Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 Couture Collection Review

Simple, elegant, beautiful…words that would NEVER (and I mean never…) be used to describe this collection. But I can’t even deny it… I am in love with this couture collection. Seriously. Jean Paul is known for his almost costume like pieces, his unorthodox approach to fashion. A lot like Galliano, Gaultier is never afraid to take risks, and you can tell by looking at the first look in this collection. Probably the least couture like couture collection ever sent down the Paris runways, each piece pays undeniable respect to the late Amy Winehouse. The hair, the makeup, the classic Amy silhouette are all elements that Gaultier seamlessly incorporated into this collection. There is definitely a sense of rock and roll and feminine strength in this collection, an undeniable it girl factor that is so very Winehouse. It’s easy to forget that this isn’t RTW though. This collection isn’t for the faint of heart or for the older woman who likes to keep her couture, well, classic. Believe me, there is nothing that screams classic couture like leotard and see through netted dresses (my favorite).Honestly, there is something in this collection for every fashionable diva who wants to make an entrance. There’s something more retro like a crazy stacked and structured shoulder shirt, or a more edgy look that is very bare and leaves only a little to the imagination. From black lace to a beautiful jewel toned almost floral print dress, there is no lack of variety in this collection.




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