High Voltage Blog X El Bambino

I’m so excited to announce my collaboration with Miranda of High Voltage Blog!! She just opened the doors to her own Etsy shop of the same name, and asked me to help model and style a shoot. I happily obliged and asked if she would mind if I could make a lookbook out of it by pairing some new crowns I made for El Bambino with her vintage finds. We planned it out and spent the day catching up, grabbing some (veggie) sushi, laughing, and basking in the incredible summer air. Check out her Etsy for some of the pieces we styled!! I’ll be posting 7 new crowns on my Etsy, El Bambino, within the next week and I will post a link once they’re up




Part II of the collaboration coming when I put the new crowns online



A Little Bit of Color

Black and floral are most definitely my favorite colors (ha..ha), but I like to spice things up occasionally and wear color every once in a while. After buying this beaut of a shirt a few days ago, I decided to wear it today since the weather was oh so forgiving. This lovely burnt orange, sheer, cut out button down is from Forever 21, and my dainty floral shorts are from a recent trip to Zara. Today was spent out for lunch and going to the car wash. Not necessarily the most exciting of days, but in my opinion there is no better day to dress up than today!




Floral and summer

            Bonjour! I hope you have all had a nice mini holiday (the weekend) and I hope you’re all spending some time with your moms! I only have two weeks f school left, I still can’t believe it.10 days and it will be a summer full of sewing, fashion, vacations, friends and summer homework. The only downside to these two weeks is the fact that I have finals. But I’ll be ready and then it will be summer at last.



                Find this outfit HERE on Lookbook.nu!


        Dress and purse from Forever 21, shoes from Target, cardigan from BGBG, and bracelet and ring from H&M.





Ps: I got a haircut and you’ll be seeing more pictures in my extra long post tonight!