A Look on the Dark Side

She tried to back away but surely defeat was in her midst; darkness in her immediate future. She could only handle so much, being as frail and fragile as she was, and her breath caught in her throat as she stepped away in a vain attempt to outrun her stalker. It’s cool hand laid its kiss on her cheek and immediately she was falling into darkness, it’s bitter embrace tragic and somewhat charming. Death was an alluring enemy, beckoning her with it’s promise of eternal silence, yet she had wanted to find an escape; she had wanted an out. She would get it eventually, but on that All Hollows Eve death had chosen her as his lover for the night, draping her in a cloak of darkness for the evening.  She was his princess in her midnight black dress and her wood soled Deandris, she was fit to be his one and only ally for the holiday. His chilling breath whispered in her ears as he led her around the graveyard. Only time could tell what the night would hold..




The constant rhythm of her heels was the only sign of her sly approach. She was as cunning as she was sultry; her smoking eyes would leave you breathless before you had a chance to run from her whip. She was a creature as free as the night, stalking men like they were nothing more than toys for her hearts amusement.Her lips curled in sheer satisfaction when the object of her so called “affection” was finally in her grasp, her bell like laugh ringing in your ears for days. Her red lips would whisper your name and her eyes would stalk you as you tried to escape a fight with her. She was as strong as she was beautiful. Her deception was cruel, for even in leather, her sleek strength could outmaneuver that of any man. She was a woman who would leave you wishing for more, the only memory you could hold onto was how she managed to make you hate and love her simultaneously; and she wouldn’t have it any other way.




Cleopatra, Catwoman, Emily the Strange and Dita Von Teese

Breathing Fashion is exactly that; my everyday encounters with fashion. Yet, inspiration has to come from somewhere, even for designers. Feminine power has been an important issue for the fashion world, after all, it’s an industry run by women. The women that this post is named after, however, inspire me, as well as designer, for many reasons. This is my ode to women who kick ass.



She was pretty much the perfect image of feminine power. Back in her heyday she was pharaoh of Egypt and made Julius Caeser her right hand man. However, after Julius died she made sure his heirs did not take the throne. Instead, she ruled alongside Mark Antony. He later committed suicide, as did she. Honestly though, think of how many images are conjured up when you think of this Egyptian queen. Thick, kohl black winged eyeliner, the Nile river and let’s not forget that ebony bob. She was not only a mother of three, Pharaoh and all around bad ass, but is a fashion and pop culture icon. Obviously, there are no pictures of her, but a girl can imagine, right?





She made an appearance on Style.com today and I decided she needs to make one on here also. Okay, let’s get the basics down. She lived in Gotham City and fought (and caused trouble) alongside Batman. Although she was originally a villain, that doesn’t hold true in the newer comics with Catwoman in it. She is Batman’s lover, wears a lot of leather and carries a whip. Oh and she also always wears cat ears. I mean honestly if that’s not the definition of a bad ass, I don’t know what is.


Emily the Strange

She, just like Catwoman, is a comic book character. A dark character, Emily is anything but the typical 13 year old girl. Obsessed with science and math, she is always inventing somver experiments and is constantly raising crazy plants. Emily hates people but loves her four black cats, Mystery, Sabbath, Miles and Neechee. Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs are fans and are inswpired by this insane girl, and honestly, so am I.



Dita Von Teese

Okay, seriously if you don’t know Dita not only are you living under a rock, but you’re missing out. Erase everything you know about strip tease and burlesque. Now go watch this video. Dita has an incredible way of being sexy and alluring while still being the epitome of class. She oozes sex appeal and is probably my favorite example of a modern day pin-up girl.


What ladies (or men) inspire you?! Leave a comment and let me know