Floating Effortlessly

The universe works in strange ways most of the time, ebbing and flowing in unfamiliar patterns. One of the many laws of the universe is the “Law of Least Effort”. The Law of Least Effort simply states that the universe is a lot like a giant river. If you try swimming upstream, you may get far, but you’ll get a lot farther if you simply stop resisting and go with the current. The universe follows the path of least resistance every time.


It’s so simple to want something so badly that you refuse to acknowledge the possibility that you may have to take some other path to get there, if you get there at all. Resisting something is only putting a kink in the hose; it’s making whatever is going to happen more difficult. It’s a lot like liking someone; you want them to call or text you so badly, and they don’t. It’s only as soon as you let go and free up that energetic path, that they call you.

It’s difficult to surrender. It’s so much easier to wish things were different and to cast judgments because the situation, in our eyes, isn’t as it should be. We use all of our energy in resisting the now, and how things are, to the point of being unable to accept the situation for what it is and learn from it. Things, people, situations, aren’t usually bad in themselves, it is more likely than not that our expectation for what should have happened deviates from what is happening, something we tend to dislike. Things will get done much easier if we stop resisting how things are.


What tools can you use when you’re in a situation where every fiber in your being is telling you to resist?

1. Breathe. Turn inwards and inhale fully and deeply before exhaling and doing the same thing. Taking ten seconds to check in with yourself and see how your own body is doing energetically is an incredibly important, especially in situations where your energetic body is easy to ignore.

2. Relax. Relax any tension you’re carrying in your body. Again, turning inwards and seeing how your feeling at that moment is an incredible tool. It’s difficult to relax in a tense situation, but once you allow yourself that freedom you’ll feel much better. Even taking a few minutes to stretch and breathe in the bathroom when you’re in a high intensity situation can be life saving.

3. Accept. For right now, whatever is happening is happening. If you’re in physical danger or are about to be, you need to take care of yourself first and foremost and get out and get help. If you’re not then most likely you need to just be,  A lot of the time we psych ourselves out with what we think is going to happen, creating tension in the present when there is really none to be found.

4. Let go and surrender. Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel alive and let go of the fact that there are very few things in this life that you can actually control. Stop resisting your situation. Work to be where you want to be but know that right now, in this moment, things are as they should be.


All photos by Katrina Kennedy

Sneak Peek

I’ve been getting ready to start university this fall as a fashion merchandising major, exciting stuff if I do say so myself. With the knowledge that I’m actually going to be immersed in fashion come the 17th (I start taking classes for my majors first semester), comes the knowledge that I have to step up my fashion game. What does that mean exactly? Actually making sure each outfit I put on is a reflection of myself as well as of my personal style AND making sure this baby (Breathing Fashion) looks the best it can! I recently had a photo-shoot with the ever so talented Katrina Marie Kennedy, whose facebook you can find HERE, for some new pictures. Stay updated by liking my page HERE so you can see the rest of these bad boys. Enjoy the sneak peek!