Carven Resort 2014 Collection Review

Carven is one of my favorite houses, that much is evident. But just because i love a house doesn’t mean I love every aspect of every collection. As a darker soul I tend to appreciate fall and winter collections more so than any other. This seems to be the case with this collection as well. The patterns and prints of Carven’s Resort collection are perfect and subtle, but the sunglasses completely rectangular shape doesn’t seem to compliment the rest of the look. Some of the off the shoulder dresses don’t quite seem to mesh with the silhouette or the texture of the piece they’re paired with . ┬áThis collection overall, however, is still classically Carven. Somehow whimsical and grown up at the same time, the pieces manage to be structured and delicate which seems perfectly refreshing for resort. Carven also manages to show how color blocking is still relevant and alive, if done well.