Hello dear readers!  I’m  sorry for all the sporadic posts, and I apologize but I will be in a funky blogging schedule until the 16th! I’m moving in this weekend and then coming home only to go back to SC the 16th so until then, please bear with me.

My amazing friend Jordan accompanied me to my latest shoot on Saturday with No Contenders Photography, These are just the unedited shots he sent me, I can’t wait to post my favorites

Shirt and Necklace  Forever 21

Purse: Zara

Boots: Nasty Gal

Watch: Michael Kors

Skirt, Necklace and Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Watch: Michael Kors

Sweater: Loehmans

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffrey Cambpell

Purse: American Thread

Leotard: Junkman’s Daughter

Shorts: Forever 21

Purse: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Jeffrey  Campbell

Can’t wait to share more

Fall/Winter 2011 Trends and Beauty

I have been so inspired by fall fashion lately, and after picking up Harpers Bazzar’s Runway Report for Fall/Winter 2011, I am more inspired than ever. Here are some of my favorite trends, looks, collections and beauty tips that I found in this issue.






Animal and wildlife have been an ongoing trend; being inspired by ones surroundings is incredibly fashionable, after all. This same trend, however, was translated to the runway, where designers such as Emanuel Ungaro managed to bring the outside, inside. From left to right; Emanuel Ungaro, Givenchy and Hermes.


Some collections channeled the outdoors more indirectly. Here are some of my favorite looks.



If only one could look this chic while taking a leisurely stroll throughout nature. Although some of the looks fall flat, Altuzarra manages to pair unlikely fabrics and wears together; who knew a silk dress and a parka could look so good? The unexpected cohesion of this collection makes it a success. Altuzarra pulls off the unlikely pairings effortlessly.





Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders is that collection that everyone lusts over. Band of Outsiders has that look that everyone tries so hard to duplicate; elegantly disheveled, and effortlessly beatnik. The girls that wear their clothing, as well as the boys, are the Banaroo goers, the hikers, the ones who live in nature and just happen to “throw an outfit together” all the while managing to look amazing. This collection has a rather simple color pallet, but along with a variety of textures and many layers, it is anything but simple.




This collection, although inspired by nature and all its glory, is for the woman who does not want to get her Louboutins dirty. With a color palette of deep jewel tones as well as patterns such as plaid, this collection reflects Fendi’s look perfectly; never simple, never over the top, always just perfect, Fendi’s Fall/Winter winter collection is undeniably fabulous. Incredibly prim and proper, it’s indescribably ironic how perfect each and every look seems suited for the great and vast outdoors. The fur accents can’t hurt either.








Anna Sui

Incredibly mod and incredibly fresh, the makeup at Anna Sui really shows that less is more. Very reminiscent of the Twiggy era, this look calls for a fresh face and pearly skin. Simple, easy to do and incredibly wearable, this look is definitely a favorite. The line at the crease of the eye is incredibly lovely, and the thin linear at the bottom rim of the eye also makes this look incredibly interesting. Paired with peachy cheeks and some white linear in the inner corners, this look can be worn both in daytime and nighttime.



Proenza Schouler

One of my favorite design houses, Proenza decided to keep it simple with their makeup. Softly exaggerated cat eyes cast in taupes and browns, peachy cheeks and nude lips are the three ingredients that make this look so perfect. The strong brows, on the other hand, keep this look from being boring and too simple. Wearable and perfect for the daytime, this look will look lovely with every Mulberry bag and every Proenza Schouler dress




More trends and favorites will be posted later. XX