What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I had a lot of fun featuring some of my favorite ladies last month, but it’s time to change it up! Today begins “What I Wore Wednesday”, so I’ll be catching you up on what I’ve been wearing. I love throwing on a lot of layers, but unlike fall, which is my favorite season, Summer is time to lose the layers and bask in the season. Summer is time for bright colors and having sun kissed skin.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing this week!

Whipping out my new hot pants means looking like a death queen. I’ve been all about tying shirts at my waist #self #outfit #today #undercut #redlips #thighhighsocks #deathqueen #hotpants

What I wore today: lazy day consisted of my spike accented sweater, cuffs and gold satchel.<br />
 #outfit #today #spikes #macabreinspired #deathqueen #love #gold

What I&#8217;m wearing today::  daisy bustier with spike detailing, striped button down and @unif for @nastygal garter shorts #self #outfit #today #daisy #macabrefaeryqueen #spikes #unif #nastygal

What I wore today: P!ATD tank, striped skirt, lace bra and my new perfect black leather bag. One of the only band shirts I have left! #outfit #fashion #panicatthedisco #deathqueen #wwd #womensweardaily #black #gold #love

The perfect black bag, gold detailed sandals and some Deepak. Wearing a Free People bandeau, faux leather pants and MY DREAM tangerine lipstick courtesy of MAC.  #self #outfit #today #deepakchopra #leather #fauxleather #undercut #tangerinelipstick #trendyandtart #love

What I&#8217;m wearing tonight ((friends 21st birthday edition)):<br />
Spiked bra, Marissa @jeffreycampbell shoes, structured leather @urbanoutfitters skirt and tank and my leather bag.<br />
XXX #outfit #tonight #leather #jeffreycampbell #spikesonspikes #macabreshit

About to post this on Lookbook! Tee shirt and jeans were my friends. Worn with my @jeffreycampbell Lita boots.<br />
Www.lookbook.nu/gabrielal<br />
Www.breathingfashion.typepad.com #self #outfit #today #nastygal #jeffreycampbell #fashion #stylesunday #undercut #redlips #macabremeetssteinbeck

Long, lean, tendu machine. What&#8217;s better for rainy days than thigh high socks, top knots and a pop of floral? #self #outfit #today #personalstyle #fashion #undercut #redlips #thighhighsocks #macabremeetssteinbeck


Tee Shirt and Jeans

Happy Sunday, one and all. I wasn’t feeling my best after celebrating a friends 21st yesterday, so I took it easy today, throwing on this silk tee and bright cigarette jeans. I spent the day with my sister and mom, buying a mattress for next year and shopping for the house!

I think it’s interesting that most people have a comfort zone that revolves around tee shirts and jeans. I have an incredibly hard time wearing plain denim, as that’s OUT of my comfort zone. It may be a fear of blending in, and not feeling like myself, but wearing plain blue jeans makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I stopped wearing it years ago. I have jeans and tee shirts that are different, an interesting texture or pattern, something that appeals to the eyes and when I’m feeling lazy, or sick, that’s what I go to when the weather is a bit warmer!

Shirt: from a boutique

Pants: Gap

Purse: American Thread

Shoes and Cuff: Nasty Gal

Necklace: Forever 21


What are YOU wearing?


Sunday Style: Fathers Day

Happy Papi day to all my dad’s out there! I love my dad more than any other man in this universe. I couldn’t be more grateful for him. I thank the universe every day for giving me a wonderful family and today was a day to celebrate that! I am so thankful for my daddy doo who has been there for me through all the ups and downs of my 19 years of life.

I’m in the pink and my twin is in the yellow! My parents are like wine, they look better now than they did 15 years ago.My sister and I always make my dad breakfast in bed for Father’s Day, and today was no different! After we treated my dad to breakfast, my mom, sister and I went shopping and then met my father for dinner. My parents are currently enjoying a movie!

Today I wore:

Shirt and Necklace: Forever 21

Shorts, Rings and Purse: Urban Outfitters

Spiked Cuff: Nasty Gal

Baroque Cuff: Lavender

Dolce Vita Loafers: DSW

What did you wear to celebrate?!


Sunday Style: A Little Darkness

Happy Sunday, one and all!  I officially consider it summer since I thought today was Monday and yesterday was Sunday. Today has been simple and exactly what I needed. I woke up, went to the gym, relaxed a little bit, spent some time sipping my iced Americano and spent an evening with some wonderful friends. It was the full moon yesterday, and there was a very strong sense of craziness. Bad drivers, weird feelings…typical full moon. I’m glad today was a little more relaxed than yesterday was!!

What I wore:

Bustier: Forever 21

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Purse and Earrings: BCBG(eneration)

I read the perfect Alexander Wang quote today, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing”

What do your off days say about you?



Breathe Everything

Hello Breathing Fashionistas, I hope you all have had a fabulous Sunday filled with coffee, friends, family and a slight autumn breeze. My weekend was absolutely lovely, filled with brilliant sights and sounds. My Friday was spent taking hot yoga, drinking soy iced chai tea pumpkin spice lattes (yes they are hard to say but delicious) and watching a hilarious improve troupe called Toast. Saturday morning my sister and I headed to the Greek Festival where we got to see some Greek folk dancing and eat delicious veggie plates. We drank more coffee, went to Earthfare and headed to the Nickelodeon theatre where we saw Beast of the Southern Wild, a visually stunning movie that my yoga teacher recommended. Today has been absolutely lovely as well, welcoming in the day with a 10am yoga class, some food and more coffee. I am more than ready for fall and everything it brings. And I am more than ready to breathe healthy, happy, fashionably living into everything I do (see what I did there?)

My weekend was spent with a healthy mind, happy spirit, and interesting outfits. That’s exactly what it means to breathe into what you do, right?! Breathing Fashion was created as a way for me to inject my love for fashion and fashion journalism into every aspect of my life and since I started it three years ago, Breathing Fashion and I have grown immensely. Relating back to “Living your Personal Style”, this post is a way to inspire the idea of breathing whatever you’re passionate about into every aspect of your life, creating a life that is full and vibrant and filled with a thirst for whatever it is life and the universe have to offer.


An important part of my life is living with a sense of gratitude. If you’ve ever read The Secret, you’ll already know that this is one of the most important things that one can use to attract even MORE things that you’re grateful for. This book talks about the law of attraction, the fact that your thoughts attract and create whatever situation or thing you are thinking about. For example, if I were to stress about having bad grades, that would only attract more bad grades. If I constantly stress and worry about doing poorly in school, I would continue to do poorly. Like attracts like; so if I were to focus my energy and thoughts on positivity, that’s what I would attract. This is where gratuity comes into play; if you’re spending all of your time looking at what you don’t have, you’re going to keep attracting more of THAT. If you’re grateful for what you’re given, for what you have, the universe reads those thoughts and gives you more of those good things. Think of it this way, how many times have you woken up, been late, and kept having negative thoughts about being late and then had your whole day go wrong? Now think of the opposite, have you wake up in a good mood, setting the tone for the morning and day, and then had an a really good day? That’s because of the law of attraction. This thought, this practice of positivity and gratuity is something that leaks into every aspect of my life. When it comes to fashion, I am grateful for each opportunity I’m given, whether it’s a friend asking me to write a post about something, or when I’m approached about my personal style. I breathe gratuity into my life, attracting every positive thing that I’ve been given, whether fashion, new friends or good things happening to my family and me.

Another thing I breathe is my love for animals, for nature. I have been vegetarian for four years now, and love the fact that I can help animals almost effortlessly by not eating meat. I am an advocate for animal rights, have joined the Compassion for Animals club here at USC, and don’t buy fur or leather (that’s real). This love for animals and the earth has also played into how I see the world around me. I try to live a holistic lifestyle, which means I’m trying to eat healthier (no fast food, lots of whole wheat and multigrain), more organic and vegan products, as well as making sure that I’m honoring my spirit through yoga, living mindfully and reading a lot. This love for animals and the earth carries with me whether it’s yoga or my love for fashion. Think of Stella McCartney and the animal friendly fashion empire she’s created; what an amazing woman. Everything she creates is vegetarian, and fashionable as anything. She set her intention to create eco and animal friendly designs without sacrificing style and this seriously paid off and created an incredible niche for her. She breathes into what she does.

There’s nothing more beautiful than waking up every morning excited for every door life is going to hold open for you. I seriously think it’s amazing and beautiful when people are passionate about something, especially when it’s evident in what they do. This post is really just to urge all of my readers to find what they love, hold on to it, own it and breathe it. Seriously, live everyday filled with whatever it is you love.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday,



PS- If you want to read more about the law of attraction, I urge you to read The Secret and buy a copy of The Magic, both by Rhonda Byrne. The Magic is a 28 day long practice of gratuity that has different practices to do each day. Seriously, these books are life changing and wonderful. Let me know what you think!

Living your Personal Style

Carrying your personal style into every aspect of your life does not mean plastering LV logos or YSL logos wherever you go. I like to believe your own personal style is a definition of how you live your life; use it as a holistic approach to everything you do. This sounds odd and confusing, but let me explain before any judgments are made. I have defined my own personal style as “Macabre meets John Steinbeck”. Confusing, right? The term macabre means “of or suggestive of the allegorical dance of death“. This so called dance of death has intrigued and terrified me since I was little. I am obsessed with walking the two worlds, life and death, but not in any sort of sick or twisted way. I believe in reincarnation, the idea that the soul will be reborn into as many lives as it needs until it as close to being pure and divine as possible. This alone makes the veil between the two worlds thinner; the idea of death as a new start is oddly comforting. How is this at all related to John Steinbeck? Steinbeck wrote the stories of the life of the lower class during the early 1900’s. John Steinbeck was obsessed with life and telling the stories of others who wouldn’t have a voice without him. Steinbeck’s words have impacted me deeply and profoundly. He is easily my favorite author and I can more than confidently say his words have changed my perception when it comes to life. The dance of the macabre and Steinbeck is how I live my life; looking at life as the most beautiful gift I’ve been given, but also looking at each ending as a new beginning. Macabre meets John Steinbeck takes on an integral part of my life since I love divination, specifically tarot cards, and spiritual and metaphysical studies, like being able to harness the energies of different crystals. This idea of thinning the veil between the worlds is something that carries into my style as well. I love black (the color repels negativity) and I love floral. Mixing the two is one of my favorite statements to make, and let’s face it, what’s more macabre meets Steinbeck than sheer black mixed with cross stitched floral?! This alone creates unity in everything I do. Combined with my love for healthy eating (I’ve been vegetarian for four years), my love of yoga and my spiritual and religious beliefs, “Macabre meets Steinbeck” can be considered my own personal LIFEstyle. Interesting, huh? Carry what you love into every aspect of life, and life will love you in return.