really feeling a black color pallet with pops of gold, and I decided upon this thrifted skirt and my favorite black leotard. This leotard is easily my favorite piece and I have gotten so much wear out of it since i bought it to go see The Pretty Reckless that it’s ridiculous. My babe friend Rachael, who I went to brunch with, pointed out this old gas station that has been completely painted white. She loves dark colors as much as I do and knew this would be the perfect place to take photos.

Leotard: The Junkman’s Daughter// Skirt: Thrifted// Purse and Sunglasses: American Thread// Shoes: Dolce Vita// Socks: Target// ID Bracelet: Nasty Gal// Stag Bracelet: Topshop// Necklace: Forever 21

I had to take a photo with my beautiful blogger babe Rachael! Find her blog HERE!

What’s your Sunday look like?


Inspired by The Twilight Zone

Easily one of my favorite shows, The Twilight Zone is easily the best to watch when you want to dive into the subconscious mind by going into an alternate universe. The show features vignette style episodes that deal with a variety of macabre topics including aliens, time travel and apocalypses. I grew up watching this show with my parents, and I have many memories watching it on on New Years when they have their marathon on Syfy,

The season change, or rather “season change” in Columbia, has made me want to do nothing more than curl up in bed with hot chocolate or coffee and watch this show. The fact that the show is black and white (it started in the early 60’s) just makes it better; the old school glamour of this show is unparalleled. Rod Serling is the mastermind, and narrator, behind The Twilight Zone; he  has also been featured on Breathing Fashion because he is so classy and dapper.

I couldn’t resist creating a few looks inspired by some of my favorite episodes.


The Number 12 Looks Just Like You

In this episode everyone goes through “the transformation” when they turn 18. Like the book The Uglies, everyone looks the same; as soon as you’re of age, you undergo surgery to look like one of the number of models there are to pick from. But what happens when you think you’re beautiful before the transformation? What if you don’t want the surgery? These are the sort of problems that arise in this episode of The Twilight Zone


Twenty Two

In this episode, Liz, a “dancer” is hospitalized for being delirious and having reoccurring dreams. In this dream, she wakes up suddenly, only to break a glass, hear the clock ticking and hear footsteps down the hall of the hospital. When she gets up to follow the footsteps she sees a nurse disappear into the elevator. When Liz gets on the elevator to the bottom floor, she gets of and she walks down the hall only to be greeted by the same nurse who’s standing in front of the morgue and who greets her with one sentence; “there’s room for one more honey”. What exactly does this mean? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out.


Come Wander With Me

In this episode of the show, a man drives to the woods in an attempt to search for inspiration for his newest folk hit. He finds a guitar shop and a woman with a haunting voice. He hears this siren singing a beautiful song and he tries to steal it from her. Things don’t go as planned, and how could they, in The Twilight Zone?

What’s your favorite episode?



What I Wore Wednesday: Whole Foods

Happy November! I can’t believe it was Halloween a week ago. October was a crazy month to say the least, Mercury in retrograde has been sending all kinds of crazy energy in abundance and I hope it’s starting to wear off. This week has been slower than past weeks. I had one class this morning, after which I ran a couple errands, made some lunch and took the best nap of my life. it was literally the most perfect nap I have ever taken (the key is to sleep on the couch using the pillow you sleep with at night). Anyway, after my marvelous nap followed by doing some accounting work, I went to Whole Foods with my sister. Columbia just got a Whole Foods about 8 months ago and it’s beautiful and new and I adore it. I’ve bene vegetarian for just over 5 years, and after starting yoga and taking into account what I put in my body, I have become more aware of eating better foods that nourish my body and mind and soul. I love health food stores in general, Columbia also houses a more local health food store called Earthfare, and Whole Foods is definitely at the top of the list of my favorites. I love that I can go and buy fresh produce and sample different things and just be aware of what it is I’m eating. Anyway, I had to take some photos of the beautiful produce, and wines and cheese…so much wine and cheese, and also snap some outfit photos.

What is it that you’ve been wearing and eating?


Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 Collection Review

Perhaps not the most cohesive collection, Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2014 show was all sorts of sexy and sultry. Opening with sets of sheer floral lace skirts and shirts in muted pastels, and later transitioning to a more neutral color pallet  in more substantial fabrics, Bailey definitely kept this season interesting. Proportion and draping were everything, whether it was an oversize, cape like camel coat or leather skirt with cutouts imitating lace. High waisted skirts ending below the knees, sheer or not, were the ultimate leg lengthener and seem quite sexy when paired with a cropped top. The classic trench was reinvented and reconstructed; the only truly recognizable trait was the length and fabric. Large, geometric appliques made an appearance on skirts and coats alike and brought back a baroque sort of theme in a modern and elegant context. Pearly pastels, lace and just the right mix of soft and structure all conglomerated to sculpt another note worthy Burberry Prorsum collection.

Photos courtesy of

Don’t you wish you had that transparent raincoat??



Menswear Monday:

It’s always fun featuring long time friends on Breathing Fashion. I consider myself a baby (I’ll be 20 in February) but casually bringing up friends who I’ve known for 8 years never ceases to make me feel a bit old. Zackh is one of those friends. We met back in middle school where we bonded over our horrid science teacher and our involvment with the performing arts. Zach moved away before we entered high school, but through Facebook and Skype, and later Instagram and twitter, we were able to keep in contact and keep the friendship thriving. Zach is one of those guys who will literally warm your heart; his rosy cheeks and huge smile are the equivalent to a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. I have some great memories of Zach dancing to Cheetah Girls at the eight grade dance because he KNEW he rocked; even in the midst of the  ignorant chuckles of fourteen year old boys, Zach wasn’t afraid to be authentic and enjoy the moment. He has always been the kind of man who has an aura that is warm and golden and that draws others to him.

Beyond Zach as a person, he has always had great style! Zach is the perfect sort of classic prep. he pulls of “white boy who walked into J Crew” (his words) perfectly. Whether it’s the perfectly fitted polo or the cotton wife beater, Zach has his style down pat.

I asked Zach some questions about his style, what he’s studying in school, and his celebrity fashion crush.

I’m 19 year old, college sophomore, integrated marketing communications major (hoping to go into branding or social media), I love Chipotle (a little bit to much), love fitness, traveling, caramel lattes, cute puppies, and television. I have two ultimate style rules; always wear cute underwear and never be basic. Although men’s fashion can get boring and repetitive, there is always room to throw in a tie, a bright pair of shoes, or a quirky pair of socks. How I would describe my personal style: I would describe my personal style as classic white girl, no seriously, I would describe it as “quirky prep”. My favorite article of clothing has to be a good pair of khakis and a bow tie. When worn as an accent to an outfit, and not the centerpiece, a bow tie can surly turn eyes in a crowded room. If I could steal a celebrity’s closet,  I would obviously have to steal Brad Goreski’s (because duh), he is basically my inspiration when it comes to fashion and I try my best to take inspiration from him and use it with my own clothing pieces. I also really enjoy Theodore Leaf and Darren Criss. I always care about fashion because you never know when you are going to meet your future boss, lover, or best friend. I always want to make a good first impression. Most importantly though when I look good, I feel good. I feel more productive and confident. I shop at a combination of, GAP, Urban Outfitters, Express, Banana Republic, H&M, J. Crew, Bonobos, and PacSun.

What does your style say about you?


Menswear Monday: Inspired by the Supers

What’s better than having an excuse to dress up in a costume? Probably nothing (but chocolate milk comes close). Although it can be super fun to strut around in full blown super hero attire, sometimes the time, or money, constraints don’t let this happen. Even as a dude, though, you can still take a lesson in fashion from the sexiest men in the universe; Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

Batman is probably my favorite superhero. I love how dark and gloomy and misunderstood he is, typical, right? He’s pretty easy to dress as too! Grab yourself some black jeans, and a black tank top, a black leather jacket and a yellow hoodie. Slide the hoodie on under the leather jacket and let the hood hang out like a makeshift cape. Add a leather backpack, some black shoes and of course, a Batman mask, and you’ll be the darkest knight in sight,


Superman is a little bit more colorful than his bat brethren. Start with some black jeans and a blue tank top, add a red hoodie and black leather jacket (letting the hood hang out again) and top it off with some yellow shoes. Still don’t think people recognize who you’re inspired by? Add a Superman backpack for good measure,


Last but not least is Spiderman. You can easily channel him by grabbing a pair of dark blue jeans, a red tank top and a black leather jacket. Slide on some black oxfords or boots, a dark blue backpack and a red or blue watch and you’ll be a bigger babe than Andrew Gardfield (and let’s not kid ourselves, he’s a huge babe).

Who are YOU dressing as this Halloween?


Sunday Style : Halloweekend and Costumes

I’ve been working at Hip Wa Zee, an awesome costume and vintage shop in Columbia, this season and this has meant lots and lots of Halloween festivities. I’ve been able to dress up in costume for work this past week and it has been awesome. I went to a dance party at a local venue yesterday night and I was finally able to wear my homemade Lady Gaga costume. I was a maid, a pirate, a Greek goddess and a 70’s babe for work as well!

All of my work costumes!

I sewed a seashell bra on a nude leaotard, and I sewed beads and shells on nude hot pants. Topped off the costume with a blonde wig and some fishnets and I was finally done!

What have you been this Halloweekend?!


Sunday Style: Daytime Halloweekend

I changed it up this weekend and went to brunch on Saturday instead of Sunday! I decided I wanted to sleep a bit on Sunday since I’d be working and since I knew I was going out Saturday night. The temperature has dropped enough for me to finally debut my beautiful Phillip Lim for Target dress! After stalking the Target in Atlanta with my mama the day the collab dropped, I finally found this dress, which was one of the only pieces left. I love the glamorous sort of rockabilly vibe it has, and although it’s not something I typically wear, I absolutely adore it.

Dress: Phillip Lim for Target/Necklace: Forever 21/ Glasses: American Thread/ Purse: Urban Outfitters/ Socks: Loehmans/ Shoes: Zara

What are you wearing this Halloweekend?!




Zara on Zara

It’s no secret that Zara is one of my favorite stores. The Spanish chain is known for it’s classy, high fashion finds in a rather affordable price range. I love the bold style and aesthetic that Zara has; it’s high fashion and classy but it’s not afraid to be sexy also. The clean lines and structured pieces are striking and perfect, and when paired with the perfect accessory, they’re unstoppable . I’ve put together a few of my favorite pieces from Zara to share!

I’ve been inspired by a neutral color palette with pops of pale pastels,

I’ve been feeling the boxy silhouette lately. Pair an oversize jacket with a tube style dress, add some sexy tights and some patent boots and you’re set.

I’ve also been feeling silver and white this season. It”s easy, futuristic and clean. This incredible coat is so wearable and the fleece collar makes the perfect statement while not being overpowering.

Monochromatic outfits with a variety of textures and a simple pattern are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.

What are YOU craving from Zara?


Joseph Spring 2014 Collection Review

It’s a new take on the 90’s and the leisure suit. Sly mesh paneling, white minimalist perfection and silk and satin like no ones businesses all create a strong 20th century vibe. Relaxed cuts and monochromatic patterns all really work every from of “leisure”; you can drink your wine by the tennis courts but still look like the bombshell you are while doing it. This collection manages to hold on to a sort of luxurious athletic look; Adidas style sandals paired with oversize clutches, patent leather pieces and incredible cut out detailing step up the luxurious aspect of the collection. And although this collection is cohesive, it is still versatile; in the colors, in the textiles themselves and in the styles of the fabric. Sequins make an appearance and are all grown up in sultry tank tops under sheer shirts and dresses, and even a luminescent eggshell makes an appearance in a suit of its own. This collection pays homage to the 90’s by reinventing it; maybe the fashion would have been better if this is what it had looked like to begin with.

All pictures courtesy of



A Week in Review

So it’s obvious I’ve been slacking on that fashion blog lifestyle. You know, life happens and I have no excuses. The only thing I can do is promise you some amazing new posts, collaborations and outfits in the future, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

As for today, right now, October 13th, I have some fun/ridiculous/awesome pictures I haven’t posted! Last Sunday my sister and I took Marissa, my best friend who was visiting us, around Main Street. We got some iced goodies (I got lavender honey Italian ice, Marissa got pumpkin pie custard and my sister got salted caramel custard), we went to the “before I die” wall and we went to Mast General Store. It was a lovely day, followed by some delicious food at Takosushi ( a Japanese Mexican hybrid restaurant) and some good old Netflix when we got home.

Before I die I want to be a professional fashion journalist and yoga teacher, I want to travel the world practicing yoga and I want to use what I love to help others and make a difference.

Trying on bonnets seemed like a good idea

Very rare inages from the Breathing Fashion Archives of 1871


This weekend was a bit more relaxing than last weekend. I spent a lot of time relaxing, getting work done and I had some lovely twin time with my sister.

Free People bandeau, Urban Outfitters shawl, Dolce Vita boots, American Thread purse, Forever 21 necklace, Barney’s outlet necklace.

I also got the chance to go grocery shopping Friday! I love Whole Foods, especially at this time of year.

H&M dress and socks, American Thread bag, Zara shoes, Loehmans tights,

What have YOU been wearing?






National Coming Out Day 2013

10/11/13 was National Coming Out Day.

This is something that may or may not affect you personally. Maybe you know someone who came out recently; maybe you don’t. Maybe you came out recently.

Either way, this is an amazing day. National Coming Out Day celebrates the fact that people are choosing not to hide anymore. This day celebrates the idea that it’s time to embrace ones self in its wholeness, as it was since birth.

National Coming Out Day holds feelings that aren’t on the same level as celebration though. Although I like to think my generation is a lot more open minded and accepting than previous generations, there are still people out there who believe that being gay, lesbian or transgender is a choice, There are still fathers and mothers and aunts and uncles and friends and siblings who choose to shut their loved ones out over the fact they love the same gender (or that they are of the opposite gender).

Coming out, whether it’s on a National Coming Out day or not, is  hard task and a scary and daunting one and I can’t even imagine the strength or courage it must take to tell your family something that makes a possibly huge impact on your future.

This day actually hits incredibly close to home though. My incredible twin sister came out to me going into our senior year of highschool. We had been driving in my car, and as I was complaining about a boy, I realized I had never heard her do such thing. I asked if she was gay and when she replied with a nervous “yes”, I answered with an “okay” and had her turn up the music.

Identifying in the GLBTQ spectrum is nothing I hadn’t been familiar with. My incredible parents had been preaching equality to my twin and I since we were little; this included people who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (keep in mind that my dad’s a rabbi). So, when my sister came out to me, I didn’t think anything of it; I couldn’t help lovin’ guys, she couldn’t help lovin’ girls.

A six weeks later she came out to my parents.

My parents have not only been an incredible support to my sister in her journey, but my dad has also been an amazing ally to friends and family who are going through the same process of realizing that love is love, regardless of gender. My mom has always been an advocate for equality, and this coupled with my dads presence in the community, has been an incredibly beautiful step in the fight for all forms of love!

So, that’s where Breathing Fashion comes into play, This amazing part of my life, this incredible journey in its own right, has helped me reach out to so many people who I wouldn’t be able to reach out to, or know, without it. I am posting about equality, and love to spread this message to all my readers.

If you came out, or are thinking of coming out I just want to tell you a few things. I am so proud of you. I am proud of you for loving who you love, and for telling (or planning to tell) your family, friends, Facebook, whatever, that you love who you love. I’m proud of you for realizing that hiding this part of yourself is serving no one, because you are not defined by the genitalia of the person you are attracted to or identify with. You are worth your heart and love and your soul.

Know that regardless of who you are or your journey, there are people who love you very much. Please remember there is always someone who is there to listen to you; even me.

If you need someone to talk to please reach out to your school counselor, a friend a family member; or me.

Email me at, write on my FACEBOOK, or leave a comment on here.

Know that you are loved REGARDLESS of who you love. We’re all the same on the inside, I promise you.

My sister’s journey was something that I can’t even imagine going through. To have to hide such an insignificant part of who you are (thinking about how little your vagina or penis truly, truly affects you and who you are as a person) would be an incredibly hard task to face. To have a twin sister who handled herself in such a beautiful way was so incredible, but the fact that she felt like she had to HIDE who she was because she didn’t think the world could accept that she liked other girls was heart wrenching.Seeing my sister shed tears over something she couldn’t change was so incredibly sad. I can’t change the world, I can’t make people accept others; but I can be an advocate for love and equality in all its faces.

To everyone who has come out, is in the process of coming out or is/has been there for someone who has come out; you are incredible. If you need help, if you need someone to talk to, please reach out. If no one else is there for you, I am.


Gabriela Lorraine

PS; let’s take a second and appreciate the beaut that is my twin, Alexandra.

Hit up my beautiful twin on Instagram: @alexyael, on twitter @alexherstik and on Facebook at Alexandra Herstik, if you want to talk to her about her experience coming out, if you need advice, or if you just think she’s a babe, she would be more than happy to talk.

Sunday Style on Monday: Charleston

My parents and my best friend, Marissa, came up to visit my twin and I this past weekend. It was lovely being able to see my favorite people in the universe and it was even more lovely to go on a day trip to Charleston! My parents have gone for their anniversary but Marissa, Alex and I had never been. More than anything, we were all just excited to explore such a beautiful city and spend time together.  We ate some delicious food and ice cream, became friends with a couple horses, viewed some cemeteries, saw some babes.

It was a good time.

All photos taken by Alexandra Herstik

Forever 21 Top and Necklace,/Thrifted skirt/Off 5th Sandals/Zara purse

What did you do this weekend?




A Darker October

When the seasons change and the air chills, I want nothing more than to cloak myself in all black and sit outside, maybe with some company, and read. I want the comfort of the trees, and the crisp scent of leaves.I want to go apple picking so I remember going to Becker Farms in second grade, and traveling back in time as I picked fresh apples off the trees. I want  to fill the wind kissing my hair as i hold my hat when I’m walking outside. I want the veil between the worlds to thin, Mostly, I want every black piece of attire I can obtain.



Willow Spring 2014 Collection Review

As if the sheer, polka dot minimilistic madness could end. .Smooth, silky satin’s, sultry, straight lines and the perfect sheer paneling coupled with strategically placed fabric blocking make Willow one of the best collections I have seen thus far. Elegance and edge couple together to form a delicate dance that’s only enriched by perfect neutrals in interesting textures. Body suits and dresses that drape perfectly are accented by the ideal plunging neckline, revealing a little while still keeping the fun of imagining what lies below. Asymmetrical shirts and dresses are accentuated by sharp shoulders in asymmetrical hemmed cardigans in stark white and blacks. This whole collection is laid back, sexy, avant-garde goodness, and the last look surely doesn’t end on a bad note. A gunmetal gray biker jacket is accented with the perfect holographic silver on the lapels and is worn with a holographic bra and bodycon skirt. Willow is the perfect addition to the amazing shows at Fashion Week.

What’s your favorite part of this collection?

Olympia Le-Tan Spring 2014 Collection Review

An obvious  ode to sailor and pin ups alike. Olympia Le-Tan’s Spring 2014 collection is a little bit costumey and a whole lot of sexy. Garter belts, victory rolls and short hem galore, this collection is sultry and sweet; a perfect mix for the Spring. The color pallet doesn’t stray too far from whites, blues and pink with a little bit of black mixed in. Stripes and big, bright floral prints added to the tutu style skirts and hot pants that are oh so pin up. This collection is light, fun and a whole lot of sexy, one of my favorite looks being a fishnet shirt, some pastes, patent accented hot pants and thigh highs; talk about sex appeal to the mask. I’m loving sets of skirts and tops or shorts that match; I think it’s so sexy to expose a couple inches of abdomen. The nude stockings and garter belt add just the right amount of siren sexiness to this incredible collection.


Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

It’s that time when change seeps into your skin and crawls into your lungs. She’s heavy and dark and menacing, even though she’s filled with the promise of new beginnings. It’s deceiving; change is the only constant in this life, yet we feel like we are weighed down in the patterns we’ve formed  for ourselves. We let the idea of creating a new identity seep into the wispy cracks of our minds, and we leave it there until we have a bitter tomorrow. This unforeseeable crevice in the back of our head fills with all the notions of the unknown that we are too weak to handle. Instead of dealing with the unseen parts of our future, we hide in the stagnant remains of our souls that we claim to be familiar with. We cover ourselves in darkness as a means of escaping the unknown, slipping on our highest heels in a vain attempt at getting closer to the divine. Oh, if only it were that easy…

Man Crush Monday: Jamie Campbell Bower

I can honestly say I have been in love with the perfection that is JCB since he played Anthony Hope in Sweeney Todd circa 2007. Fast forward to the next summer of me watching his online show The Prisoner at home in bed at like 1am, and you know I couldn’t make that up. Jamie Campbell Bower is the ultimate  bad boy; he has cheekbones of steel, wears tight fighting jeans and lots of black and leather, he looks kinda hungry, he’s a musician; everything I could want (I mean, minus the hungry part). Jamie’s soft demeanor in Sweeney Todd was also contrasted by his fierce love for Sweeney’s daughter, Johanna. This softness was contrasted even more by his role as one of the Vulturi in the Twilight Saga, and even though I haven’t seen it, I’m sure it also is d by his new movie City of Bones.Oh not to mention Campbell Bower played Dumbledore’s enemy,young Gellert Grindelwald, in the last Harry Potter movie.

Who’s YOUR ultimate man crush?


Style Sunday: A Look Back

Today was the Fall equinox; the day where night and day are equal lengths. The equinox marks the first day of fall, a time when change is thick in the air. Fall is easily my favorite season, I feel like change is so prominent and the opportunities for creating your perfect life are infinite. I spent today working at my yoga studio, going to brunch, doing some schoolwork at a coffee shop, yoga class and celebrating the equinox.

I kept it simple in a cropped black tee shirt and some electric blue shorts.

My lovely photographer was unable to shoot today, so I am going old school and posting some instgrammed outfits!


What have YOU been wearing??



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