Hello dear readers!  I’m  sorry for all the sporadic posts, and I apologize but I will be in a funky blogging schedule until the 16th! I’m moving in this weekend and then coming home only to go back to SC the 16th so until then, please bear with me.

My amazing friend Jordan accompanied me to my latest shoot on Saturday with No Contenders Photography, These are just the unedited shots he sent me, I can’t wait to post my favorites

Shirt and Necklace  Forever 21

Purse: Zara

Boots: Nasty Gal

Watch: Michael Kors

Skirt, Necklace and Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Watch: Michael Kors

Sweater: Loehmans

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffrey Cambpell

Purse: American Thread

Leotard: Junkman’s Daughter

Shorts: Forever 21

Purse: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Jeffrey  Campbell

Can’t wait to share more

Macabre, Black, Spikes and Studs


There are a few things, well actually many things, that tickle my fancy. The macabre, the color black and spikes and studs are a few of them. I love the strength of all of these things, the fact that the color black makes a statement without being overly ridiculous. The fact that spikes and studs add an element of hardware while still looking extremely edgy and fashionable is honestly kind of macabre all on its own. I love how striking all of these elements are on their own and combined and I like how with the right attitude they can be worn as easily to Starbucks or to a show. Anyway, polyvore is pretty much my favorite way of creating outfits I don’t have but wish I did. Here is the one I just made an hour or so ago.

Also those Lita’s? Yeah, they’re going to be mine in about two weeks;)