I Missed Mui!

        Hey everyone! I am SO SO SO sorry for the lack of posts. Junior year is crazy and I’ve had so much going on! This post is going to make up for my lack of previous posts though I promise.

                             First things first

        Prada manages to make everything Mui Mui amazing. This Spring RTW 2011 collection is not only terribly different from their previous collection, but also new and refreshing. Instead of small graphic prints for their spring collection, Mui Mui tended to go with graphic prints on their dresses for this collection. Cut above the knee, the dresses were both innovative in their design and length without seeming to orthodox. Mui Mui managed to have a Western air to her clothing in this collection, and the drop waists seemed to accentuate the models long bodies. Bright blues, pastel yellow and vibrant reds set off the tone to this marvelous collection.





                                Here are some random pictures from concerts and Starbucks X


I know the tour managers aunt so she drove us to this concert and made us take a picture with the members.It got awkward when we admitted we weren’t there to see them , but to see the band they were touring with.But that’s okay.I live for awkward moments.Please excuse my hair.




I like the effect.I don’t really know why it turned out like this though…

Haste the day

Sleeping with Sirens

Poor guy.This was the day of homecoming at my school so I was “dancing”.

Typical of me to go to a concert and not a school dance.