Macabre Monday: Death Kings Hate Sun

I arrived in Florida yesterday afternoon and when I sat down to blog today I realized that I’m leaving out a huge demographic of death king trendy men in my blog posts; those who (sadly) live in warm weather at this time of year! Hey! It’s not your fault you live in Florida, or maybe it is, but either way, I should still be able to help you with what to wear! So, today’s blog post is a mini shopping guide for those fellas who get the pleasure of 75 degree weather at this time of year! Click the image for links to all the clothing online if you’re far from a mall, or are just lazy and want to shop online (I won’t judge, I promise)

Did anyone really expect anything less than Topman?! Again, if you’re in NY you have to go.. it’s not a question. If you’re not in NY, you can shop online or head to Nordstrom and pick up some pieces. Here, I styled some jeans with a tee shirt with leather sleeves, a beanie, some slip on boots, a backpack, and a bomber style jacket.
Forever 21 men
Definitely a cult classic, Forever 21 is a go to place if the option is available. They don’t always have menswear, but if they do, grab a floral short sleeve button up, some straight cut jeans, combat boots, a windbreaker style jacket, a snazzy watch and a beanie and you’ll be good to go.

Nordstrom is a hub for all the death king essentials you’ll need. Like I mentioned before, they sell Topman which is ace if you’re like me and only live in NYC in your mind. Grab a cool tee shirt, some jeans, a nice briefcase and a motorcycle style leather jacket and you’ll be looking as dapper as death himself.


J Crew

Last but not least is J Crew. This last store isn’t so much “death king” but like anywhere, you can make it work with a little creativity. Button up short sleeves are always in style, and paired with this cardigan from J Crew’s collaboration with Comme Des Garcon, you got a death king match made in hell. I love these work boots and they play very well together with a pair of dark wash jeans. Snatch up some leather protector and you’ll be set for the best and most stylish “winter” of this life.

Also check out Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, Aldo, Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters.

Hope that helped, death kings!


What I Wore Wednesday: Kiss of Death

About a year ago I made a decision that altered how I view my surroundings. About a year ago I decided to wear whatever the hell I wanted to wear in Columbia, South Carolina. I literally decided to pretend I was going to school in NYC. Of course, Columbia is in no way close to the Big Apple, but that didn’t bother me. I was tired of having to alter my aesthetic as to not scare those around me. I was tired of having to think about how I wanted to express myself, inertly suppressing my creativity, to not seem strange or weird. Ever since that day I have worn what I wanted and I haven’t been happier. I get weird looks sometimes, and I hear the occasional mumble or laugh, but no one has the right to tell me I can’t express myself, except me; and I gave myself that right back a year ago.

Today I celebrated my fashion freedom by finally following through and wearing my black lipstick in public. I kept my cat eye on the lighter side, I tied my hair up in a topknot and I threw on all black. There’s nothing that makes me feel more powerful than when I wear black on black, I swear, it’s a power trip all on its own.

Shirt and shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace and shorts/ Forever 21/ Purse: Zara/ Jacket H&M

My little kiss of inspiration to you is this; wear what you want, when you want. Feel beautiful according to your own standards!!


Living your Personal Style

Carrying your personal style into every aspect of your life does not mean plastering LV logos or YSL logos wherever you go. I like to believe your own personal style is a definition of how you live your life; use it as a holistic approach to everything you do. This sounds odd and confusing, but let me explain before any judgments are made. I have defined my own personal style as “Macabre meets John Steinbeck”. Confusing, right? The term macabre means “of or suggestive of the allegorical dance of death“. This so called dance of death has intrigued and terrified me since I was little. I am obsessed with walking the two worlds, life and death, but not in any sort of sick or twisted way. I believe in reincarnation, the idea that the soul will be reborn into as many lives as it needs until it as close to being pure and divine as possible. This alone makes the veil between the two worlds thinner; the idea of death as a new start is oddly comforting. How is this at all related to John Steinbeck? Steinbeck wrote the stories of the life of the lower class during the early 1900’s. John Steinbeck was obsessed with life and telling the stories of others who wouldn’t have a voice without him. Steinbeck’s words have impacted me deeply and profoundly. He is easily my favorite author and I can more than confidently say his words have changed my perception when it comes to life. The dance of the macabre and Steinbeck is how I live my life; looking at life as the most beautiful gift I’ve been given, but also looking at each ending as a new beginning. Macabre meets John Steinbeck takes on an integral part of my life since I love divination, specifically tarot cards, and spiritual and metaphysical studies, like being able to harness the energies of different crystals. This idea of thinning the veil between the worlds is something that carries into my style as well. I love black (the color repels negativity) and I love floral. Mixing the two is one of my favorite statements to make, and let’s face it, what’s more macabre meets Steinbeck than sheer black mixed with cross stitched floral?! This alone creates unity in everything I do. Combined with my love for healthy eating (I’ve been vegetarian for four years), my love of yoga and my spiritual and religious beliefs, “Macabre meets Steinbeck” can be considered my own personal LIFEstyle. Interesting, huh? Carry what you love into every aspect of life, and life will love you in return.


Macabre meets John Steinbeck

I should probably start from the beginning since that’s probably the most logical place to begin. Anyway, I have been living at University of South Carolina for about a week, and let me start off by saying I love it. I expected to be lonely. And I haven’t felt that way at all. Of course, I am extremely comfortable being by myself, at the end of the day I am my own best company. I also think this level of comfort also has to do to the fact that I really like my roommate and the setup of my cozy room. Anyway, as I was waiting for my anthropology class to begin, I was sitting outside , grande iced nonfat chai tea latte in hand, when a lovely young lady approached me and asked me if she could interview me about my style for the fashion section of a blog. Obviously, I said yes and that I was beyond honored. Anyway, one of the questions of this grand interview was “how would you describe your style”. This is probably the most asked style interview question known to man, yet I couldn’t find words to describe my style! So I decided since I was wearing my trusty “Hail” Unif shirt and my favorite cross stitch backpack, I would go with “Macabre meets John Steinbeck”. Seriously, two of my favorite things. Anyway, this is just a collage of some pictures I’ve taken and whatnot. I have had the urge to sketch recently, so I will be posting some more sketches in the future.

Enjoy for now, Breathing Fashionistas



Macabre, Black, Spikes and Studs


There are a few things, well actually many things, that tickle my fancy. The macabre, the color black and spikes and studs are a few of them. I love the strength of all of these things, the fact that the color black makes a statement without being overly ridiculous. The fact that spikes and studs add an element of hardware while still looking extremely edgy and fashionable is honestly kind of macabre all on its own. I love how striking all of these elements are on their own and combined and I like how with the right attitude they can be worn as easily to Starbucks or to a show. Anyway, polyvore is pretty much my favorite way of creating outfits I don’t have but wish I did. Here is the one I just made an hour or so ago.

Also those Lita’s? Yeah, they’re going to be mine in about two weeks;)