A Wednesday Journey Through The Wild Unknown

It’s not news that I’m always inspired by the tarot. I’m a self proclaimed fan girl of the artist of this deck (Kim Krans) and just a fan girl of The Wild Unknown deck in general. The beautiful imagery is so different than any other deck I’ve seen or read and I love connecting in a different way to these cards when I read them.

Breathing Fashion is connecting more to its spiritual side, and what’s more appropriate than starting this transition off than with a tarot reading? Nothing, I tell you..nothing. So today, I read for myself and for all of you. I asked the cards a simple question and chose to do a very, very basic, three card “past, present, future” spread. The first card I drew represents the past, the second the present and the third the future. Below are the results.

Question: What can my readers and I learn from the past, where are we currently, and what can we expect in the future?

Past: Eight of Pentacles 

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of “craftsmanship and skill” according to TWU. This card represents hard work, persistence, balance and patience. You have honed, refined and cultivated a skill, creating a piece of work your proud of. Pentacles are the suite of earth, of stability, home and career. The pentacle itself represents every element in unity along with the energy of the universe. What a wonderful card to have drawn for the past! What is it that you’re proud of? What kind of balance and home have you found like the spider? Have you too tapped into your potential, no matter your size?

Present: Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is the utmost card of friendship. In this deck, the imagery used is of three birds on a branch above three cups. Cups are the suite of water, emotion, friendship, love; the cups are the metaphorical heart of the deck. This card is such a wonderful card to pull, and how wonderful is it that we can bask in our friendships and relationships right now?  You are looking at the light with those you love; don’t be afraid to bask in this and don’t be afraid to depend on the souls who surround you Just like these little birdies are sitting above the cups on the branch, you are able to have a solid perspective on your emotions. Friendship takes work and by understanding that too many unnecessary emotions (read anger, envy, jealousy…drama)  don’t serve you, you are able to keep your head above water and enjoy the friendships which you’ve created.


Future: Nine of Wands

Wands are the suite of fire, of persistence, goals and dreams. They speak of passion,  desire and inner flame to make things happen and get things done. The Nine of Wands speaks of our stamina and inner strength, just like the butterfly must overcome whatever it is it’s flying away from.  Perhaps there is something right now that is eating you up; something that is difficult and consuming and can feel draining. Go inward; find your fire. A difficulty now meas that you will be able to own your inner strength and stamina  in the future. You will either need to own this to overcome something or perhaps you will give yourself long overdue credit at the fact that you are infinitely capable of whatever it is you set your mind to.

You have created something with your own craft and skill. Your hard work has been cultivated into something you can safely call your own; something you can be proud of. Your friendships are flourishing and you’re surrounded by those you care about, who can support you when your perspective has shifted. In the future, you will own and be proud of your inner strength. Your desire and passion will get you far. 


What has your Wednesday held for you this far?