The Topman/ Zara Man Edit

It’s officially what I like to call the “fall man harvest”. It’s the best time of the year, when beanie wearing, sweater clad men crawl out of their manholes and into coffee houses and local costume shops. The man harvest is the time when menswear is king and I am a sweet, sweet plebeian, happy to adore from a comfortable distance. The colder weather means that layers are key, and even though I appreciate a good short short on a man, I appreciate a nice pair of boots and a beanie even more.

This season, i’m inspired by oversize silhouettes and knits, 60’s and 70’s style and of course, Zara Man and Topman. These two stores are my go-to for all sorts of male fashion advice. The wearable pieces still have a clean, edgy aesthetic that can work for almost any man who knows their own style. I’ve gathered some inspiration from both stores and pieced together some looks from them as for endless amounts of inspiration.

men monday

I’m all about a bigger, looser silhouette complimented by a fitted one; think, oversize turtlenecks and super skinny jeans. Pair the look with an oversize coat and there’s a sort of effortless “I’m drowning in my clothes but still look super cool” vibe that I just can’t get enough of this fall. Reach for sleek accessories, like these boots and vintage inspired watch. The last piece of puzzle is the patterned sock, which grounds the whole look and adds some color.
Man 2

For a more colorful and casual take on the turtleneck, layer everything. Grab a plaid scarf and some brogues, an updated vintage style watch and your trustee jacket. Invest in some good outerwear and a couple pairs of good shoes and buy accessories that you can mix and match for a cozy cool look.

topman 7topman 6topman 3 topman 5Photos via  zara zara zarazara 1 zara 4zara 2

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What’s on your list for the men in your life?


Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

There’s something unparalleled about Wang’s uncanny ability to make structured gothic inspired pieces urban street-style cool. This is especially true for the young designers Fall menswear collection, which features everything from neoprene sweatshirts to slick leather trench coats to the perfect sweatpant and sweatshirt look. Wang’s dark color pallet is complimented by the perfect camel tone and the slightest accent of cobalt blue. Wang’s penchant for tailoring is apparent in every  piece, and his classic streetwear spin on his high fashion pieces is apparent. This collection is chock-full of lust-worthy jackets and coats, not to mention the perfect take on the beanie. Wang’s effortless aesthetic proves that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style.

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The Men of the Oscars

I’m not one to goo over red carpet fashions. Although I do love seeing what gowns were worn, for some reason I’m not drawn to award shows. I’m not a huge fan of diamonds, although I like black diamonds a lot, and I’m not one to don delicate jewelry. I think I like day to day fashion or runway shows because I believe every day is a good day to get dressed up; I  like the intricacies of picking out what to wear for day to day life.

The Oscars seem to be the exception to this. Obviously, it’s the biggest show of the year, and it’s the only one I actually care about. Although I love seeing what the women wear, I also adore seeing what the men wear. So today, I bring to you the men of the Oscars and what they wore. You’re welcome.

Zac Efron, in Calvin Klein Collection.

Zac Efron looks dapper as ever in this Calvin Klein Collection skinny suit. Classic, elegant, perfectly tailored and exactly what you would expect from Efron. He’s definitely easy on the eyes.


Kevin Spacey, in Burberry.

Kevin Spacey looks dashing in this Burberry Suit. I love a good suit in a blue, and this navy shade hints more on the side of royal blue. The perfect black pointed lapel is paired with a black satin bow tie and is accented by his black watch. I love this look; ageless, appropriate and simple.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in Calvin Klein Collection.

Is there anyone who’s a bigger heartthrob than Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Like Effron, he decided to don a Calvin Klein Collection look, and there are no words to describe how perfect he looks except the word perfect. A true gentleman, Gordon Levitt looks impeccable with this satin lapel skinny suit which is accented by the daintiest of red pins. Well done, sir, well done.


Leonardo DiCaprio, in Giorgio Armani.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks absolutely gorgeous in this Giorgio Armani suit. I love the visible buttons, the wider satin lapel, the bow tie and the perfect pocket scarf. Come on, men! A pocket scarf or tie clip can work wonders. Although DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar for his role in Wolf of Wall Street, he won one in my heart for being the biggest babe alive. Also, go Leo for rocking that hair! Ugh, so good Leo, so good.


Jared Leto, in Saint Laurent, with Harry Winston jewels.

Jared Leto in Saint Laurent was probably the standout for me as far as men go. I love seeing men take risks with fashion (I use that term relatively because every man looks good in a suit) and honestly I think Leto was the biggest risk taker last night. Leto’s ombred locks pair perfectly with his tri-tone suit; the white dress shirt actually pairs well with the cream suit jacket and black pants. I love the bow tie and pocket scarf and how they add another dimension to the look while seamlessly pulling it all together. Leto is such a talented human being, and I think he is ravishing in this look.


Matthew McConaughey, in Dolce & Gabbana, and Camila Alves, in Gabriela Cadena, with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Matthew McConaughey is also looking absolutely ravishing in this Dolce & Gabbana look. The tri-tone suit is modern and young, while still maintaining an Oscar Worthy appearance. I absolutely love the black buttons on his dress shirt and I love how he paired the black vest with the look. Absolutely wonderful (even though Leo probably doesn’t think so)


Martin Scorsese, in Giorgio Armani.

I think Martin Scorsese looks absolutely adorable in this Giorgio Armani suit. Classic, and so well paired with his thick rimmed glasses! He looks so much like Mr.Fredricksen (the old man) from Up! I love it!


Ellen DeGeneres, in Saint Laurent.

I know Ellen is not a man, but I just wanted to throw her in here to show that anyone and everyone can look good in a suit. She was brilliant last night AND she broke twitter… as if she couldn’t have been any cooler. She looks amazing in this Saint Laurent piece.


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Who were your favorites last night?



Defining a Death King

It’s never an easy task to truly define something that’s not necessarily concrete. I defined a Death Queen last week in my weekly blog post for Garnet and Black Magazine, which you can find HERE, so I thought I should also define her male counterpart.

Death King II


There is a certain tenderness that arises with consciousness of this life, of the next and of the energies in-between. Almost like a stepping stone, this awareness stems from awakening the unconscious and thinning the veil between this world and the next while doing so. A Death King does not necessarily have to be extremely aware of song of the universe, but he knows it is in his best interest to at least stop and hear its hum. A Death King knows that the mind is the most powerful thing in the world, and he uses it to his advantage.

A Death King knows what he wants and knows how to get there; he is aware of the power that resides in his core and he knows the means in which to manifest it. The Death King understands there is power in positivity and in helping another, and he doesn’t use his awareness as a means of pushing someone else down to climb to the top. He cloaks himself in only that which serves him, whether it’s all black or love and courage.

Just like a Death Queen has a penchant for black, so does the Death King. Since he is acutely aware of the power in presentation, the Death King has no problem in dressing himself in the darkest of shades as a means to repel negativity and feel powerful while doing so. A Death King wears what he wants to wear because he wants to wear it; he is unaffected by others opinions of him because he realizes his own opinion is the only which truly holds weight.

Death King

A Death King is a man versed in life and in his own beliefs. He believes in himself and the unyielding power and potential which resides within him. More than anything else, he realizes this can manifest in every facet of his life… especially in his style.


Menswear Monday; Zachary Kent Adauto

Happy Monday, one and all! I haven’t featured a man for Menswear Monday in a good bit, so I decided to feature one of my best friends, and my fashion prodigy, Zack. It’s interesting how people who you don’t expect to be relevant in your life become relevant later on down the road. Zack and I would see each other at local shows all the time about three years ago, but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago, the summer before my freshman year at college, that we truly became friends and started hanging out. Fast forward to present day and Zack is truly one of my best guy friends. Besides having a great sense of style, Zack has a spastic and happy personality, and even though he may not seem like it, he has a soft and beautiful heart. Zack loves telling people I am responsible for his sense style, and although I have helped style him on occasion, I think he needs to give himself some more credit.

If more men dressed like Zack, then I would be a very happy girl

Find Zack on instagram and twitter: @dookietrance



No. 21 Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

Ahh, Menswear Fashion Week, How brilliantly you sparkle and how freshly you polish my heart. A smile never ceases to form on the edges of my lips as my eyes hungrily scurry across at all the well dressed gentlemen. I’m tempted to make a little scrapbook of all my favorite looks and collections so I never forget them, maybe I’ll just find a random boy to dress in all the latest trends..we shall see.

I’m still learning the ins and outs of the wonderful world of menswear, so I always find new houses and designers I’m not familiar with. No. 21 is one of said houses. Just like Guillaume Henry manages to create pieces that are both high fashion, easy, and wearable for Carven, Alessandro Dell’Acqua does the same for No. 21. Tartan sweaters, leather jackets, pleated dress pants and neoprene sweatshirts and jackets all layer perfectly to immaculately dress every  model who’s sent down the runway. Appropriately enough, there are, you guessed it, 21 looks in this collection. Layers are key, once again, for this jewel tone modern rendition of a somewhat classic urban style. Think modern German boarding school for this collection; peeks of collars under striped and cable knit sweaters, cropped dress pants and leather platform boots. Each layer and detail, from the leather soled boots to the perfectly mismatched patterns, all elevate this from a basic men’s look. The perfect burnt orange compliments all the navy, burgundy and gray, and patterns used as accents, such as stripes and tartans once more, all weave these colors together. Furs and shags all add yet another dimension to this collection, and paired with a slick side parted do for all the models, there is no doubt this collection is definitely up any menswear fanatics ally.

All photos courtesy of

What’s YOUR favorite look?!




Macabre Monday: Death Kings Hate Sun

I arrived in Florida yesterday afternoon and when I sat down to blog today I realized that I’m leaving out a huge demographic of death king trendy men in my blog posts; those who (sadly) live in warm weather at this time of year! Hey! It’s not your fault you live in Florida, or maybe it is, but either way, I should still be able to help you with what to wear! So, today’s blog post is a mini shopping guide for those fellas who get the pleasure of 75 degree weather at this time of year! Click the image for links to all the clothing online if you’re far from a mall, or are just lazy and want to shop online (I won’t judge, I promise)

Did anyone really expect anything less than Topman?! Again, if you’re in NY you have to go.. it’s not a question. If you’re not in NY, you can shop online or head to Nordstrom and pick up some pieces. Here, I styled some jeans with a tee shirt with leather sleeves, a beanie, some slip on boots, a backpack, and a bomber style jacket.
Forever 21 men
Definitely a cult classic, Forever 21 is a go to place if the option is available. They don’t always have menswear, but if they do, grab a floral short sleeve button up, some straight cut jeans, combat boots, a windbreaker style jacket, a snazzy watch and a beanie and you’ll be good to go.

Nordstrom is a hub for all the death king essentials you’ll need. Like I mentioned before, they sell Topman which is ace if you’re like me and only live in NYC in your mind. Grab a cool tee shirt, some jeans, a nice briefcase and a motorcycle style leather jacket and you’ll be looking as dapper as death himself.


J Crew

Last but not least is J Crew. This last store isn’t so much “death king” but like anywhere, you can make it work with a little creativity. Button up short sleeves are always in style, and paired with this cardigan from J Crew’s collaboration with Comme Des Garcon, you got a death king match made in hell. I love these work boots and they play very well together with a pair of dark wash jeans. Snatch up some leather protector and you’ll be set for the best and most stylish “winter” of this life.

Also check out Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, Aldo, Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters.

Hope that helped, death kings!


Menswear Monday; Dress to Impress

First off, happy Labor Day to one and all!  I hope everyone has been sitting poolside and basking in the sun. It goes without saying that if you can still wear white after today BUT you should probably just wear black since black is the best ( unless you’re going for the futuristic minimalist look, in which case please continue wearing white).

Anyway, I was recently approached by one of my good friends who wants me to help style him. He’s going to be in a position where what he wears is important, read limelight, and wanted my advice and “knowledge” (I use this term loosely) when it comes to menswear. First off, he has the perfect gaunt, lanky frame to be able to work any and every trend, so obviously I didn’t hesitate in screaming, texting, YES I ACCEPT when he offered for me to help him. The thing is, he already has his own sense of style and this, in turn, can open it’s own can of worms; I need to be able to define his style while still letting him be himself. You can tell when someone is inauthentic, even if it’s just in the clothes they wear; they either look and/or feel uncomfortable or they read as completely fake. Either way, that’s not the road you want to take as a stylist. I don’t want to create an identity for my friend, I just want to help him create the style he wants and make it accessible for him. With that being said, after a little discussion, I decided to make some outfit sets to help see what he had in mind vs what I have in mind.

Straight jeans, nice boots, a classic watch and a tank top and a sweatshirt or button up are all good classic pieces that work well with a lean frame. Use pieces like a beanie or backpack to add another element to a simple outfit.


Another easy way to layer when the day transitions from warm, early in the morning, to cool, late at night, is by layering. Start with a pair of straight cut, dark wash jeans, pair it with a tank top and knot a flannel around your waist. When the evening wind starts scratching at your cheeks, throw on your flannel and slide a pull over on. The lapel and length of the flannel will add some color and interest to  your outfit. Pair it with an urban inspired backpack filled with a great book, some leather shoes and a leather belt and you’re good to go.


Living in the South means it’s still warm, so I threw together this collage as an example of how easy it is to still dress well when it’s still famously hot. A patterned or solid short sleeve button up with some cut off shorts and vans or oxfords is simple enough to wear everyday. Unlike basketball shorts and frat tees ,however, you still look classic without looking 15.


The last look I created was also pretty simple. Being thin means you can rock things like Henley’s. even though my friend claims otherwise. I liked the pop of the maroon, and I paired the long sleeve with some straight cut jeans as well as a leather varsity jacket and a leather backpack for some edge. A classic watch with a black face and camel strap ties in the perfect leather belt. Add some great slip on leather boots and a piece of classic literature, and you’re more than ready to be the front man.


What would YOU style?!


Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Menswear Collection Review

This collection is not for the men who are faint of heart, nor is it for those who are questioning their masculinity. Slimane has done it again, seeking out a younger generation of thin, waif style, rockabilly boys to target in his most recent menswear collection. Leather was a staple, accenting the long, lean legs of the young thin men that wore them. Ranging from red and black pants to blazers and shoes, Slimane was not shy of this patent staple. Nor was he shy of eccentricity; although the collection has the classic skinny suite style throughout, Slimane manages to stray far, far away from being quote on quote “classic”. Some of the looks are more wearable, simple fitted suits with accents such as metal tipped  or leather lined collars. With suit jackets and blazers ranging in patterns from checkers and cheetah prints to polka dots and sequins, this Saint Laurent collection is probably not what YSL himself had in mind. Although many have detested Slimane from straying so far from the path of Yves Saint Laurent’s vision, it may be time to embrace change and youth. The target market may have changed, along with the houses’ name itself, since Slimane’s reign of Saint Laurent, but the cool, classic edge of Saint Laurent certainly has not. Fashion is an expression of the current times, and just like the 1920’s, maybe Slimane’s so called rebellion of the classic YSL style is Slimane’s effort to create a new age flapper style for men, so to speak. If Slimane is creating something so out of the ordinary for the house he is working for, who’s to say that he isn’t feeding the people what society is feeding him.


If you’re more for the classic menswear style and want to woe me, or any style appreciative lady, wear something along the lines of fitted pants, a blazer or leather jacket, some cool shades and the perfect leather shoe.


Menswear Monday: 5 Reasons I Appreciate a Well Dressed Gentleman

First and foremost, let’s give it up to men who appreciate good style, and who appreciate a lady with good style. It’s obvious by now, but there is nothing that makes me happier than a well dressed gentleman with a good heart and an open mind.

1. If he puts effort into his appearance he puts effort into other aspects of his life

This has the potential to sound conceited, but think about it. My parents raised me by the notion that I had to love myself before I let anyone else love me. I appreciate a man who puts effort into his appearance because it means he cares for himself. If he has that aspect taken care of, he can put forth that same effort into other things. He loves himself enough to look nice so he must be able to love life, and love others (and probably me in the near future,right?)


Jamie Campbell-Bower looking striking in GQ July 2013


Jamie Campbell-Bower looking striking in GQ July 2013

2. Appreciating literature and art is a very underrated skill

By now you’re probably realizing I mean gentleman in the most encompassing form of the word. I love reading and although I’ve been devouring more non-fiction than fiction recently, I think that loving books is an important part of what makes a gentleman. I also love art and I think that is the sort of appreciation that speaks for itself.


3. A well dressed gentleman realizes chivalry isn’t dead

Even as a girl, I hold the door open for those behind me, ESPECIALLY if they have their hands full. I cannot tell you how many times last year at school I had boys walk right past me and not hold the door open when I had my hands full. I don’t care if you’re in a rush, that’s not chivalry, that’s being courteous! A gentleman realizes a lady is delicate and precious and will hold the door open for her!


4. A gentleman appreciates good conversation and a cup of coffee

Maybe it’s a cappuccino or tea or espresso. Either way, the simplicity of listening to someone talk over a warm drink is one of the most perfect little pleasures in life. There’s nothing like hearing a man in a nice suit talk about his life escapades over a almond milk chai.



5. A gentleman has character

Enough said

What do YOU think makes a gentleman?!


Black is the New Black

Black is dark and sexy and edgy. It is the color of strength and it repels negativity. To me, there is nothing sexier than a guy who wears black well, a little rough around the edges but with a smile that melts what you have of a heart. A man who can take care of himself can take care of me, and a man who can dress himself well can also probably pick out a decent gift for me when it comes time for birthday presents.

You don’t need to be extravagant to dress well, gents. Some fitted pants. a loose tank top and a pair of sturdy leather shoes and my heart is yours.

I desperately NEED these! @DrMartens #DocMartens #DocMartens #British #Flag! 

NEED! #DrMartens

I love all of these incredible menswear items off of Monsieur La Style, especially the handsome man below

Say hi to our #Topman Personal Stylist Travis! Expert shopper in mens suiting!

#Bowties galore! New designs in at #Topman! #Mensfashion #Mensstyle

What do YOU like on men??


Memorial Day Menswear Monday

Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow Breathing Fashionistas! Although the holiday itself is over, I still wanted to post a little something in honor of America. Although this is a holiday to honor all those who are serving, or have served, our country, I decided I would honor an incredible American menswear designer.

Tom Ford immerses himself in creating the perfect gentlemen. He uses clothing as his medium to construct the most impeccably dressed man he can create,  His incredible tailoring is what allows to make each look so powerful, and so flattering.

What do you think of the silhouette and style Ford creates?


Menswear Spring 2013

I have said it many times before, I will say it many times again; there is nothing like an immaculately dressed man. Men don’t seem nearly as involved with fashion as women do, so it is extra special to see that man who takes time to put thought into his wardrobe. Men also don’t have the luxury of makeup (most of the time..) so what they lack in beauty, they have to make up for in fashion. Leather boots, cuffed jeans and a nice shirt would probably be my staples if I were a male, but as I am not, this post will be dedicated to men’s fashion and those amazing men who wear it well.

Balmain Spring 2013 Menswear

Balmain is notorious for blasting its anthem of rocker chick season after season, and with good reason. Balmain is everything any girl obsessed with walking between the two worlds wants in her closet. The feminine strength of each piece is balanced by the perfect amount of razor sharp edge and darkness. Balmain, however, is just notorious for being edgy when it comes to the men it markets towards; menswear is just as in your face, still making a statement, but in a little more understated way. Low slung pants that rest neatly on the hips are accompanied by Balmain’s perfectly tailored jackets, a combination that is so easy to figure out, I’m stuck wondering why every men doesn’t look this good so effortlessly. The contrasting color choice of black and tan manage to make statements even though they are both neutrals, the artistry of each piece is shown off since there are no bright colors to fight with. The forest greens and navy blue pieces manage to add just the right amount of color to a collection that could be as incredible if it were all black; Balmain balances neutrals perfectly. Balmain mixes the perfect amount of sharp tailoring with laid back ease, and that’s what makes Balmain the best.


Menswear is definitely inspiring, even as a lady. Here’s my take on it

Until next time

Gabriela XXXX

Burberry Prorsum F/W Menswear 2012 Collection Review

No other collection could have defined the gentlemen so well. Slightly nipped waists, blazers effortlessly layered over suits, patterned sweaters and elegantly mismatched pieces manage to bring this entire collection together. There is something so attractive about a man who manages to look well dressed without looking overly feminine. This collection seems to tell the story of a man who knows how to dress. A man who wakes up on Monday morning, realizes he doesn’t want to wear the same old business suit, and instead throws on a printed sweater over his trousers. Grabbing his grandfather’s hat and his mustard yellow gloves, he laces his brogues and runs out the door. Without a look back, he has managed to throw on a well crafted outfit. Grabbing a cup of coffee before work, he catches the metro and runs to his office in the heart of Paris. This man is a renaissance man; a man of art and intelligence who is not afraid to woe the ladies (or men) with poetry and who isn’t afraid to have his own defined sense of style

The layers and layers of beautiful outerwear, the animal accents, the use of texture and the jewel color scheme all make this an incredible collection.


The use of layering with a suit is incredible, so easy to do and has such a great result.

The use of color as an accent is fantastic. I like the fact that the colors are bold but not bright.


I love the classic Burberry Quilted jacket and vest, and I love the accent of the gloves. The look on the right is my favorite from the entire collection. I would probably have died if he was wearing a bow-tie though.

I am obsessed with the sweater and button down; I would wear those myself.

I love the herringbone accents as well as all of the bulky layering. The tribal accents contrast wonderfully with the put-together style of the look itself.

The leather jacket and the velvet suit are both incredible. Such a 40’s throwback, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Mismatched velvet and stripe accents make this collection incredible Burberry. Bailey has proved himself once again.